Friday, May 17, 2013

Until You Fail Hybrid Workout - Lower Body

Happy Friday everyone!  This is a continuation of yesterday's Total Trainer/ Free Weight/ Body weight workout that we do.  It's called "Until You Fail" because there are no set amount of reps per exercise.  You do each move until your muscles reach failure or your form begins to suffer and you immediately stop and move on.  This is the last workout in my series this week.  I hope you've liked them as much as I liked creating them! Let's get to it, shall we?


Narrow Squats - Keeping your legs together and pushing the booty back so the knees don't go over the toes, squat.  Repeat.

TT Leg Press- (I use setting 10*)- Do leg press with attention to not put knees over toes.

Pulsing Lunges (Gilad)- A butt numbing move from Gilad's old workouts.  In a lunge position, do small "pulsing" lunges in a quick manner paying attention to form.  When that leg/rump cheek starts burning, switch legs.

TT Rope Abduction- (I use setting 6*)- Facing the number plates, hold on to the pulley handles and put your feet inside of the rope pulley so the rope is resting on the outer side of your feet.  Keeping a firm grip on the handles, push your feet outward making a V, then bring legs back in.  Repeat.

Deadlifts- Using free weights, bend to about 45 degrees.  Lower the weights until your back is straight at almost 90 degrees.  Use your hamstrings, glutes to raise yourself up, not the lower back.

Sumo Squats- Squat using a wide stance at just slightly more than shoulder width.

TT Rope Push Downs-  Using the same basic stance as the abduction exercise, put your feet on top of the rope instead of letting it rest on the side of your feet.  Push the rope down toward the floor so you're working the hamstrings and glutes.

Standing Glute Kickbacks- Keeping your legs straight, kick one leg back behind you until you feel it in the glute and return to start position, repeat and switch legs.  You can use a chair or wall for balance if you need to.

TT Cross Legged Leg Press- (I use setting 10*)- Do a leg press but cross one leg over the other knee.  (Like you would just sitting down).  Focus on hamstrings and glutes and don't let knees go over toes.

Leg Lifts- Lay on the floor on your side.  Lift leg from closed position toward the ceiling so if someone was looking at you, you'd look like an L...for leg lifts...sounds like an episode of Sesame Street.  Repeat then switch legs.

Lateral Lunges w/weights- (I use 20 lbs*)- Standing with the weight in your left hand, lunge to the right side so the weight in your left hand almost touches your right ankle.  Keep your back straight and chest up.  Repeat and switch legs.

TT Calf Raises- (I use setting 10*)- Start in leg press position but just rise up onto your toes and lower.  Repeat but do not push past the point of discomfort, these can hurt like a mutha the next day if you do.  I won't tell you how I know that.

Step Ups (stairs/bench/step)- Using an aerobic step with 4 risers, a weight bench or 2 steps at your home, step up onto the object, step back down, switch legs and repeat.

Leg Curls using weight-  (I use 15 lb weight*)- Put a free weight on the floor where your feet will hit.  Lay on the floor and hold the weight by using your feet to grab it, then raise your feet toward your glutes and lower.  Repeat.  Don't use a weight that is too high for you, the position is awkward.

Inner Thigh Raises-  Lay on your right side.  Bend your left leg somewhat behind you and lay your right leg with your inner thigh pointing toward the ceiling and toes pointing to the right.  Raise your right leg toward the ceiling with your inner heel slightly higher than than your toes.  Repeat and switch legs.

TT Side Leg Press Split Squats (chair/bench) - Using a chair or weight bench behind you, get into the lunge position and put your left foot on the chair (top of the foot resting on the object).  Lower yourself into a lunge on the right leg.  Repeat then switch legs when you're tired.

TT Leg Curls using pulleys-  (I use setting 6*.  Requires a leg curl rope pulley for the machine)- Hook up the leg straps to your ankles, lay face down with your legs at about 90 degrees.  Press your legs straight, focusing on the quads.  Repeat.

Fast Feet -  Last move!  Run in place quickly to shake off some of the soreness you might already have.


Consult your physician before starting this or any exercise program.  User assumes all risks!

*= this is what I use and I'm telling you as a frame of reference.  NOT suggesting you use those settings/weights.

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  1. I don't have a total trainer system or anything more than 5 lb hand weights - but I think I'm going to take a combination of ideas from your posts and put something together for myself.

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