Friday, May 10, 2013

Poll Week! Poll 5: Workouts

Poll week has come to an end.  I hope you've enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing others answers!  Let's jump into the last one, shall we?

When I tell people I workout at home, I get the feeling I'm in a minority.  Some people have gone as far to say "oh God, that would drive me nuts, I do real exercise."  Oh, I'm sorry.  Apparently I magically lost 220+ pounds doing fake exercise?  *smack*

I'm not a runner, don't want to and honestly, with the foot, probably couldn't now even if I wanted to which is fine with me.  I don't do cross fit and I don't really have any desire to do that either.  Well I think I'd need to be much lighter than I am not to do it without killing myself and again, the foot would not appreciate the pounding some of those exercises require.  I don't like competition in the workout arena.  I know some people get off on that but I'm not one of 'em.  Everyone and their mother are going to Zumba classes.  I have not a single inkling to jump on that bandwagon.  Just let me be to do my faves in the comfort of my home!

I think it's great we all have different ways to get fit and workout and I don't consider my way any better than anyone else's way, it's just what we prefer and what works for us.

What is your preferred way to get your exercise on?

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  1. Some of those workout videos are hardcore so I don't know where the "real exercise" comment came from lol.

    I don't do tapes because I feel silly. Like those frumpy moms in 90s sitcoms.

    I run, lift weights, and take a self defense class. I can't wait to own a house so I can build a basement or garage gym so I don't have to deal with other people getting in my way.

  2. I used to do the gym thing, but I never really enjoyed it, just seemed like a necessary thing. Now I'm leaning towards trying out turbo fire at home. I think I would enjoy the flexibility and privacy a lot more.

  3. I like the elliptical but when I was living alone I used to enjoy my jillian Michaels circuit training dvds..I wud mix it up with p90x , chaleane xtreme...I am waiting to own a house so i can make a mini gym in the elliptical, a weights machine;)

  4. I like being home to work out. Anyway, I've tried doing gym classes and they're either too repetitive and I get bored (like Jazzercise) or at places where Lululemon is the only acceptable gear (and they only go to size 12).

    However, a Zumba class can be really really fun. I have the DVDs and they are terrible in comparison. The right instructor makes the class better than any tape I've ever done. I just can't afford to go at this time.

  5. Gym. But, I go early in the morning (5 am) and it is never super crowded and it's usually the same people most mornings. I couldn't go when it is crazy crowded. Now that the weather is nice I've been doing walks outdoors, 5ks, and I just bought my first road bike. I have to mix it up or I get bored.

  6. I do a combination of using the gym at work (book myself a meeting in the middle of the day to go), Pilates classes at a local dance studio (small classes of 8 people or less), and outdoor activities. I am a runner but it needs to be outside. The treadmill bores me to death and that is when I hate exercise. I also like to hike, swim, play soccer, and my boyfriend is an avid bicycler, so he tries to get me out a few times a year.

  7. It's a combination for me: running outdoors whenever possible, gym workouts and working with a personal trainer, occasionally fitness classes, and some at home with DVDs, Wii Fit, and my own workouts. Not a lot of open space where the TV is located to do most DVDs or I might do more of those--if the cat would leave me alone to do them, that is.

  8. I love hiking! But that is only something I can do on the weekends. The rest of the time its either at home or at our gym. It's just the gym in our complex so its small and quaint. Never been to a big gym and I really don't have any inkling to go. Though I do seem to push harder when I am out of the comfort of my living room. Maybe there's something there. Anywhay...

    Oh, and Denise, my cat has to sit right on my weights when I am working out, gotta love him. lol

  9. I don't do well at home, I wish I did since it would make life so much easier and I'd get a lot more exercise in. I really need to go someplace for the express purpose of working out. When I'm at home there are too many distractions and too many other things that "have to be done" and somehow I never get around to actually getting in any exercise.

  10. I'm an at-homer all the way. I like the comfort of my home and the ability to use the furniture around the room to help me with balance for more complicated moves. I do enjoy walking on trails outdoors, too. I've considered taking a spinning class when I lose more weight just to try it (honestly, I had to look it up before I realized it was biking!), but that wouldn't be my "norm". One day I'd like to jog a 5k for my mom (calling it "Jogging for Jackie"), but again, that wouldn't be the every day thing. I truly enjoy working out at home with not a peep to see me. I like the idea that it's fully about me and I don't have to worry about anyone else in the room.

  11. Definitely an at-homer. I hate an audience of any kind. I will do an occasional 5K but I am a walker and I only do ones for charities I care about. I used to feel like I "should" want to run. All the people I used to walk with are now runners. I tried to join the group but found myself subconsciously sabotaging those efforts. I realize now that I never was a runner, never will be a runner, and that's OK. There's nothing wrong with "just" walking.


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