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Monday, May 6, 2013

Poll Week! Poll 1: Workout fads

We're gonna take a vacation from the usual posts this week and do a "poll" week of sorts.  Most will be fun and kinda week!  Let's get started!

I remember when mom was newly single and we decided to get a roommate.  The lady had the Jane Fonda Workout on cassette.

She would do it in the living room sometimes and when she'd leave for work, I'd sneak it and do it too.  I still can't hear "Can You Feel It" by The Jacksons (affiliate link)  without wanting to jog in place.  Seriously guys, I just listened to the clip of that song and almost stood up to jog and do jumping jacks.  It's like a Pavlov's dogs response!

I also indulged in the late 90's/early 00's craze of Tae Bo.

Matter of fact, we still do it.  Laugh if you want but they're good workouts and I keep what works.  Just like Zumba.  Everyone is on this big Zumba bandwagon but we were doing it since 2003 when the videos came out so for us, its an old workout and one we had to take out of rotation because it didn't burn much for us anymore.

I notice an uptick in old school workouts by The Firm being re-released on DVD and selling like hotcakes.  So just because a workout goes out of popularity doesn't mean it can't still be a great way to do something fun and familiar!

What workout "fads" have you done over the years?

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  1. Zumba, Tae Bo, and I have a couple odd old VHS tapes in my cupboard from "back in the day" but I can't remember which ones off-hand.

  2. I remember using the Jane Fonda "tape" a lot back in the early 80's. I also like Richard Simmon's Dancing to the Oldies.

  3. Richard Simmon's Dancing ot the Oldies, his walking tapes to put in my walkman, and going even further back, watching his TV show after school with my mom and sister and doing the workouts. I even had his record album which had a booklet of workout moves!!! (I bet the album is still at my mom's house!)

  4. I totally did Step. It took me forever to learn to grapevine left off the stupid step.

  5. Way, way back in the day Richard Simmons had a morning TV show geared towards women. He always did some stretching activities toward the end of the show.
    My personal favorite is Denise Austin. During the mid to late 90's she had 2 workout shows on Lifetime. Depending on my schedule I'd either get up and do them both or record them. I even took a full video cassette of the shows with me on vacation just so I could keep up my workouts. She helped me lose 50 lbs and got me moving again. Many workouts I do today remind me of hers.
    I think the key to a good workout, whether it is a fad or not, is that the moves involved are classic.

  6. Hula Hoop is a great workout for me and cheap too!

  7. Mine was the Susan Powter videos. I still will use one of them every once in a while because she always showed modifications with the stepper. She's off her rocker now, but back then, she was very common sense and her workouts were intense. I still have the Thighmaster, too! *snort*

  8. I got such a kick out of Joanie Greggains (and I'll bet there's a tape around here somewhere!)

  9. Can't talk about fads without adding in Buns of Steel!! LOL


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