Thursday, May 16, 2013

Until You Fail Hybrid Workout - Upper Body

This is a kick ass hybrid workout I made in March that utilizes our Total Trainer (or Total Gym for those of you who have one of those), free weights and even a resistance band.  It's one of our favorite new workouts.   There are no set number of reps or time limits, you do each exercise until your muscles reach failure or your form starts to suck, then you immediately shake it out and go on to the next exercise.  Because you're smart people, I likely don't have to tell you this but in case someone's having an off day, don't exercise until you're in pain or injure yourself; be smart please.  ;-)

I'm sure I don't need to explain this but just in case the FW indicates a free weight exercise and TT indicates a Total Trainer (or Total Gym) exercise unless otherwise noted.  I LOVE this workout and I hope those of you with the availability of this equipment whether at home or the gym do as well!  The weights listed are the weights *I* use, NOT what I suggest you use!  It's more a frame of reference.  

FW Military Press-  20 lbs. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and slight bend in the knees.  Push weights above head until almost fully extended then lower down to shoulder height and repeat until failure.

TT Tricep Row- Level 6-  Sitting with your feet on the incline and booty on the bottom, row your arms to your side and slightly behind you, hold for 2 seconds and repeat until failure.

FW Lateral Raise- 15 lbs.  With a slight bend at the elbows, raise the weights to shoulder level and slowly lower to the hips.  Repeat until failure.

TT Chest Fly- Level 6-  Sitting with your back to the numbers scale (or pointing down), do chest flys and repeat until failure.  (Do not over-extend your arms behind you!)

FW Rows-  25 lbs.  Bending at the hips to just above 90 degrees, slight bend in the knees, row the weights from an outstretched position from the floor, close to the armpits so the shoulder blades almost touch.  Slowly release back toward the floor and repeat until failure.

FW Tricep Extensions- One 25 lb weight.  Gripping the weight with both hands, place behind your head with elbows bent at 90 degrees.  Raise above your head being careful not to hit your head with the weight.  Repeat until failure.

TT Side Cable Pulls- Level 6-  Sitting with your legs pointing to the left and crossed ankles, grab both handles and pull across your chest so you're pulling yourself up and down.  Repeat until failure then switch to the other side.

FW Front Raise- 15 lbs.  With weights by your hips on either side, raise the left up to shoulder height in front of you then switch arms and repeat with the right.  Do both until failure.

TT Push Offs (Decline)- Level 6-  Lying on your stomach on the decline with your face close to the floor, use the arm bar where the footboard would usually go and push off using the position that's most comfortable.  Repeat until failure.

FW Hammer Curls- 20 lbs.  Holding each weight like a hammer, curl up and down repeating until failure.

TT Bicep Curls-Level 6-  Your choice as to whether you want to do incline or decline position.  Repeat until failure.

FW Upright Rows-  25 lbs.  With both weights in front of your legs, row up to shoulder height with elbows pointed out and hold for 2 seconds before releasing back down.  Repeat until failure.

FW Shoulder Rolls-  25 lbs.  Roll shoulders forward and back until failure.

Lawnmowers (Resistance Bands)-  2nd highest resistance band- Putting your foot on the resistance band about 1/4 of the way down from the handle you use, stand up straight and pull back like a row or like you're starting a push mower being careful not to rotate your back.  Repeat until failure and switch arms.

TT Pull Ups- Level 6-  Lying on your stomach facing the number scale on an incline, use the arm bar to do pull ups.  Repeat until failure.

FW Shrugs-  25 lbs.  With the weights at your side, shrug your shoulders up toward your ears.  Focus on using your shoulder muscles, NOT your neck!  You don't want to look like a pro-wrestler!  Repeat until failure.

TT Hanging Pulls- Level 6-  Lying your back with your feet tucked on the board under your booty (on a decline), grab the handles and allow yourself to hang until your knees almost touch the footboard.  Pulse upward concentrating on working the triceps until failure.

Tricep Dips (on stairs or bench)-  With the bottom of your palms against a stair or weight bench, get in a crab or bridge position.  Push up and lower down concentrating on your triceps until failure.

Pattycakes-  With a partner, do pattycakes in a fast rhythm varying height and speed to shake out the arms which should be like jelly and get one last kick of cardio.  If you don't have a partner, do it in the air, against a weight bag, etc.


Consult a doctor before starting this or any fitness program.  User assumes all risks!

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