Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Poll Week! Poll 2: Pumped up kicks

I'll be honest, before I got my foot injury, I never gave a second thought about shoes.  We had to be frugal when I was growing up so it was always the cheapest, most comfortable shoes I could find.  I took that into our marriage and we basically rode tennis shoes until they were falling apart.  When I was diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome and over-pronation, my podiatrist recommended Brooks walking/running shoes (affiliate link) due to my higher arches and wider foot.

Those babies were $98 with a 15% discount (though Amazon has them cheaper...curses!) and that about sent my eyes rolling in the back of my head.  I know a lot of you runners are used to paying $100+ for your shoes once or twice a year but I was not.  I mean even paying $60 for some New Balance's for the Mr when he wore them (he's an Asics man now) would make me twitch but now I needed to spend $200 for regular and workout shoes?  Sigh.  I can't say I've noticed some life changing difference in things but my chiropractor was very happy to see Brooks and said they would be a good shoe to get me back on track so I guess I'll stick with them and replace them yearly.  I know they sometimes recommend every 6 months but uh...no.  I don't run in them so I think annually is fine.

How much do you spend on active shoes?  How often do you replace them?

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  1. I'm a runner, my latest pair are Asics GT-3000's. They help correct my over pronation and set me back 130$ (including tax).
    I'm not 100% sure they're the right shoe so I plan to go back to the store and have my gait analyzed by someone else.

    I've heard good things about Brooks but I haven't found a pair I liked. But I go get re-fit every 6 months or so. These shoes will probably make it to my 20k on Labor day and depending how they feel & the wear & tear, I'll replace them sooner.

    It's every 300-500 miles for running shoes. I'm now using my old running shoes that still have life for walking and errands...

  2. I LOVE my Brooks Adrenalines. I'm trying to run and these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned to run in. They are expensive, I paid about $85 for them, but I think it was worth it.

  3. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to shoes too, but I've gotten better. My "just for Curves" shoes were a $9 pair that I picked up on clearance (normally way more) and my regular shoes are usually less than $20.

    One time I bought a really expensive pair at a strip mall foot place along with some insoles. They were fantastic, but then they wore out and I went back to old habits.

    The last few times I've replaced tennis shoes I've gotten them at Big 5 on one of their fairly regular sales and paid around $30-40 down 40% or so from regular price. I really like the pair I have now, but the back is starting to wear a little thin where my heel rubs so it's just about time to replace them too. I think it's been about 9 months since I got them so that's about average lifespan.

  4. Brooks all the way. Was fitted at a running store in Jacksonville, while on vacation about 5 years ago. Usually replace them about once a year or when the feet start to hurt.

  5. Brooks are great - have worn them for about 4 years. Changed yearly.
    After foot surgery, my Physical Therapist suggested I try Asics as a slightly less costly alternative - I Love Them. I order them through Amazon. I now change them about every 6 months as suggested.

  6. Luckily we have a New Balance outlet nearby. I usually pay about $60 for a pair of running shoes. I replace them about every six months. The pair I wore last night will be relegated to yard work sneakers this weekend. While running I could feel that it was time for a new pair. It really does make a difference. That's one thing with me... I must have comfy shoes, whether for running or walking or whatever... although I don't like paying big bucks for shoes, it's a necessity!

    Also... I don't wait until new sneakers are needed... I try to hit the sales so that there is a pair ready and waiting to be worn.

  7. I am a runner and I had been a Saucony girl for the last few years, usually waiting for a good sale to replace my shoes. Typically, I would buy last year's model of shoe and still paying between $70 and $100 before taxes. But now I'm trying out a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 16's, which set me back $155. They are a bit stiffer and have a larger toe box. They were the pair that felt the best the last time that I had my feet fitted for shoes and I'm rocking my old Saucony ProGrid Ride 3's at the gym, when not running, and just running around town.

  8. $120 for a pair of shoes I replace every year means $10 per month or 33 cents a day. Of course, that doesn't count how much I spend on work shoes, which are even more expensive. I love my Naots though. I use my feet every day so I figure it's worth the expense.

    I'm in my first pair of Brooks and while they are quite comfy, I wore a hole in one of the toes after 2 months of light walking. I need to take them back as defective and have been procrastinating. I'll call this my reminder to do so.

  9. I like Reeboks but can't afford them most of the time. Big 5 has alot of the big brands and often can find last seasons style/color for $20-30. And at that price I can replace them sooner:)

  10. Runner and I'm an Asics gal, but I have a hard time paying more than $120 for my shoes. I'm not adverse to buying last season's shoes at a discount. I buy about twice a year. For me, I can tell when I need a new pair when I get shin splints more often or when I can tell that my stride is going wonky. You will probably know when they need to be replaced. Two online sources that often have deep discounts are roadrunnersports.com and runningwarehouse.com. Both have great sales twice a year when the new models come out. I've heard lots of good reviews on Brooks' shoes. Hope they make a difference for you and you can find good sales on them :).

  11. You know I'm a runner, so paying $100+ (depending on sales and discounts) is normal. I probably buy twice a year or so on average. I've tried buying shoes like Nike that are a little less expensive than my normal Mizunos, but I found them to wear down quicker too...so I'm sticking with Mizuno Wave Riders or Saucony Rides because even though they are about $120, they are worth it!

  12. I am wholeheartedly an Asics gal. I wear them all day on the weekends and am amazed at how much easier it is to go up and down the stairs carrying laundry baskets. That "spring" in my steps really helps. I tried New Balance and they destroyed my achilles tendon in one foot because of the deep foot base, and I've sworn them off. I usually get my Asics at Kohl's and always on sale, so $40-$60 is normal for them. I usually only buy them once a year though. I'll use the older ones for cutting the lawn and things like that. I will say I just got a pair of Asics on Ebay and am very happy with them ($45 brand new and free shipping...a deal!)

  13. I wear Brooks Adrenalines also; I replace them every 350-400 miles, so every 3 1/2 months or so. It sucks spending so much money! But I used to spend much more than that on binge food, it's a good trade-off ;)


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