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Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

Howdy y'all!  You know it's going to be a good Friday when the FedEx man shows up at your door with some fresh baked Boudin Sourdough bread from San Francisco!  Whenever they have their 20% off sales, I have to take advantage of it.  It is truly THE best sourdough we've ever had and it takes me back to passing by on Fisherman's Wharf.  (Of course I couldn't taste it due to my cold but I remember the faint smell of it being piped out onto the street.)  See that big round in there?

That's gonna be part of our Thanksgiving stuffing.  I freeze them, then do a Food Saver number on them and they are perfect for a few months.  We've already used a bit of the loaf.  I have gotten it down to a science to cut 1 oz slices.  I'm going to use a little in a food experiment this week.  (That's all the hint you're getting Mr!  :-P  )

I may or may not have gone batchit shopping for recipe visual goodies this weekend.

I do it all for you guys, ya know?

It was off to Tarzhay Sunday for regular groceries but also stocking up on baking needs for the upcoming baking frenzy.  Here's a sneak peek...

 The Mr's co-workers will be in hog heaven in the coming months.

We stopped by the back to school section at the big bullseye and saw a "Trapper Keeper."  Puhleez.  That thing could barely stay snapped.  Yes, I said snapped.  Whatever genius decided that taking the velcro off was a good idea needs a firm slap.  It's not like the old days and yes, I still have mine with the awesome beach scene on it.  Another weird find?  Um, is Def Leppard making a comeback I was unaware of?

They had Def Leppard school folders.  Plus Kiss, The Who and Woodstock.  I'm sure kids today barely know who Woodstock from Peanuts is much less the band.  Personally if I was going back to school, I'd be all over that Hello Kitty folder.

Speaking of other things that kind of weird us out...

They have these serving trays with record players and "old school" TV's on them.  You know, back when you had to actually get off your butt and turn the channels?  Hey, maybe that's part of the obesity crisis?  Remote controls? kind of makes us feel like "ooh, hey kids, you can be hip and pretend you know what this stuff is from the Jurassic age!"  I feel like it's ours and needs to be earned to own.  If you had to deal with moving the antenna around while your parents told you "a little to the left, NO, right there, STOP!" or having your favorite record warp or your cassettes wear out from rewinding to your favorite song then you're allowed to own them.  If not, sorry.  You're going to have to wait until they come out with trays of smart phones and mp3 players.  HA!

Now for some big news for some Trader Joe's peeps who may have been as distraught as we were when they pulled their Thai Lime Rice about a year ago.  We FOUND it elsewhere!  Head on over to World Market and look for this:

This is exactly the same thing.  We had it for dinner last night with some sweet chile hake fillets and it was the exact taste we've missed!  I've tried to replicate it but just can't get it quite the same so we're very happy to have found it.  Well I should say the Mr found it and when he did, after he put them in the basket, I grabbed his face and planted a huge kiss on him.  Then he ran away.

We worked the plan this weekend.  We stayed within our alloted calories, I drown myself with water (which is always my downfall on the weekends) and when we rented the Hunger Games (not impressed), we had our wee bag o' popcorn in lieu of the Red Vines we bought so those will be for another new release to be determined in the next 3 weeks.  Though I swear Hollywood has run out of ideas so who knows when the next good rental will be along.  I know it can't be next week though because I have some birthday celebrations coming up so I'm going to have to be super careful not to add in any more extras than I already planned.

Did you watch Sam on Chopped last night?  Then you know who won and don't need me to tell you.  I cannot begin to express how proud we are of him and he represented Kona and the people of Hawaii with the aloha and passion that he's known for.  We are honored to know someone as passionate about food as Sam and he inspires me in so many ways to be a better cook.  I've cooked two things for him and he treated me like a peer who knew what they were doing, complimented me on both dishes and I cannot tell you the confidence it gave me.  Big mahalos to you Sam for the inspiration you give me and so many others.

What did you do this weekend?  Ready for the week ahead?

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  1. I have Chopped on the dvr waiting to watch when I have some time.

    Your tv tray picture made me laugh - hubby and I were talking about this the other day. We were remembering the old Simpsons episode where they were trying to watch tv and the whole family got into "Fox viewing positions". Kids nowadays don't have a clue what that even means.

  2. Def Leppard is making kind of a comeback thanks to the movie "Rock of Ages".

  3. Love your posts--so entertaining and informative. LOVED Hunger Games (the book) and was so looking forward to finally getting to see the movie now that it is out on DVD (Hubby doesn't like going out to the theater), so it's disappointing to hear you didn't like it much. I may have to watch anyway, just to verify!
    Had a great weekend--saw my granddaughter (she spent the night), went to a Cornhusker volleyball pre-season intersquad game, my son got home from what we thought was at least a temporary move to Denver, but it only lasted a week! HOORAY!, and went to a family reunion where I saw my mother's last remaining aunt (she was actually younger than my mom by 18 months and was one of 18 siblings, one of whom was my Grandmother), whom I had not seen for over 20 years. GOOD TIMES!

  4. Oh, and I could buy both those trays--in fact for years, hubby and I said we had a remote control for our TV set--it was our KIDS! So my KIDS are even old enough to remember NO remote controls! That's how old I am!!!

  5. My first Trapper Keeper had hot air balloons on it. I discovered Lisa Frank in junior high, though, so it was all bright sparkles from there on out.

    I remember my teachers complaining about listening to 30 pieces of velcro ripping open near the end of class, so that may be the reason for the snaps. ;)

  6. I tried to save some banana bread by doing it the opposite way. HAhaha, squished banana bread. Duh. Now I'll know.

    I've noticed a nostalgia trend going on...all those posts on Facebook 'Like and share if you know what this is.' I ought to take a picture of my grandmother's darning egg and see if THAT would go viral...

    Glad you found your goodies! Happy cooking and baking this week.

  7. Love the trays!! We are doing an 80's themed run in just a few weeks so I've been wallowing in nostalgia!! I still remember being the first to wake up and tiptoeing down to the family room, excited because as first up I got to pick the shows. Turned on the TV only to find those bars!! I got up a bit too early-lol!

    Yay!!! I am so happy :). Can't wait to try some new recipes, I'm a bit of a cookbook fanatic and am pleased to give this one a new home :).

  8. Unfortunately I spent the weekending cleaning up after my moms old and incontinent dogs...which was not fun. It was not a good weekend- I'm moving on. I did watch Chopped and I have learned to love him! I can't imagine being in the same room with him let alone cooking for him- you have some great cooking skills there, Mrs. The sourdough looks almost (though I wouldn't) good enough to eat- I remember the smell of it in SanFran when we walked by (it was too crowded to go in) but still...I think my husband ate his own weight in sourdough when we were there. I still like smelling it...
    I think I'm too old for there to have been velcro...but I do remember trapper keepers. I think my notebooks were the old peechees we marked all over with boys names we liked and little hearts on them. I have also noticed the FB nostalgia posts all the time- of course I always know what they are but I refuse to LMS for anyone or anything....that's how I roll on FB. lol.
    Have a good week!

  9. You can't post about getting props for photos and not post pictures of the props. ARGH! The suspense! Our West Elm has its grand opening this week and I'm trying to persuade my husband that the 40 minute drive is totally worth it because they're going to have free beer. So he can entertain himself with beer while I shop, then he'll be too drunk to protest when I spend hundreds of dollars on plates and table linens.

    ANYWAY. I hope you have a good week! :)

  10. I did watch the Chopped episode with Sam and was so bummed that he didn't make it to the end. I thought he did a phenomenal job and he had such a humble attitude (not at all like some of the big mouths who go on that show).

    The tv tray thing cracked me up, especially about the antenna! Oh how I remember those days--between foiled bunny-ears and the 6 channels that came on the television--whew!! I got a good laugh out of that!

    Weekend was good. Mom came out on Saturday to see the pooches and it's the first time I've seen her in a couple of months. She just finished round 4 and will have round 5 on Friday. Her spirits were up and we had a truly fun visit.

    This week at work is SO aggravating and it's not going to stop any time soon. But the first thing when I got home was to work out for 30 minutes and burn off that anger, then hopped in the shower, so I'm feeling much better now. Vacation is 3 weeks away and I can't wait!

  11. I didn't read this until I was able to watch the Chopped episode. Had to DVR it as we didn't get home in time. The girls were really into cheering for Sam--so cute! They were really bummed when he got chopped. He did a great job! We'll be renting Hunger Games anyway as my oldest and I read the 3 books (which were very good--well the first 2 anyway, didn't like the last one)and she is obsessed with seeing the movie now. In time. Looking forward to seeing what your shopping trip for visual goodies yielded!

  12. I saw all that Hello Kitty stuff at Target and totally thought of you :)

  13. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh...I lurve Chopped!!! Too bad we have no cable and are in the middle of a move. BUT maybe I can catch it on rerun when I'm at my parent's house one night?!?


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