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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sharing the song, tracking and calorie burn

Obviously I don't have it in me for a catchy title today.  Sorry 'bout dat.

I have to get this out of the way.  I cannot get this song out of my head and now I want it in yours...

Jack Black sings Love Lifted Me  (listen at least to the chorus)

There...ear worm!  :-)

We rented Bernie (affiliate link)  the other night with no real expectation and hoping we weren't getting "trailer duped"  (a totally legit term, by the way) and it was better than we expected.  The townsfolk did a great job and I always like movies based off of true stories.  If you rent it, make sure you watch the credits.

I'm very proud of the Mr this week.  He's tracking his calories before he eats very faithfully.  (This has always been a problem spot for him. He usually eats then is like "oops!")  It's kind of forced me to plan dinners out for the week which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  It's making me want to flex my culinary muscles which isn't a bad thing.  Sadly, I tend to go in spurts where that's concerned but I think I'm on an upswing.

Last night was our kind of recovery workouts after 2 harder workouts this week.  Oh my Lord.  My shoulders are killing me!  We both wore our weighted vests and used weights while we did Walk Away the Pounds 3 Mile Walk by Leslie Sansone.  (affiliate link)  Of course had to turn her way down but I was kind of bummed about my calorie burn....only 650 calories when I burned 800 doing it 2 weeks ago.  I didn't think I gave it less effort, especially with the weighted vest on.  *stomps foot*

Do you ever get irritated when your calorie burn registers less than the effort you felt you put into a workout?

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  1. I spend as much time trying to think of a cute title as I do actually writing a blog.

    Don't share your earworms with me! I have enough to share in return!!

    Yes, I get irritated when I don't get the calorie burn I was hoping for. (Especially if I've worked up a good sweat.) And, like you, Leslie is done without sound because she's just too perky for me!! It's still a decent workout so I keep it in the rotation.

    Thanks for the tip on the movie. I don't watch a lot of movies but I will watch for this one.

  2. I too was frustrated with my calorie burn but then I realized it really is supposed to be a recovery workout so maybe the point wasn't to try to burn as much anyway, especially after the gruelling workout we had the day before - whew!

  3. Always! Of course, then I have to reevaluate whether I did push as hard that time as I did last time...and usually I realize I didn't.

    Like your Mr. said there, though...recovery workouts are supposed to be more relaxed, right? 600 burn is not something to scoff at. ;)

  4. Love lifted me, love lifted me. Thanks a lot for putting that ear worm in my head!

    I think burning 650 calories for walking 3 miles sounds great. Where did you buy your weighted vest? I have some hand weights that Leslie's empire sent me when I sent my weight loss story to their on-line newsletter. She also sent me a ton of DVD's and some tension bands. (Previously I did use a couple of her walking DVD's, when there was 6' of snow outside.) I may have to try this weighted vest thing with some of my new Leslie videos and see if I can't get some BIG calories burned too. I don't have anything that registers calorie burn however. What do you use? Is it a Garmin? My son has one of those, but not sure that they show calorie burn. That would be very interesting.

  5. I'm sure it will come as no surprise that I don't track my calorie burn. I tried a few times, early on, and never trusted the monitors. So I just go by feel. If my muscles are feeling quivery and burny, it's time to stretch it out and call it done. If I'm out for a walk or bike ride, I go for the 'can-I-talk-comfortably?' measurement. It works for me, so far.

  6. Never mind, I clicked on your links (DUH) and discovered the Timex T5H911 unisex digital fitness heart rate monitor watch that also measures calories burned. COOL! I may have to order me one of them!

  7. OMG...we went to see Bernie and the minute we got home my husband downloaded Love Lifted Me. So it is in my head all the time because he plays it all the time. Loved the movie.. love Jack Black

  8. Hey I do not not why but for the first time ever my comment showed up ...YAY

  9. Love lifted me...Love lifted meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I get more than a little irked when I look down at my HRM after a good hard work out and it's not in the ballpark of what I was thinking it should be. Then when you adjust it every 10 pounds or so for your weight, that drops it too, FRUSTRATING! Mine keeps flashing a low-battery light and it has to be sent in to be replaced and recalibrated, so when it's not up to snuff now, I just tell myself maybe the low battery isn't calculating like it should be! Deny, Deny, Deny!

  10. I don't ever keep track of workout calories! My hope is that then I'll end up losing more weight by not eating to make up for them, but that hasn't been going so well...

  11. I don't always know my calorie burn since I only occasionally wear the monitor with my garmin when I run, but I feel like I have to work so much harder to get my heart rate up. I think it's just harder the fitter you get to burn as much. I am constantly trying to do new things to confuse my body or whatever, but it's hard. So many things that were hard for me before barely cause me to break a sweat now. It's so crazy how your body changes.

  12. Well, thanks. My version of 'Love Lifted Me' is a much more sedate, Baptist hymnal version. Hope I don't break into this one next time the opportunity arises. Just kidding, I actually liked that chorus. I'm always surprised by how good Jack Black's voice is, even when he's trying to be silly, or creepy...whatever.

    Yeah, calorie burn. I don't know if anything's accurate, but I did manage my input/outgo better when I was still able to use my Bodybugg. It often showed far fewer calories than a chart, and sometimes it showed more. Pffft. Now I just go by how my clothes fit, but I think my dryer is shrinking them. ;) I saw a good one about calories the other day...they are the little creatures that hide in your closet and sew your clothes smaller at night.

  13. I hear ya on the calorie burn! Just recently we did some brutal hill repeats, that in reality probably weren't *that* brutal, but because of the heat and humidity, it sure FELT awful. My calorie burn - only 500 calories when I *felt* like it should have been at least 800! LOL Okay, I do realize I was way overrating the burn, but man, I wanted a super huge number to make up for the weather! :-)

  14. I struggle with the calories burned, too, when I feel like I'm working so hard. I'm at a sticking point right now where I cannot increase my walking speed any more than where I am at. It's like my legs can't stretch out and go any faster without tripping over my feet and looking like I'm running for the bathroom. That's why I like the DVD's at home because I'm doing other moves and burning good calories. My coordination is just horrendous! =o)


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