Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hotel / Vacation Ab Workout

This is a good, easy workout for your hotel since you pretty much just need your body weight for 99% of it. Welcome to my quick but effective ab workout!

Crunches-  Lying on the floor with your hands supporting your neck, crunch up toward your knees until your shoulder blades are off the floor, hold, release slowly.

Reverse Crunches-  Lying on your back with the lower back supported, raise feet in the air and push your feet up toward the ceiling using your abs lifting your booty off the floor.

Elbow to Knee Crunches-  When doing crunches bring your right elbow toward your left knee, go down, then come up with the left elbow toward right knee.

Sit Ups-  With bent knees, sit up, hold, release back down.

Sit Ups with Rotation-  When you get 3/4 to the top of the sit up finish with a rotation to the right, release then repeat on opposite side.

Oblique Crunches-  Lying your side on the ground with legs at 45 degrees, put your hand against the back of your head (like you're supporting your head during a regular crunch).  Crunch your obliques by trying to reach your elbow to your hip.  Repeat and switch legs.

Oblique Crunches with Legs-  Same as above but as you're crunching up, lift your hips/legs off the floor so you're almost making a V from the side.

Raises-  Like a reverse crunch but bend at the knees and bring them into the chest by rocking back.

Planks-  Facing the ground, rest on your forearms and toes sucking in your stomach to strengthen the core.  Hold the position until you almost face plant...but don't.

Side Planks-  Lay on your side, using the forearm on the floor, press up and hold the position.  If you're feeling strong, extend the arm holding your body weight at an angle.

Superman-  Lying flat on your stomach, put your arms in front of you like Superman and arch your back so your arms and legs lift up from the ground.  Hold the position, release and repeat.

Backpack Wood Chops- Grab a heavier backpack, tote or even a gallon of water/juice and do standing wood chops.  With object extended in front and slightly above eye level, chop downward toward one hip, raise it back up then chop down toward the other hip.

Consult a doctor before starting this or any fitness program.  User assumes all risks!

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  1. Again - a great powerful workout for not a lot of space and virtually no equipment.


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