Thursday, November 16, 2017

Progress and backing off

Guess what I started doing yesterday?

That's right, baby!  Finally, I can get some stuff off of my to-do list.  I only have two more people to wrap for and I'm done which feels like a hurdle even if I had to walk up, lay on my gut and slowly whip my legs over the top to get over it.   Kinda like this...


In looking around the house though, I have a ton more to do in addition to a poo-ton of work.  I would really like to make some headway today and tomorrow because I just don't want to take it into Thanksgiving week especially since we've got plans Monday so that day is out for getting anything done.

We did Walk Away the Pounds and I did my stretching, rolling and PT.  I've had to pull back on my weighted clamshells and go to banded ones.  I have this habit of when the next leg issue comes up, I go into rehab with both barrels and then try to weld an extra one on top of said barrels to try to speed up the recovery process.  Every single time I end up regretting it because I do more damage the first two weeks until my body yells at me so hard it says "back off, idiot...there's a process and it's called my time, not yours...even though I'm you so it's still your time but not really.  Never mind."

Then I made dinner of passion fruit glazed orange roughy and spinach carrot polenta.

We caught up on the DVR and watched This is Us, Bull, The Goldbergs and Kevin Probably Saves the World.  Damn, when I write it out like that, how did we have time to fit it in??  Oh yeah, fast forward.

Anyone started Christmas shopping/wrapping yet?

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  1. I'm just starting my Christmas lists. Have you tried any Norwex products? I'm giving a lot of those out.

  2. Knowing when to back off is just as important as knowing what to do. I think giving yourself a chance to recover more in between sessions should help a lot.

  3. Yes! I've almost got all of mine finished - need to start wrapping!

  4. Done and wrapped!

    My husband is starting. Which is super good. Used to be a day before kind of guy.

  5. Bhahaha! That dog is priceless! I loved him having to stop to scratch his he was winding up! I do have quite a bit of my shopping done and what's left will be easy to get. Mostly waiting for stuff to arrive from online ordering. But as for wrapping...ahem, no I have not begun. That would require a clean kitchen table, which hasn't been obtained since 2004 it would appear. LOL


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