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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial weekend grub

I hope you're all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend and spending time with family, friends or enjoying some alone time if you need it.  After we take a moment to remember what the day is truly about, our thoughts usually go to the grill or picnic grub.  

Here's a little peek at what the Mr and I have been having this weekend...

Turkey brat with caramelized onions and jalapeno mustard, spicy BBQ chips (1 serving) and dip (1 serving) and an ear of grilled corn with 1 tbsp herbed butter.

I love how naughty this burger looks but it wasn't!  Yes, you can have a bacon cheeseburger that isn't 1000 calories!  This one was just under 400 calories using 85/15 beef, 1/2 slice thin marbled cheese, 1 slice of center cut bacon, caramelized onions (using cooking spray not oil this time), lots of lettuce and 1/2 serving of mustard and ketchup.  Chips and dip and an ear of corn with 1 tbsp garlic basil butter.

Chicken veggie kabobs with 1 1/2 tbsp honey pineapple teriyaki we shipped back from Hawaii and a tater kabob with 1 tbsp ketchup for dipping.  So good!

A lemon pomegranate slushie for 50 calories!

Yay for cookout food that doesn't make you feel like you're missing anything!

What are you guys grilling/eating this holiday weekend?


  1. I would seriously jump over the table to get at that burger! it's looks delicious!!!

  2. That sounds really great! I never would have though of a potato kabob but I'm totally doing that next time we grill.

    Tonight is homemade egg rolls. Hubby and I really like them and little guy won't eat them so we're having them while he visits the grandparents.

  3. You have made some awesome food but managed to keep it healthy and lighter. As always, you rock! Thank you!

  4. Corn! So yummy! Thats the official start of summer for me, when the corn starts coming around. Those Kabobs look delicious

  5. The food looks yummy! I'm making a cucumber salad today along with bi-colored corn with a touch of butter mixed with chili powder. The hubs is grilling steaks later on as well. It's wet and rainy here so the dogs are getting long drive (which works out ok since they played and swam at the dog park for a good hour yesterday). Enjoy your day!

  6. MMM Looks delicious! We cooked out a couple nights ago, just some rib eyes and corn. I posted a photo of it on my page and some girl told me I need more green vegetables. I love how some people think they know every damn thing.

  7. Oh wow, I want that burger! Everything looks delicious!

  8. I'm home, chained to my computer, crunching out transcripts. The self-employed don't have holidays. lol Your feast looks awesome!

  9. Im just catching up on ur blogs...that burger looks delish...vacation with in laws is "no meat" I survived on mexican food with refried beans every single day..yeech...hehe

  10. Yum-o! Thanks for sharing but now I'm hungry! I had a couple brats myself. Can't beat it. HAve a good one!


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