Thursday, May 30, 2013

What we did right on vacation

That about covers it for our adventures on Kauai this year.

I do have to say that this trip was full of highs and lows.  I will address some of the lows at a later date but today I'm going to give us props for the things we did right.

"Formal" exercise six times.
This is unheard of for us.  We've taken our resistance bands on our trips more times than we can count and only last year did they finally see the light of day...once.  We always have a couple workouts on the tablet but never seem to make them a priority.  This time we did the Upper Body workout our first full day, Stand Up Paddle and Kayaking our 2nd full day (I burned 3200+ calories that morning!), a resistance band workout, a 5K, the lower body workout, kayaking again and pool calisthenics when we had a private pool.  We don't count extra activity we get just by walking around but many days we got 3-5 miles in but never counted it.

Fruit and chia smoothies
We found a place that didn't charge your first born per pound for chia seeds and went to farmers markets to get the ingredients for smoothies that helped us de-bloat the year before.  I wish I could say it did the same this year but it didn't but I'm at least glad we got in some form of fruit each day.

Green tea
We fell in love with the Yamamotoyama Hojicha Roasted Green Tea (affiliate link) we found at Long's.  It's like a strong green tea with a deep black tea color.  This is a habit I have at home is starting the day off with green tea and  I was glad we kept up the habit there.  I loved it so much I found it on Amazon and got 12 boxes of it.  (Comes out to like $.13 per bag which isn't bad.)

We stuck with ordering water at 95% of all of our meals.  Some of it was to save money, but we are already in that habit and even though a few servers audibly sighed because they weren't going to make more tip money by jacking up our bill total, I didn't care.  I wanted to try to get in as much water as I could while we were there because we haven't always been good at that.

What are you doing right lately?

(This post contains an affiliate link so I'll get a whole 3 cents if you should choose to buy through it.  I'll try to spend it wisely!)  ;-)

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  1. We definitely deserve a pat on the back for accomplishing something we never could before on this trip. It really did feel good to get a good workout in and then start the day out with that extra energy push you get from a good workout. You also put together some kick ass workouts that were tough enough to hold up to our regular at home stuff so good job!

  2. Great job! Those workouts you posted sound pretty intense. Coupled with the water sports I'd say you definitely deserve those back pats.

  3. Anele, I follow your posts because I enjoy your sassy sense of humor, but have always been so in awe of your dedication to this journey. Today I have to say you have reached another milestone of awesomeness! To your question, my answer is I'm not doing much that's right these days, but reading your blog at least keeps what's right at the top of my mind. Maybe soon I'll find the motivation to act on it. And I'm going to look into that green tea. I drink black tea almost exclusively, but if I can find a green with the flavor I crave, I'll gladly contribute that 3 cents to your income.

  4. Nice job! I have been working as a temp and walking on all my breaks even with a sprained ankle.

  5. Great progess on the vacay Mrs and Mr! I am working on this myself as I tend to think vacation is a free for all (all meaning me).

  6. Great job! I've been religious about tracking all of my food and making sure I exercise because I need to get/stay in that habit before we leave for our vacation next week.

    How did the flight go? I know that was a bit of an issue last year, when people were giving you dirty looks. I hope that wasn't the case this year.

  7. I had to go to the doctor today because of some heart issues (got an ekg and am good there, thank God!), and I found out that I lost 9 pounds! Since I threw out the battery in my scale, I had no idea where that number was, but I was very pleased to see it FINALLY went down!! I have terrible vertigo right now so I got a script for some meds that will hopefully help. Today will be the first day I won't exercise per the doctor (does no good to turn your head only to fall down) *snort*!


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