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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Picabo...I see you

Did anyone watch "Stars Earn Stripes" last night?  I tuned in to see Dolvett Quince from TBL because he's a cutie pie.  I was super surprised to see Picabo Street.  Have you seen her lately?

Sistah girl is looking GOOD!  This pic doesn't even do her justice either because she's got some amazing guns on her and her body has really leaned out.  I mean she's a mom of four and has been "retired" from skiing for 10 years and looks to me to be in the best shape of her life at 41 years of age.  (Insert the current slang equivalent of "you go girl!" here)

So while I typically don't look to celebs as role models for a body type I know I can never achieve, I think I've got me a girly celeb/athlete body crush going on with Ms. Picabo!

What celebrity/athlete's body do you look at and think "strength?"

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  1. She's not a celebrity but Sally (on the S90D dvds) always inspires me. Not that I want to work as hard as she does to get the body she has, but I want to be as kick butt as her, attacking my exercise and all that.

    Dolvet is very "inspiring" too. *drool* And Terry Cruz is also easy on the eyes (and I laugh remembering his role as the father on "Everybody Hates Chris").

    1. Sally is a MACHINE! She's got, what, 5% body fat!? LOL

  2. I am a huge fan of volleyball--not the beach kind, although it's okay. I privately think it's so popular because the men love the bikinis the girls wear, although I do think Misty & Carrie are wonderful athletes and earned that 3rd Gold Medal. I'm talking about women's indoor volleyball, where there's 6 people on a team. I'm a huge fan of my state University's team (University of Nebraska--GO BIG RED!), which has won 3 NCAA national championships in the last 17 years and is always highly ranked and in the hunt for another one! One of our graduates (funny how I say "our" like she belongs to me!) was a starter on the Olympic team this year, and even though the team fell short of the gold medal this time, the athletic prowess of those girls is amazing. I have often said they are the BEST athletes, because they have to act in a split second and do things with a ball that if any of us tried to do that, we would realize just how impossible those skills are to master. Everyone of those girls was lean, tall and so STRONG, without a lot of obvious muscles. But when they jump and serve and KILL that ball, you know there is amazing power behind every move. I have season tickets to our Volleyball games this Fall, they start playing Aug. 24 (SOON!) and I can't wait to see them try to win another national championship. Go Huskers!

  3. Yea I saw her and I was like holy crap! She's banging

  4. I also loved that they didn't color the gray out of her hair. She's like a real mom with graying hair and all!

  5. I remember watching her during the 1994 Olympics. I love her name, and it made me smile every time the announcers said it.

  6. She has a rockin' body! My girl athlete body crushes include Misty May-Treanor & Megan Rapinoe (US soccer team) :)


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