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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weigh In and Blog Nomination

Zilch.  No dragon slain this week.

Now that we have business outta the way, here's something fun for ya.  Amber at Slim Pickin's Kitchen nominated me for a A Lovely Blog Award but my power was out at the time so I didn't see it.

Thank goodness there was a tweet about it!  So in better late than never fashion, I'm here to fulfill my part of the bargain for getting nominated which is to list 7 random things about myself and then nominate 7 other bloggers.

1.  I cannot begin to describe how much I detest caraway seeds.

My dad traumatized me when I was a kid by adding some to this noodle dish he cooked when I was in 2nd grade and I didn't like it and he forced me to eat it.  We're not talking a sprinkling of seeds, we're talking "oops, I accidentally opened the gaping hole side of the spice jar instead of the holey one."  I cried like someone shot me in the leg and I had to sit there for what seemed like hours.  I finally swallowed the dish whole while holding my nose.  So no rye bread or anything caraway related and if I accidentally bite into one in a dish because some idiot accidentally dropped one in mine in the kitchen, I refuse to eat it.  Even seeing the words caraway seeds written out turns my stomach.

2.  I'm in the liner notes of an Elvis Presley import album in the UK.

I love Elvis.  I love Graceland.  I wish there were more people like him in his generosity (to a fault), his want to take care of others whether family or strangers and his southern manners.  You give me Elvis 1956 and 1961 and I'm in heaven.

3.  I have bad movie or restaurant streaks.

If I have a bad experience at a restaurant for lunch on a high cal day, it's almost guaranteed the food I eat the rest of the day will be bad as well, even if I make it.  I'll burn bacon I've made 100x or something won't turn out right.  It's bad juju.  Same goes for movies.  Our 3 worst movies of all time were Romy and Michelle's High School reunion (which if we had checked with each other halfway through, we both would've walked out on), the Aquatic Life with Steve Zissou (I think.  I'm too lazy to look it up) and What Dreams May Come.  But those were recently replaced when we watched the 3 worst movies of all time almost right in a row last week.  Detention (worst), Ted (I felt like it should've been free) and The Watch (had I known there were aliens in it, I would've waited until it was $1 instead of paying $18 for both of us).

4.  I plan vacations around movie locations.

If we are going somewhere new, I immediately look to see if any movies were shot there.  You'd be surprised.  We just watched Basic Instinct the other night and were surprised by how much we recognized and when towns were referenced we knew where they were instead of being a concept.  Our favorites are the John Hughes tour I put together visiting everything from Samantha Baker's house and school (also used for Weird Science) to Ginny's church where Jake Ryan was waiting to Cameron's garage where the Ferrari flew out to the Home Alone house.  I even have a playlist that I play the proper music to correspond with to the scene in the movie.  It makes you truly feel like a part of the movie from that point on.  If you ever get the chance to go to Woodstock, IL you will literally step into the set of Groundhog Day as it looks EXACTLY as it did in 1993.  It's amazing!

5.  I wanted to be a meteorologist or cosmetologist when I was in high school.

But I went to school to be a broadcaster...specifically radio. Problem?  I froze on air.  Yet I rocked at copywriting.  I still use it now and write copy for our other businesses for products and commercials.

6.  I'm a Christmas freak.

I know, most people who celebrate it love Christmas but you don't understand.  I'm talking I would hang wreaths and have the tree up right now if the Mr would allow it.  I'm already listening to Christmas music.  I'm already planning the Christmas activities we'll be doing from mid-November on.  The first couple notes of Vince Guaraldi's instrumental version of Christmas Time is Here from the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack with that drum brush and piano and I'm a puddle of glee.  It softens me like nothing else.  I am in love with everything about the season and when it's that time of year, it looks like Christmas threw up in our house.

7.  The Mr and I have worked two jobs together.

People always say "oh I could never work with my spouse!"  We met on the job as teenagers and worked together at another job the year we got engaged.  Matter of fact, many people didn't even know we were more than a rumored romance because we were that professional.  Personal issues were left at home for the most part and we were very professional.  The job after that we both worked side by side so we carpooled for years until my office relocated.  I'm so grateful for the time we got to spend together on the job or working close.  I think it made us closer and able to tolerate our extra long vacations together!  :-)

Now it's time to nominate 7 other bloggers:

Jen at Jen's Journey
Kiersten at Oh My Veggies
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Esther at The Life and Times of the Fit Fat Girl
Jessica at The Novice Chef
Gina at The Shabby Creek Cottage

Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. I had to laugh at the caraway seeds--only because I can relate! My issue is with mango, papaya and tropical fruits--when I was around 2nd grade as well, I loved fruit cocktail (GROSS, I know!) and that was what was for dessert one night for supper. I wolfed my meal down so I could be the first to dig into the fruit cocktail--which I did--a HUGE portion, as huge as I could get and still leave some for the other 4 people at the table. I took the first bite expecting an explosion of goodness in my mouth and it was horrible. Turns out Mom had picked up "TROPICAL" fruit cocktail instead. It was disgusting but my dad made me eat it all since I had been so greedy. Now, logically, I realize that FRESH tropical fruits have to be WAY better than that canned nastiness, but I just can't bring myself to choke it down. Oh the mind is a powerful thing!

    1. I'm not a fan of like papaya and mango on their own but when you mix them with pineapple, the sweetness balances them nicely. Plus papaya helps with digestion so I try to remember that when I'm cutting their stinky selves up! LOL

  2. Bwahahahaa!!! I am completely 100% a Christmas freak too! I absolutely *adore* Christmas music, and one of my all time favorites is absolutely horrible. Like so bad, it makes you cry so hard it hurts. I listen to it about 757,525,600 times a year! GAH! Can't.get.enough.

    1. Here's one of my non traditional faves:

  3. Well we are similar in many ways (it also looks like Santa threw up at my house in Dec. and Jan. and Feb ., depending on how long it takes us to get it all taken down), and I also love Elvis. Thanks again for the tips you gave me about touring Graceland! However I also love caraway seeds although about all I ever eat them on is bread that comes that way. I might hate them too if I was ever forced to eat a huge quantity of them. Congrats on the blog nomination. I will check out those other blogs you nominated.

    1. LOVE Christmas and everything about it baby. You throw in Christmas and Elvis and I'm a happy girl!

  4. OK, I've got to know more about this liner notes business. Too much tease! What does it say, why are you there, et ceterRA et ceteRA.

    Thanks for the list of other blogs, I'm going to check them out. I frankly spend way too much time on the internet looking at other people's stuff, and way too little developing mine, but the titles are intriguing.

    1. Honestly its been so long ago, I have no idea what I said! I won a contest through to have what I said chosen to be in the liner notes and I about poo'd myself when they emailed and said I won!

  5. My mom's food issue is with peas! She was forced to eat them as a child and puked them back up afterwards. She can't even stand the smell of them, so she never served them while I was growing up. I didn't learn that I like peas until I was practically out of high school!

    On the plus side for myself, because of this experience she never forced us to eat anything so I don't detest any foods due to bad childhood memories.

  6. Sounds like you need to plan a trip to downtown Oshkosh Wi then. We had the distinct pleasure of hosting Johnny Depp for Public Enemy. We provided the huge bank they were shooting up and they made the other 3 corners of the area look all 1920-30ish. Very cool. We get all geeked out when we watch the movie and see it LOL Plus Oshkosh is THE Event Capital.

    And you can stop by and say Hi to Cheezchik32 and her man!

  7. Congrats on your well-deserved award!

    (From one caraway-detester to another)

  8. It's true. She is a Christmas freak. Christmas in July is nothing. With her it's Christmas in July, August, September... I can recall years in which we slept to Christmas music practically the entire year. It was confusing waking up to Jingle Bells and realizing that it was 90 degrees outside.

    Gotta love her though!

  9. Yay for the blog award! Totally well deserved. And *blush* thanks for the nod.

    I don't know if Hubs and I could work together or not. When I join him on Sundays we always seem to have a pretty good time together (and I didn't go yesterday and he didn't sell a thing without me there! HA! ;)). Of course, now that I think of it, I can count at least 3 people here that I wouldn't mind replacing with least I know he does his work. *lol*

    And I think the Elvis liner notes bit is wicked awesome! And my only claim to him is that I was born on his birthday. *lol*

  10. Thanks for passing the award along to me--you are so sweet! And I hate caraway seeds too. HATE HATE HATE!

    I think I started reading your blog around the time you went to Woodstock because I remember you writing about that and I was all excited because I grew up not too far from there. :)

  11. Congratulations on your nomination!! Loved the "getting to know you" answers too.


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