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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bar None

So yesterday was day one of cutting our bars from lunch.  It's 130 calories and 25g of carbs that we probably don't need.  We told ourselves when we hit a wall weight wise (or in our case repeatedly run into it until we're a limp heap in front of it), that these would be the first things we would begrudgingly cut.  Did I mention it tastes the best peanut butter cookie you've ever had in your life?  Like 300 calories less than if you got said cookie so how could he possibly have done anything wrong?  Look how lonely he looks...

I was pretty proud of myself because I forced myself to eat slow at lunch and when it was over, I was actually really full.  I thought "heck yeah baby, this is gonna be a piece of cake!"  Fast forward to 35 minutes into our workout and my knees began to get weak, my focus got well, a little less focused and I felt like I might drop if we didn't wrap it up soon.  I pushed through it but I needed to rest a bit afterward before I could finish my dinner prep and get cookin'.  I know this will be a tough week and it seems like I might pay for it during the time I need the most energy.  So we'll see how this shapes up for me energy wise.

Oh yeah, I'm on Facebook now.  I don't know what'll come of it but there ya have it.  I know, big incentive to like the page right?  HA!

Have you ever cut back on calories and had an adjustment period?

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  1. Hey

    Good going on going bar-free:P..

    I used to eat a lot of bars...but then just forgot them..I know weird..Once in a while I will eat a fiber one bar at work as we have them everywhere in the kitchens, break room:)

  2. weird my name didnt show up..its Manasa from

  3. Yes adjustment is hard. give it a week. if that doesn't work, try and find a low carb bar. they are hard to find but they are out there. good luck.

  4. It is going to be tough because I love my bars, they are one of the highlights of my mornings at work as sad as that is, lol. So far it hasn't been easy but I know I will eventually get used to it and it does help to see lower calories at the end of the day.

  5. Cutting out things we really like is hard. It sounds like there could definitely be some energy consequences later in the day. If that's the case maybe you could go with 1/2 a bar instead of a full bar for a while before cutting them entirely. I have a hard time cutting... well really anything if I'm totally honest. I'm just trying to eat less of everything right now, but eventually I will have to make some tough choices.

  6. Cutting out things especially things you look forward to, is hard. Really hard. I had to cut out my evening sugar free ice cream scoop after a while, and that was hard.

    You guys can overcome this hurdle though, and you'll look back and not even remember the last time you ate a silly bar.

  7. Sad little bar :( Hope that things start to get easier for you this week!

    I like that you are on facebook. I check in there and twitter way more and then I don't feel so lost without you :)

  8. When I've cut back on calories, the biggest adjustment I've noticed is I'll get headaches for that first week. Nothing super bad, but annoying all the same. Typically they go away after that first week, though.

  9. I've done both cutting of calories and raising of them with adjustments. As long as you can stick with the adjustment periods everything tends to turn out for the better. Good luck to you without your bars! It's hard to cut out something you so look forward to.

  10. I 'liked' your page on Facebook. Now I'm looking forward to your insightful and witty comments to brighten my day!

    Calorie cut back? Right now! Son has decided he wants to lose some weight and get a "woman." I'm all for that, so I'm going to join him in this journey and try to drop those 10 pounds I've put back on! He is the one who got me motivated to drop the last of my weight back in Jan. of 2011, when I was still 30-35 pounds from my goal. This is the point where I used to just give up in the past. But he started a Biggest Loser type challenge with me and his two brothers. He won--losing 50 lbs., but I won too, hitting my goal weight of 160 on April 15, 2011.

    So this time I'm embracing it once again. Gotta cut back on the calories, and UP the movement. I've been getting pretty lax on my walking, but this last week, I'm back at it with a vengeance. The weather has finally changed, the highs no more are in the 100's, so I have no more excuses. I actually lost more weight after hitting my goal, and for a while was weighing in the low 140's. Now it's more like the low 150's. So still below my goal, but not where I want to be. I WILL lose those 10 lbs., before it becomes 50 or 100, and you know how easily that can happen. LET's DO IT!

  11. I'll like your page as soon as Facebook lets me back on. Funny, the link took me there, but I got an error message about my connection when I tried to 'like' it. I had just been dumped off before coming to check my email. Hopefully they'll get it fixed before I start getting withdrawal symptoms, lol.

    Yep, I've had times when there were adjustment periods, times when I didn't. If I would just remember that the choices of what I do eat affect my appetite, too, then it wouldn't be so bad. I'm in the same boat as dupster, except that I hadn't reached goal weight when it started to creep up again. Right now I'm about 8 lbs heavier than my lowest weight since meeting you. That's gotta clothes are too tight!

  12. I think it's always going to be an adjustment after a major cut. Just make sure you're staying very well hydrated, particularly before the workouts, and don't push too hard during them, especially if you're feeling weak!

  13. I'm sorry you're having to give up your bars! Could you compromise and maybe have them once in a while as a treat? I find that all those bars are dangerous--they taste a little too good!


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