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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How is it Hump Day already?

Not that I'm complaining mind you but jeez man before you know it, it'll be the weekend.  So sad when that happens.  ;-)

Guess what I made for breakfast yesterday?

That, my friends, is a banana nutella quesadilla.  It's as good as it sounds.  It's close to 300 calories but worth it on occasion.  I told the Mr that was what I had and I got the Bassett hound eyes and a hangy lower lip.  Guess whose getting bananas after work today.  Mmm hmmm.

I'm glad you guys liked the Trader Joe's post yesterday!  The Mr bought something for the first time there and it's pretty freakin' yummy...

These could be dangerous because they are quite yummy.  When he crinkles the bag, I'm like a dog hearing the treat bag open up and shoot into the kitchen.  I only have one but dang man, they are delish.  They'd be really good crunched up over the chili we're having for dinner tonight.  I'll refrain.  Yes, I said we're having chili in 90+ degree heat, what of it?

*bobs and weaves like a boxer*

I saw a video of my cousin flinging herself off the Stratosphere tower in Vegas yesterday.  I was trying to decide if that was something I ever cared to do.  I didn't look at it and think "aww, poor fat me.  I can't do that yet."  I instead looked at the price ($110) and said "no thanks."  I'd much rather stand up paddle or  rent a kayak or something like that.  I do want to do more 'extreme-ish' things when I'm thinner but I don't know that hurling myself off a casino is on the bucket list.

If weight was not an issue for you, would you do something considered an "extreme" sport to try just once?  If so, what would it be?  If not, wuss.  I keed, I keed.

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  1. Your cousin is a girl after my own heart! I've always wanted to do the Stratosphere thing, and I've always wanted to skydive. I also have this cherished dream of planning an entire vacation around hopping across the planet to ride the scariest, biggest roller coasters. (Basically like the Travel Channel's Biggest Roller Coaster list.) No idea where the adrenaline junkie part of my brain came from (both mom and dad loathe heights and dangerous sports.)

  2. I want to skydive. Don't know that I ever will, but... Maybe when I am 90 so I can get on the news. You know, do it big LOL


  3. I agree with you about throwing yourself off the Stratosphere. It makes much more sense to just stay inside, enjoy the AC, and free drinks.

  4. Is ziplining considered extreme? I really want to do that! I used to rock climb, and would love to do that again.

  5. Funny...we had chilli last night too. With hot dogs. And onions. And pickles. Hubby had cheese on his. Not me. It's not 95 degrees inside my house and the crockpot didn't heat up the kitchen one bit. Hubby is having more chilli for his lunch today. I'm having Zuppa Tuscana from Olive Garden--YUM!
    I'm too old to get into much of those extreme sports, but at the Amusement Park last week, we watched as people did the Zip Line. I could have done it since I only weigh 150 lbs. now, but NO THANKS. I did however ride any of the rides I wanted, no longer limited by my obesity and the fear of belts and things not fitting or shutting across my fat body. I did not however ride any of the roller coasters, because even though I fit now, I just don't need that much excitement in my life.

  6. Extreme sports? Hmmmm. Sometimes I feel so far away from being able to do these things that I don't think I can even think about them realistically. I want to kayak. And I think if I were fit, I would love to try white water rafting but again, hard for me to imagine. And I want to play basketball again. Basketball for a 52 year old, not a 300+ person. I played in college, love the game, and would love to be able to just move fast enough to play again.

  7. Sadly, I'm very afraid of heights so I wouldn't qualify for too many extreme sports as most have something to do with being perched on a high place! LOL! But if weight wasn't an issue, I'd like to play all kinds of sports such as hockey, volleyball, baseball...anything to get my body moving. I'm terribly uncoordinated, so it would be purely for fun. =o)

  8. I'm a height wimp so, the stratosphere thing does not interest me in the slightest--I'm also cheap so I especially like not spending over $100 to hurl myself into oblivion. I'm just proud of myself for going on an obstacle course with the girls on vacation that was supspended 20-40 feet in the air and one part of it was hanging out over a canyon. Yes, we were harnessed in, but I did not venture to the 40 foot level or over the canyon!

  9. Oh! and the breakfast quesadilla looks AWESOME even if I'm not a huge nutella fan!

  10. I can't say any "extreme" sports are appealing to me. When I was younger I always wanted to go bungee jumping, but the timing never worked out. Now that I'm older, I just am not interested in jumping off of a perfectly good bridge/platform/building/whatever.
    And paying for the privilege no less.

    I think kayaking would be a lot more fun for me at this stage.

  11. Friday morning I am getting up and shopping to replenish Mother Hubbard's cupboards. I'm buying tortillas (there are these great ones at a local store that are slightly smaller than average and lower cal than most), bananas and nutella. Oh, wait, I always buy those things anyways. Well, this time I'm putting them together :). I'm a wuss. I'll confess. Heights TERRIFY me at any weight and I will never be flinging myself off anything. White water adventure is about as daring as I'd like to be someday. River rafting or white water kayaking maybe. I'd like to learn how to ride a horse without giving it a swayback and maybe learn, late in life, how to steeple chase. That'd be cool. And, for me, extreme :).

  12. I'm a wuss and I'm completely okay with it!

  13. I am not one for extreme sports! Or, um, any sports. Unless that sport is skeeball.

    I want that quesadilla!

  14. GAH! I love Nutella crepes with strawberries, raspberries, and bananas, but they are a very once-in-a-while treat.

    I'd totally fling myself off the Stratosphere. In a hot second. That looks like fun. I'd also like to skydive, parasail, and go white water rafting. I'm an adrenalin junkie. ;) I love crazy big roller coasters too, so I'm pretty excited to get back down to my roller coaster riding weight.

  15. About the most "extreme" I might get is rock climbing or some serious rafting. Parasailing is on my list, but I don't much consider that extreme.

  16. I've done ziplines, and they are awesome! Have also climbed a climbing wall, though not a very high one, only 23 feet. I think I'd try just about anything that I could convince myself was actually safe despite the thrill factor--except roller coasters. Had a traumatic experience on one once and don't see myself ever wanting to do one again. I think the only thing age has to do with it is if one has become frail with it. As I'm still quite sturdy at 63, I'm game for adventure.


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