Monday, May 13, 2013

Upper Body - Body Weight Workout

Now that we're firmly settled into the new house for the week and no pool is available to us, we'd better be doing this one this week!  If we don't, then we suck.  I really want to do at least 4-6 "real" workouts this trip on days we're less active.

There are 3 rounds.  The first round is 90 seconds for each move, 60 seconds for the next round and 30 seconds for the final round.

Speedbags-  "Roll" both hands around each other like you're a boxer working the speedbag.

Jab/Cross- Classic boxing move of jabbing forward with one hand and doing a cross punch with the other hand across your body.  Switch off halfway through.

Hook/Upper Cut- Hook punch with one hand and upper cut with the other, switch halfway through.

Push Ups- I hope that's self explanatory!

Tricep Dips-  Place the bottom of your palms against the edge of a chair or bed,  straighten your legs in front of you then dip your rear down toward the floor and push up to the original position.  Repeat.

Walking Push Ups- Get in push up position.  Bring your right forearm down, followed by your left forearm so you're in a low plank position then push up with your left, then your right so you're back in the original push up position.  Repeat.

Side Plank- Lie on your side with your right hand or elbow on the ground.  Lift yourself up to form a plank with your right arm straight and your left arm on your side.  Hold for half the time then switch to the other side.

Decline Push Up- Get in the push up position and put your feet on a bed or chair and do push ups.

One Arm "Tote" Rows-  Grab your tote from the plane or backpack and do standing one armed rows.

Incline Push Up Mountain Climbers- Against a chair, get in push up position.  Do a push up and bring your knee in toward your chest as you lower into the push up.  Switch legs when you come up then lift the other knee toward your chest as you go back down.

Consult a doctor before starting this or any fitness program.  User assumes all risks!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty tough workout.

  2. Oh my gosh. I LOVE this! Thank you for posting it.

    We travel a lot, and I never really know what to do when the hotel doesn't have a fitness room. We get a lot of walking in, but it never feels like a "workout". I can do this while we're hanging out in the hotel room between activities. :) You rock!

  3. You are so on the ball about this stuff. I *never* work out when I'm on vacation. :/

  4. The only working out I get on vacation is walking from point A to B, and 12 oz curls. You guys are so dedicated!


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