Monday, November 6, 2017

Tis the Season

Happy Monday Y'all! 

Despite having a serious flare with the ankle and our colds still hanging on like we're paying it to for both of us, we made it out Saturday for a road trip.  I had some Christmas crap I wanted to stock up on (with no friggin clue where it's going to go) so we spent a good part of the day doing that.   We went to a restaurant that was supposed to have the "best burgers in the city"...well, that is debatable.  The Mr's burger was decent for him but mine was pure crap.  Not like I could taste a whole lot of it anyway but what I could taste was ca-ca.  In the middle of it, he looks at me and says "how does it feel to know you make the best burger ever?  If these people could taste your burgers, this place would go out of business."  I laughed but said, "yeah, I know but thank you."  My burgers are pretty dang good.  That's the problem when you cook and bake well, so many restaurants just fall flat and you think "Damn, I could've made that better." 

I have to warn you though, the jackals are out already.  I'm talking those stores were PACKED and Christmas stuff was totally picked over in the Target dollar spot.  If you've got Christmas shopping to do, try to fit it in on weeknights because the weekends are going to be crazy cakes and will get worse with each passing weekend. 

We came home and watched some college ball and had nose blowing contests.  (It was a draw.)

I went to bed with a bit of a migraine and didn't sleep well.  The whole crap about "gaining an extra hour of sleep" is BS.  Good luck trying to sleep with the room illuminated by the sun even on a rainy day.  I have eye shades but can never seem to stand to have them on my eyes so I just sit with the hamster wheel rolling.  Sigh.  So we were both up by 8-8:30am.  I still had a bit of a headache and we were both congested.  I think our bodies were trying to fight off all the creeping crud hacked our way while shopping the day before.  Seriously, how hard is it to cover your mouth when you cough!?  And if you're coughing so much that I know where you are in the store every second over the course of 45 minutes, you have no business being out leisure shopping and infecting everyone else.  Jerks.  Now I just have to pray we both don't get some other strain of hell floating around out there.  Jerks.  (For good measure.)  I made brunch, tasted about 50% of it and kicked a pebble in sadness.  I do notice that the days I don't chew a garlic clove before every meal, I backslide symptom wise.  I forgot on Friday (and thought I was almost over it in record time.)  Then Saturday, I felt a slight relapse and didn't want to do it that day since we were going to be out and about and the breath is pretty strong doing that.  But by Sunday, I felt like I had taken a huge leap backward so back to the garlic again.  I just chew it on the side of my mouth and swallow with cold water.  (Heat deactivates the allicin which is what works the magic and only appears when you crush or chew it.  I know hot water or tea probably isn't enough to do anything but if you're going to the trouble of chewing it, why risk it?)   So I know for sure around Christmas I will buy 2 sleeves of garlic, one for each of us...just in case.  I will say, if you have a sensitive stomach, make sure you take it with food.  Every time I've taken it on an empty stomach, I've felt like I was going to yarf immediately.  Food just made me feel nauseous and that's usually with the bigger pieces.

I was thinking about a great aunt and uncle that were my favorites as a kid the other day and I got word over the weekend, my uncle had passed away.  I think the last time I saw him was 1995 when I went on my last vacation with my mom before I got married.  I always smile when I think of him because he was such a sweet man and just so up for anything to make me smile when I was a kid.  Thanks, Uncle...I will miss you!

Ooh!  We rented Kidnap (affiliate link) with Halle Berry.  OMG, you guys!  Seriously, we had goosebumps and adrenaline from 4 minutes in until the end of the movie.  Holy poo cakes!  It was an amazing roller coaster of emotions and we recommend it 1000x over. 

I've got some work I need to get done this week and this cold needs to get a move on because I can't do voice work with it.  There's just enough left to be noticeable and clearing my throat on the regular is not appetizing.  I meant to get more done on the Christmas front but I didn't so I need to sit down and address Christmas cards and get to wrapping.  That will take a huge load off of my mind.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. yeah this is probably the longest I've had a regular cold. So done with it! I would do garlic again today but since I am off to work that wouldn't be a great idea. Maybe when I get home.

  2. I hit a few stores this weekend too and was surprised just how crowded they were. Even the grocery store early Saturday morning was busy, so I'm guessing people were starting to buy their Thanksgiving items. I didn't get to sleep in either as Frick and Frack had me up at 6:30 practically tapping their watches like, "tic toc, time's a wastin' lady!" I was beat by the time the evening came from doing house stuff, a trip to Sam's, and pounding the pavement with the pooches. I fell asleep somewhere between 7:30 - 8:00pm for a couple of hours, then was up for a few more before falling back asleep. Had an appt. this morning, then another grocery store to go to, and now I leave in an hour for a cat scan of my kidneys. Not worried about it (since that is SO not normal for me, watch something is found! LOL), but I can't eat or drink anything 3 hours prior and wouldn't you know it...I'm really really thirsty for water! Go figure. Ha!

  3. 2 things to share...
    My chiropractor told me that all you have to do is bite the garlic clove once to activate all of its goodness then swallow.

    Try Fermented Chlorella. I swear by it. I used to be a sudafed junkie if I had a cold, now I take Fermented Chlorella once or twice when I feel a cold coming on and it kicks it right out. If I don't take it right away and the cold seems to be taking hold, then I take it three times a day. I use Dr. Mercola's Fermented Chlorella...if you choose to try it, make sure you note that a serving size is 5 small pills.


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