Friday, May 24, 2013

Exercising on vacation?!

I've got a few more adventures to share but I thought I'd give you guys a break for the week and do a little recap.

This vacation was the first time we actually exercised on vacation!  Like formal workouts...actually broke the resistance bands out of the carry on and followed the workouts I posted for you guys last week.

We didn't do them every day or anything and we coupled it with things like the stand up paddle, kayaking and such but I was really proud of us for doing that.  I'd love to say it helped us keep weight at bay but um, no.  We seem to learn something from every trip where our health/routine is concerned so we're already making a routine for the next trip to help us keep up our rock hard, walnut cracking muscles.  ;-)

I'll be back next week with more tales from the road if you guys aren't too tired of them.

Do you exercise on vacation?  Anything planned for the holiday weekend?

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  1. It is definitely a first for us to do formal workouts on vacation and I am glad we did it. That first workout we did (upper body hybrid) really kicked butt too! We just have to figure out how to eat restaurant portions without undoing so much of our progress and then we'll have everything under control on vacation.

    1. Me too. I wish I'd chosen a less kick butt workout to do the day before stand up paddle but yeah, glad we did it! :)

  2. I always exercise on holiday! Always bring my running shoes wherever I go :) I don't feel like "me" when I don't run for a longer period of time.

    Good job on staying active! :)

  3. When I go on vacation it usually involves a lot of extra walking but no formal exercise sessions.

    No real fun plans for the weekend - but my folks have the little guy for a few days so I'll be tackling a room from Saturday until he gets back to do some serious deep cleaning and decluttering.

  4. You both are so inspirational! I agree with the comments by the Mr about restaurant eating. It is so hard to not let vacation mode turn each meal into a "last supper" kind of thing. So fun to see your vacation posts be centered on active sight-seeing versus journey of your travels between meal times. I love food but your SUP experience is way more interesting to me!

  5. I don't think i would ever get tired of hearing about your escapades! Glad you had such a great time!

  6. Please keep the stories from Hawaii coming Anele. I'm vacationing there vicariously through you and the Mr......and LOVING it!

  7. Any exercise I do on vacation is by way of recreation...hiking usually. We usually vacation to see family, so there is lots of visiting, but little exercise.

    Restaurant-sized portions of food at any time hurt me if I finish them. I have learned to eat off the a la carte menu, get a senior portion, or share with my hubby. Of course, if we have a condo, I can always take half back to it for a second meal, which is what I do at home.

    No plans for the weekend. Hubby has a car repair to do before we can register it, and I have a book on allergies to write, so we'll both be working all weekend.

  8. I do exercise on vacation, but I don't log it. Vacation is computer-free time for me and I view any exercises I do as extra bonus and choose not to log the time. I bring my dvd's and resistance band along and then do long walks in the woods on the trails.

    Weekend is pretty open. I had a meeting this morning, then just got home with meeting up with a friend I haven't seen in a long time. With be doing fun things with the dogs and just relaxing after some pretty stressful days at work. I think the hubs is going to go kayaking on Monday if the weather holds up.

  9. Good for you! It is so hard to exercise on vacation! I normally run while on our family trips. I have also done some tabata or deck of cards in our hotel rooms :)


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