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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poll Week! Poll 4: Fitness product fads

Oh man, where does it end on this one, right?  I think we've all fallen for something whether it's a new fangled piece of workout equipment, diet pill, fitness aid in various forms, etc.  If you haven't ever in your lifetime, well la ti da!  :-P

There is one I am particularly ashamed to say I fell for but I was 19, whaddaya want?

Oh yes...the Ab Flex.  Where you crunch a Millennium Falcon toy against your gut in hopes to get abs.  What??  It makes sense in some way, resistance against your ab muscles but it just felt more like digging hard plastic into your lard.  Oy.  I think I saw a neighborhood kid "flying" it with his action figures when I threw it in the trash when I moved from home.

You've got all kinds of gimmicks out there now too, they just evolve to some degree and still appeal to people's want for a magic bullet that will allow you to lose weight whilst doing the least amount of work/change.  From crap you shake on your food to supposedly suppress your appetite or metabolize fat faster or whatever it's claim is to a band that will suck in your gut to give you a sleek flat belly with no exercise required to stuff you hang from in the comfort of your own home hoping to God the door frame holds up, we're still inundated with "shortcuts."

What fitness/diet gimmick have you bought at any point in your life?

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  1. I can't say that I haven't been tempted. A lot. Like by every single commercial out there. I don't have a lot of disposable income though so I've never followed through on any of those wants. I have been doubly tempted when I've seen some of these items (like your Millennium Falcon toy) at garage sales but then I take a minute and realize that if the darn thing worked they wouldn't be selling it.

  2. The Silly twister for abs where u stand on it and keep twisting..arghh

  3. Javita...a coffee that is supposed to help you quickly lose weight. Basically you are in the bathroom all day. I was (clearly) desperate to lose that last 5 pounds before vacation...yeah, well it didn't happen and I even gained a pound while drinking it!

  4. I've never been much into diet tricks. I remember my MIL asking me a lot of questions about Alli, I don't know if she ever took the plunge. I wouldn't risk it with those side affects. yikes!

  5. I'd have bought that ab flex thing, if that hunk came with it!

  6. Wow...I can't even say anything here! lol. Been there...done doctor says ignorant things like "oh..I have a wonderful product..." It irritates the snot out of me. I used to want that wheel thing and the thing called "perfect push ups"...ugh...they always get us!

  7. My mom had me do the Metabolife pill thing, which then got taken off the market for not being safe. The piece of equipment I bought was a "ski" machine as well as the one where it's a mat that you put booties on and slide back and forth like you're skiing. Shame, shame, shame..... =o)

  8. Shake weight.
    I guess it is kinda legit, I mean, you definitely feel it, trying to shake a heavy thing up and down. But you can feel it if you pick up a giant can of grapefruit juice and shake that up and down too. Then there comes all the jokes from family and whatever friends you were silly enough to tell.. and goodbye shake weight. It was definitely a fad. :)


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