Friday, November 17, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week #46

Finally Friday!!  

It's been a busy week and probably a busy weekend ahead so let's just skip to my lou into...

Is Metabolic Damage A Real Thing?  (Interesting stuff)

A Pill to Make Exercise Obsolete  (Courtesy of the Mr...a bit long but still.)

Why I’m Digging Deep Into Alzheimer’s  (God bless this man!  This kind of massive funding could actually do some good toward a cure!)

3 Ways to Get Through the Holidays When You've Lost Someone Who Meant the World to You  (Good tips for those struggling.)

This Is What the Ultimate Recovery Day Should Look Like  (In case you need a timeline.)

Why the Potential Intermittent Fasting Benefits Might Not Be Worth the Risks  (A little dramatic with the title but worth the read.)

Otter babies are the cutest thing ever  (Squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This Grandma Accidentally Made an Inappropriate Shark Blanket for Her Grandson  (Almost wee'd myself laughing!)

Gwen Stefani's Sons Helped Blake Shelton Discover His Dad Instincts: 'It's Easy to Fall in Love with Those Kids'  (Aww, this is so sweet...and funny.)

I see a buttload of cleaning in our future.  Sigh.  So no real plans that I know of yet somehow I'm still glad it's the weekend.  What magical powers you possess, Saturday and Sunday.

You have anything magical planned for the weekend?

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  1. Happy Friday!
    Happy to say I have no plans, those weekends are the best for me! Have a great one!

  2. #46 eh? Wow. This year's an old geezer now for sure. But we have a holiday season to enjoy and it starts with a good house clean-up so that we can relax and enjoy it all before it passes us by again. Happy Friday everyone!

  3. Wonderful treasure of a video with your Grandma making her noodles! Love it. Can't wait to try the recipe. Have fun cleaning - that's what we are doing this weekend too. Yay.

  4. The only thing I have planned is a lunch date with one of my mom's friends tomorrow and hoping that I don't get stuck in the rain/snow mix because it's a little over 120 miles round trip. It's hormones-on-parade week so it's best if I avoid humans this weekend. =o)

  5. I'm totally making the pumpkin gingerbread. I'm addicted to all things ginger this year. PS I tried to post yesterday, but I guess I messed it up. If this is a duplicate, sorry :-)


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