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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poll Week! Poll 3: Fitness Fashion Fads

Fashion trends are fickle but exercise fashion trends can be particularly hindsight.  Because people, there was nothing cooler than the original Ms. Physical when I was a kid wearing two fitness fashion don'ts like these leg warmers and sweatband.

Yes, I rocked them both.  I even got my hair cut like that...when I was going through my awkward's the only school picture my mom visibly cringes at when we look through pictures.  I won't tell you I still have the leg warmers.  They're more like forearm warmers now since my calves are entirely too huge to fit in them anymore.  One day, I will triumphantly strut around the house in them.

The 80's had a ton of fashion don'ts but then you moved into the 90's and bike shorts got popular whether you rode or not.

Now I see nothing wrong with the knit version of a bike short but the spandex version was too heinous to even post.  Unless you have 8% body fat and a couple sponsors on the back of your shirt, you should NOT imbibe in spandex bike shorts.

I'm not really sure if there are fitness fashion trends out there right now because I don't go to classes.  Oh wait, I know, yoga pants...when people don't do yoga and wear them to work!  Yeah.  Some of you are blushing.  Stop that crap, pronto!  ;-)

What fitness fashion fads have you participated in?  Do you wear yoga pants to work and think you're getting away with it?

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  1. I loved leg warmers! Still do actually, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't work for me these days either (like they ever did right?). Otherwise I'm not much of a trend person. I wear what's professional at work (skirt/slacks & blouse, jeans on Friday) and at home mostly stick with simple jeans/shorts and a tee shirt. No yoga pants in my wardrobe and I don't wear sweats or pajamas out of the house no matter how sorely I'm tempted some days.

  2. Well i will take yoga pants and sweats in public than night gowns. yes I have seen people wear night gowns when they come fro fro-yo in the night. I know its casual and u literally decided to eat fro-yo when u were ready for bed but does not mean u just walk out..unless u r gonna be doing the drive-thru...

    I used to rock pinafores or overalls...hehehhe..and Growing up in was too warm for leg warmers but I rocked the vest of the 90s (or the 80s as everything came to India 10 years later)...hehehe

  3. I'm one of those people rocking my yoga pants at work. If I'm gonna deal with these people I need to be comfortable to do it.

  4. When I start sweating like a pig, I'm pretty sure I'm ready to rock that Olivia Newton John headband!

  5. I don't think I have ever rocked yoga pants at work, except when I have been pulled in for something on the weekends. Then I think anything goes. I'm a salaried employee and if I end up working on a weekend to keep a project moving along, than I think I deserve to be comfortable. Sometimes that means wearing yoga pants. I will also wear them or running tights to the grocery store, running errands, etc. However, that is usually because I am squeezing in the trip between a Pilates class or a trip to the gym and travelling home from work, as I have a 45 minute commute to a rural community. PJ bottoms never make it outside my house unless I am deathly ill.

  6. When it comes to exercise, I'm more concerned about comfort and practicality than fashion. So I'm going to have to disagree with you about putting bike shorts on a plus sized tush. For a while I went on long distant rides and those padded bike shorts were my best friend. I was just sure to wear a long tshirt.

    At my size, I'm just not going to look great, especially when I'm moving and things start a-wiggling. Still, I'd rather be a big chick in motion rather than the one stuck to her couch.

  7. I love leg warmers and wore them teaching Yoga this past winter and spring. Actually got lots of compliments on them, but I won't wear the headband like this one. :-) Great post!

  8. I'm one of those people that wears yoga pants to work. But it's only a fairly recent thing, as I am too big to wear much anything else I own right now. I refuse to buy bigger jean sizes, and I only have one pair that fits me right now. Sometimes my other pants are dirty. However, my mom saw them on me last week & said she had no clue they were yoga pants. So, win?

    Really, you'd think I would use it is as determination to lose weight. Sad really...

  9. What people will wear to a race can be quite entertaining. Outside of the theme races where you get costumes (those are always fun) you can see all sorts of workout wear faux pas at races. Last race, I SWEAR a woman got her hands on those faulty Lululemon pants. Black, skin tight yoga pants are bad enough, even on someone moderately fit (she wasn't über fit, just average), but when your THONG is showing through it's just scary.

  10. Would never EVER wear yoga pants to work...or outside in public for that matter. LOL

    I definitely did the leg warmers back in the day...and I may or may not have worn bicycle shorts. I'll never tell.

  11. I'm a distance runner, so compression (read: skin-tight spandex) pants and shorts are items I wear often. I'm not 8% body fat, but they are comfy and have much lower occurrences of skin rub. For some groups of exercisers, "don'ts" ARE the norm. You bet I wear my fanny pack over my spandex shorts for carrying items during a marathon.

  12. I don't wear yoga pants to work, but I do wear them on the weekends to run errands. I found a pair on clearance for $18 (Reebok) on Lane Bryant's website and they are uber comfy. And they are actually long enough! I was tempted to wear them to work this past Friday, but it was such a bad look that I opted not to humiliate myself. =o)

  13. I was always too fat for fashion trends- but I do remember the late 60's and trying to pull off white lipstick....yeah...those 60's.


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