Thursday, November 9, 2017

Decluttering, bribery and cave dwelling

Is it Friday yet? 

You ever look around at the house and just think...


I love my house but every single room needs to be decluttered, deep cleaned and with the holidays spitting distance and some serious work I need to get done in the next 10 days, I'm feeling the rock of Gibraltar on my shoulders.  Obviously, I would never set fire to our house but damn, some days for a split second it seems way easier than all of the crap that needs to get done. 

I got some work done that took way longer than I wanted it to so the stuff I had planned didn't get done and is now moved to today.  I feel a twitch setting in...sigh and I hear the Mr going into the office which means he's strapping on that headset again.  Did I tell you he hit some breakables up there whilst swinging wildly?  He got a stern warning on that one.  Then he likes to bribe me by showing me things that will soften the irritation of listening to him sound like a loud, douchey neighbor in an overhead apartment.  "I know I just rolled on your head for an hour sounding like the house was going to implode, would you like to play fetch with a robot puppy and scratch his belly?"  Give me the controllers Wreck-it Ralph. 

Random thought:  We bought this place when we were 21 and 23 years old and money was super tight.  At the time, we couldn't afford the $45 rough-in in our living room and it's a mistake I regret every day.  What can I say, we were saving for a wedding in addition to our first home including furnishing it so every penny was accounted for.  I should've just asked someone if we could borrow the money and pay them back or I'm sure if I'd asked my Grandma, she would've said it could be a shower gift or something.  We have lights everywhere except overhead and getting a rough in now would be a major pain in the butt.  So if you're ever dirt poor and having a home built, beg someone for the rough in as a present or that you'll pay them back.  You will be sorry to skip it and you don't want to have to swag a light or run one of those lines from a wall to the middle of the ceiling.  I feel like I live in a cave especially since our windows face north and south.  *facepalm* 

It was cardio night and I was in the mood for a little Tae Bo.  I'm sure my ankle doesn't appreciate it but kiss my fat arse, ankle.  I know I probably have another month of pain before my butt muscles kick in and start doing their job.  I found my ribbed (for her pleasure) roller (affiliate link) in my nightstand drawer that my chiro recommended and it's been getting my shins pretty good.  I need to remember it for travel because the handles retract and it can serve the purpose of rolling the shins, foot and probably the calves too.  I'm going to make it a habit of rolling the shins when I get up and before bed even though I roll for 45 freaking minutes every night.  The muscles go through calf spasms sometimes too.  The other night, I just rolled my calves and flipped over to do the hip flexors and I'll be damned if that right calf didn't seize up on me.  For real, yo? 

I made dinner and since I need to start clearing out the freezer drawer to get ready for cookie dough, I got the salmon burgers out of there and some Brussels sprouts.  Ooh, Hall and Oates version of Jingle Bell Rock!!!  Sorry.  I'm like a dog with a squirrel. 

What is an investment you regret not making in your first home that laughed at you every day you lived there?

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  1. I remember the conversation when we just didn't have the money to get those rough-ins. I even considered asking my parents but at the time I think it was a pride thing. We were so proud that we were buying our first home entirely on our own and the idea of asking for help, even that small amount, was out of the question. I'm not sure we couldn't do something though now. Yeah it won't cost $45 but maybe we should get a lighting expert to give us ideas or something and see what it would cost. It's not like it wouldn't pay for itself in home value too.

  2. You guys just haven't had good luck with contractors have you?

    I was actually pretty lucky with this house, we spent almost 2 years looking at houses before we stumbled across this one. Everything else in our price range was a "fixer upper" and this one barely needed any work. We found out later that nothing is "square" and the previous owners did some wonky repair work - but everything does work. I do wish there was a second shower in the basement bathroom, but drainage would be a problem.

    The one thing I wish we hadn't skimped on is the shed. We had a shed built in the backyard and didn't have it wired for power. It would have meant more layers of red tape, and hiring an electrician, but I really wish we'd done it anyway.

    I love your picture today. I've had days like that. I can't say I've ever actually considered setting fire to my house, but I will admit that there have been times that I've thought if it happened, through no fault of my own, it would take a huge load off of me. But then I start thinking of the few irreplaceable things I have here.

  3. Closets. We don't have any. Zero. So storage is creative to say the least.

  4. Our house was 2 years old when we bought it 25 years ago. I would change 100s of things but the biggest one is a first floor laundry room. It's in the basement and I fear my old age and having to go downstairs to do laundry.

  5. There's very little I like about my house, even from day one. The hubs was very practical because we commuted with one car 120 a day, so being close to the interstate was important. Plus this house was 2 years old so there was nothing that needed replacing quickly, which could not have afforded. That being said, this was my least favorite of all the ones we looked at because I can't stand stairs. Every house I've ever lived in has had stairs and I want a ranch-style home (stairs to the basement is fine). My house would qualify for a tear-down I'm sure. Oh, and I just found out from surveyors in my yard yesterday that the cornfield areas are going to be developed next year. Great. Now I'll be living next to a commercial property which means trying to sell my house just became a damn near impossibility. I was soooo unhappy when I heard that. But the surveyors were super nice and having to shlep all over the fields in that bitter cold, poor fellas.

  6. "ribbed for her pleasure" cracked me up! LMAO! When we were buying a new light/ceiling fan for our living room--I saved up $20 a paycheck until I had $200. We shopping and I fell in LOVE with this Victorian one--but it was $260. I told my hubby that I was going to wait and save up more money b/c we were going to have to look at that ceiling fan/light for the rest of our lives and I'll always regret not getting the one I really want. The next day--my husband came home and he had bought me the ceiling fan/light I had wanted!!! (So sweet!) And I put my money in our "new washer & dryer fund." You're right--DON'T SETTLE; even if you have to wait. Always get the want you want because you'll be looking at it for a long time. Enjoying your blog! You're a hoot!


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