Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hump Day Rambles

Happy Hump Day everyone!

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I had on The China Syndrome (affiliate link) while I was doing some work.  It's so weird to see celebs at ages you don't know them from.  Like Michael Douglas had a beard and long hair and Jane Fonda still looked straight out of Barbarella but was only a year away from doing one of my favorite movies, 9 to 5. (affiliate link)   I remember when I was a kid (I was 6 when it came out) and the three ladies were back at Dorlee's place laughing and partying.  Then Judy (Jane) is laughing hysterically slapping the floor with her arm and leg and Dorlee (Dolly) is like "she's stoned!" and Judy says "Am I stoned!?"  I had no friggin clue what they were talking about but all I knew is when I got to work in an office one day, I would make good girlfriends like Dorlee and Violet (Lily Tomlin) and we would make ribs and get stoned.  #GoalsofAnOblivious6YearOld

I'm a little miffed that The Swiss Colony seems to have lost my address because usually mid-October I get a catalog.  It's one of those Christmas traditions and most years I don't order something so maybe they gave up on me because I haven't ordered a bacon cheddar tub o' cheese or English toffee.  (I think it's because the toffee wasn't as good last time.)  I actually put myself on their mailing list because for me there's just nothing like telling myself I'm going to treat myself to a Chris Mouse this year and then talk myself out of it once I see the price with shipping for chocolate I've never tasted. 

We did our strength workout and I made BBQ chicken, tater wedges and green beans for dinner.  I finished watching the damn Hallmark Christmas movie that roped me in, the rest of My Haunted House and then we settled in for This Is Us.  I think it's hilarious it's the only show the Mr will turn off the computer for.  I was happy to see the little life twist in there with the judges at the end because we haven't seen something like that since season one.  Remember when every episode had a twist or a twist of fate?  Those were the days.

I don't want to jinx myself but I think the old-cay is almost on-gay?  (Is that how pig latin works?!)  Fingers crossed!

What's a movie reference you didn't get as a kid that made you laugh at your naivety as an adult?

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  1. Happy hump day! I am almost over the old-cay too but cannot vouch for the pig latin since I just barely understood what you were talking about, lol.

    1. We've spoke pig Latin before and you looked at me like I had 4 teats when you proofread that. I'm going to blame it on end of old-cay haze.

  2. I think that's how pig latin works, but I was never fluent.

    I liked 9-5 too.

    There are so many movies and books that I watched/read as a kid/teenager that are whole different stories as an adult with more life experience. I wish I could think of an example off the top of my head, but of course I can't because that's how my brain works. I'll think of 10 examples when I get to work.

    1. Isn't it funny the things that flew right over our heads as kids and then you watch as an adult and you're like "holy crap! How did I miss that!?" You were 6, that's how. LOL If you think of any later, feel free to post 'em!

  3. If you are looking for your cold, I have it. You're welcome to take it back if you wish. Lord I hope it doesn't linger long but it feels like one of those that will sit on my head until TDay. GRRRR!

    Love 9 to 5. One of my faves and I SO didn't get all the references when I saw it as a kid. Forget the pot; how does a young kid translate the collar and chain get-up?!? I remember laughing at the garage door mechanism but I don't know where I thought the outfit came from. My Uncle had a really big dog, a doberman, so I probably figured they made that stuff in all sizes!!

    1. That's okay, I've had quite enough of mine but try the garlic clove thing. I know it sounds horrible but it coats your throat and is an expectorant. Things would get a little more "productive" for an hour or two after.

      I know!! "So that's what you're into S&M" "What's that?" "S&M, bondage!" "That's right, I'm into everything now and if I want to smoke pot or do M&M's, that's my business!" I still didn't know what bondage was. LOL All I knew is Dabney made me crack up when he'd go up to the ceiling. Hmm, I'm thinking it's time to watch it again! :D

  4. Since I'm not a movie gal, the only one that comes to mind is I was so surprised at Aladdin and the numerous "adult" comments that made no sense to me as a kid, but cracked me up once I got older.

    I haven't gotten my Swiss Colony either which is quite unusual. I've actually gone to the store there in WI, which isn't too far from me. The one thing I don't recommend is the petit fours-- they're just "meh", although some other things are quite tasty.


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