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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Victory or Fail?

Thank you so much for your support yesterday.  I can't begin to tell you how hard it was to get through the day especially when I realized the Mr was ready for a cupcake bender as well.  That doesn't bode well when you've both got frosting on the brain.  You know how men are, they want to fix you so you're not sad anymore.  He said he didn't know what to do for me and said we could go get cupcakes because he wanted them too.  (Because in his mind cupcakes=happy wife)  I told him as I was eating breakfast "look, I need you to be strong for me and not offer me any damn cupcakes to make me happy.  I'm a grown friggin' woman and I don't need a cupcake to make me feel better.  I'm just going to have to get through this."  He thanked me for giving specific instructions and suggested we go putt putting so off we went.

A different kind of water hazard.

I'm pretty sure he's judging me.

The Mr putting his blue ball.

Photographic proof of my hole in one!

It never happened again.  :-(

This place has seen better days.  I know this looks "rustic" but trust me, it's an insurance company's worst nightmare.

Heh heh. 

We went to a specialty store after and I'm going to pretend that my nutmeg didn't expire in 2003 a long time ago.  You ever do that?  Like you think you've replaced a spice within the past year or two and it's been way longer?  
I got some rosemary too since I was almost out & it was "more herbs, less salt day."  (I can't make that stuff up!)

Then came the statement.  "We're going to the cupcake place we've been wanting to try and if they have mini's we'll get one or split one."  The Mr agreed.  Now many would consider this a fail.  Here's why I know it's not.

1)  It didn't come from an emotional place or a feeling I was trying to bury under icing.  I planned my calories for the day and they were WAY low.  I mean the kind of low that can screw up your metabolism based on my range.  I'd left 300 calories to play with.

2)  This was a place we genuinely wanted to try but are never on that side of town to justify it.  I passed about 50 different sweets in that specialty store from cakes to muffins to donuts to candy and none of it looked good.  If I wanted to go batchit on sweets I had ample opportunity which is how I knew my cupcake craving was no longer about an emotional need but we had the calories available and we decided to take them.

3)  These cupcakes were under 300 calories based on size and the ones I wanted would've easily been 2 of them at about 1500 calories.

I know this probably all sounds like justification but I think people who have used food in the past know the difference between having something because you want it and have the calories available and shoveling stuff in your pie cupcake hole because you don't like how your week is going.  They didn't have mini's but she was so happy to have customers, I couldn't walk out and the size of the cupcakes were slightly smaller than homemade.  I got vanilla and he got chocolate.  I took one bite and didn't care for it so I was going to throw it away and I gave it to him and he actually liked mine but not his.  He gave me half and I actually liked his over mine.  The lady was super nice (a cute little Asian lady and her adorable son who sat quietly reading his book)  and I don't think her business is doing too well so I know she really appreciated our business.  Well that and she said so and that she hoped to see us again.  I don't know that we'd need to go back but we will give her a good online review because I would love to see her succeed.

I ended up at 1823 calories for the day (my range is 1800-2200 calories) so I'd say being at the low end of my range along with burning 1040 calories in our circuit workout is pretty darn good.  (Actually working out with a low grade migraine to boot!)

Today is the service so we're on the road.  We're going to do everything we can to be good.  I have a pork roast in the crockpot so we can have sliders and brussels sprouts when we come home so it'll make it easier to turn down a calorie laden dinner.

Have you ever given in to a craving in a controlled manner to take away it's power over you?  When/if you mini golf, what color ball are you?

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  1. The place I mini-golfed as a kid only has florescent orange balls. So I guess I'm that. Given my choice though I'd be blue or green.

    I know that in the past when I was doing well with my diet (oops. I meant lifestyle change) I was able to postpone/control my cravings by saving enough calories for a treat at night. If I knew I was going to have ice cream, or a cappuccino, or a brownie... at night then I didn't need a cookie after lunch or a donut just because someone brought them to work.

  2. I know the feeling.. u did good..sometimes thet "cupcake" is no more an emotional filling but more like I want to try something..
    so good going on the workout and eating good and the fun outing..Mr. rocks:) and I know its easier to be specific with them..I tell hubby the same thing...I dont want u to bug me about something, he is happier to hear that and not say anything rather than bug me and I scream and he gets eyes..

    have a good day..


  3. I am so proud of you! Not that you need it. But I do understand too about how having a cupcake can still be a win! It is a choice, not a reaction and that is so different. I plan for my treats too (when I am eating well, and I am, thankfully--day 4!!) Sunday is my "off" day and I am planning for that as well. It's a winning situation for you! And might I just say that you and the Mr. are looking pretty darn skinny to me in your pictures!

  4. Proud, proud, proud, I yam, I yam, I yam. You are doing so great. You are recognizing the differences and making good, sane decisions. Yay! By the way, you're looking great! The scale may not be plummeting the way you wish, but there are definite results being shown (read: your ass looks great!) Have a great Thursday! I just had turkey bacon followed by some m&m's for breakfast after skipping my morning walk. Gonna have to KILL IT in spin class :) Toodles!

  5. Forgot to answer your question, but I've never golfed in any variety in my whole life. I'm not good with balls! ha!

  6. You look so skinny! Also, the Mr. has great legs. You can really tell you two have been hitting the weights and such.

    I always ask for purple, then blue, then red, depending on what colors they offer.

    It's completely okay to have a treat if it's within your calories. No guilt allowed. I always crave these little tortillas I make with just a tortilla shell and shredded cheese popped into the microwave to melt the cheese. Then I dip it in sour cream. I used to eat six of those as a SNACK, for a whopping calorie total of 1200. Now, if I'm craving them, I have two, and I use a very tiny amount of sour cream. It ends up around 300 calories, so it's either my dinner or a snack at the end of a calorie burn day.

  7. I prefer flourescent yellow if its available otherwise I go green. The more annoying the color the happier I am LOL.

    As for giving in to cravings, I usually do give in, but in small quantities. Then I don't feel deprived and can move on without dwelling on it.


  8. This post was so empowering to read! I was smiling the whole time. I am so impressed with you and the Mr in your way to own that craving and show it who's boss. It sounds like a super successful day. Congratulations.

  9. I haven't been mini-golfing in years, and don't even remember them having colored balls. If I had my choice, I'd go for purple or fuschia.

    GREAT job on the cupcakes! I'm lucky in that I don't really care much for cake or most candy (the exception being dark chocolate candy). Give me a bowl full of icing any time, lol. I AM a great believer in planning calories so as to enjoy my favorite foods often enough to not get cravings. Very similar, I think, to what you mean by giving in to them in a controlled way to take away their power. I know that when I get something I really like but don't eat often, holiday snack dips for example, I can easily fall into the bowl and snarl at anyone else who tries to get some. Oh--is THAT a craving? lol.

  10. A. You guys look great and I love the idea of putt putt for a date.
    B. I went on a cookie bender yesterday. My daughter was baking and I just could NOT stop eating them. FAIL!!
    C.I ALWAYS choose green for my golfing and my hubs always chooses fed. I like green, its calming.
    D. I support a small Mexican place here in my town because I want them to make it too so good for you for spreading the word..

  11. That's great! We are supposed to learn how to eat these amazing treats but in moderation and you did just that. No need to feel guilty at all :)

  12. Victory for sure. Keep it up. Psst, I know you dropped that red ball in the hole while standing right next to it and snapped a photo, but I won't tell! jk!! I like the pink ball if they have it.

  13. Love the open discussion of emotional want and simply a natural type of want. Knowing the difference is the hardest part and then not acting on the wrong kind of want. putt=a yellow ball and I have a natural affinity for hitting it into the water :/ lol. Glad you had a better day!! Hope the trip/ service go well.

  14. I think that's totally a victory! Whenever I have a bad day, my husband is always like, "You know what would make you feel better? Ice cream!" I love him, but man, that is the last thing I need to hear on a bad day. ;)

  15. That's a major win in my book, and putt-putt looks like it was a fun outing. Nothing wrong with having a treat when there's room in the calorie budget; there is a huge difference between giving in to an emotional craving and making a choice to include a goodie when there's room for it. I usually go for a green or blue ball when we do mini golf (which we haven't done in eons, not a lot of good places near us that I've found). You both are looking good, by the way!


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