Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lower Body - Body Weight Workout

This is a great lower body workout that requires no equipment so you can do them anywhere.  The PT Exercises are obviously for me but if you happen to have PT that you're skipping (ahem...you know there are a few of you out there that are guilty!  ;-) ) then consider that your reminder!  

Squats-  Do regular and/or sumo squats.  Booty back and no knees over the toes.

Front Knee Raises- Do knee raises with arms raised over the head at a fast pace.

Side Lunges-  Lunge to the right making sure to keep the knee pointing forward then raise back up and switch legs.

Kickbacks (ankle to butt)-  Alternate legs kicking the ankle/heel to the butt.  Get arms involved to raise cardio effect.

Skaters-  "Hop" from side to side getting low and mimicking a speed skater. 

Fast Feet-  Run in place fast, get arms involved to increase cardio.

Cross Over Knee Raises-  Regular knee raises but bring right knee to left elbow and vice versa.

Kickbacks (Glutes)- Keeping your leg straight, lift your leg behind you until you feel it in the glutes.  Do equal number on each leg.

Wall Squats-  Squat low against a wall and hold the pose for 60 seconds.

Calf Raises-  Raise up on toes, hold for 3 seconds, lower, repeat.

PT Exercises (for me)

Consult a doctor before starting this or any fitness program.  User assumes all risks!

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  1. Another toughie adapted for travel. You never cease to amaze me.

  2. This sounds like a great little routine to do after a long walk too, adds in some strength training of the muscles and winds down to a complete workout. I like it!

  3. I'm just sitting here thinking "self, you've got half an hour before you hafta take the kids to school you really should get that strength workout in before you go 'cause it's gonna be a scorcher today and you'll be too hot later." Lo and behold the inspiration strikes...later...got a workout to blast out.


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