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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Dragon still lurks - Weigh In

Up 2.  Yeah.

So here are a few observations I made after I stopped beating my head against the wall.

1)  "Intuitive exercise" is utter BS for someone who is still trying to lose weight.  You maintenance people, have at it but nope, not for this lady and this week was proof of it.  I was at a 750 calorie deficit from my usual target burn of 4200 calories per week.  That really scared me and then I thought " your body. You were sweating up a storm, your body was done when you were, it's all good."  Apparently not.  It's a hard lesson to learn especially when you had a goal number in mind and all you needed was a 1 lb loss.

2)  Just because movie candy can fit into your calories doesn't mean you need it every week with crappy rentals.  New rule, we only get movie candy once a month so we will now look at the upcoming new release schedule, determine which movie is good enough for it and that will be that.  The other movie rentals will be the 110 calorie bag of TJ's lite kettle corn because at least it's got some fiber and schtuff.

3)  An old favorite during the week is being cut.  It's time.  You'll learn more about that this week.

4)  The plan to increase strength sessions to 3x week is going to have to come off the table right now.  My thumb sprain from 2 years ago has flared up with a vengeance the past 2 weeks (since 3x week became our attempted norm) and this morning it was particularly bad and it's had a full rest day where I thought it was actually doing better.  So for now, sticking with 2x week and free weights or Total Trainer only as the bands put more strain on the muscle than I can handle right now.  I'm already good about wearing the brace when I workout, I just need to remember to ice it consistently every day.

5)  I'm not gonna sweat this because I know we have a new plan and it wasn't fully formed until mid-week so I have some good hope for the week ahead!

I'll talk more about the new plan this week but those are a few nuggets o' info I'm busting out this gorgeous Saturday morning.  Off to the Farmers Market while I can still enjoy them!   If you're interested in the autographed cookbook giveaway, there's still time to enter, just click here and follow the steps for entry.

Oh yeah, I did a little header and background change.  Do you like?

What's on your agenda this weekend?

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  1. I think our tweaks are about to pay off, just not yet. I do believe that we are on the right track though and our dragons are going down!

  2. 'Intuitive exercise' for me would be to curl up in my easy chair with a good book...THAT won't work, lol. I sure hope the tweaks you are putting into place this time will move you off this plateau. You deserve to see that scale moving down. No one works harder at it than you guys.

  3. I like the new changes. This thing is just exhausting sometimes isn't it. I love that you never give in, you are always looking to fix it so you can keep goi g. You rock. Seriously.

  4. I like the new changes, looks sharp.

  5. Thinking of you!! Here's to tweaks; whatever it takes is worth it!! Sorry your thumb has flared up again, I think I told you my husband had that same injury and it really sucked for him as well. Keep going with the new regime as of mid-week. I know you will never give up/in/over!!

    (GO SAM GO!)
    Heading to NH to my sister's for a family party - this old gal is turning 5-0 tomorrow, and we're not talking Hawaii 5-0! (Speaking of Hawaii, a friend's daughter has taken up the ukulele and I was listening to Brother "IZ". I remembered your blog about the correct pronunciation!)

    Hang in! Hugs.

  6. I noticed the new header immediately. I love it!

    Sorry about your dragon. :(

  7. I'm still here===I think it's fabulous I noticed it right away! I am in planning mode myself with some major changes to deal with the life curveballs...and feel better already.

  8. I know you'll kick that dragon's ass! I'm a long time reader and I'm trying to slay my own dragon, so I kind of feel like we're doing it together. Good luck!!

  9. Sorry for the icky weigh-in!

    I've got tweaking to do myself to work around my wacky work schedule. I like the challenge of it all. I'm just weird that way, I guess. Or extremely bored. :)

  10. I like how you plan out things and analyze what is going right and what you feel is going wrong. That is really smart. It really sucks when you go up on the scale. It happens to me too. Sometimes even when I'm doing everything right. The scale and I have a love/hate relationship. But I know you'll slay the dragon!!


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