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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reminding myself - Weigh In

...patience is a virtue, right?

Down 1.

I'm not going to say "only" a pound even though the work I did coupled with intense tracking would've warranted a 3 pound loss easily.  I'm not going to say I'm still up one from where I was before I gained last week's two.  Okay so maybe I just did.

The point is, it's only been a week since the implementation of the plan and since we all know it takes your body about 3 weeks to get used to a change like that (what a load of crap!  I mean come on bod, snap to it!) then I have 2 more weeks before I can officially declare it a flop and retweak for the 5000th time.  (For those new to the blog, yep, I've had medical tests done.  No thyroid issues or anything so medically I should be losing weight just fine.)

So instead of focusing on what went wrong this week, I'm going to focus on what I did right.

*  I considerably upped my water intake which is always difficult for me.

*  I was consistent on calorie cycling within my range to "keep the body guessing."

*  I didn't peek at the scale no matter how much I was tempted.

*  I created a goodly amount of new recipes this week that are going to be good additions to the rotation.

*  I wore my thumb brace every time I did strength oriented workouts.

Where I could improve.

*  Even though we planned our calories around it, we did sample a Halloween recipe I made as our snack one night and even though we didn't go over our calories, we probably should've had one less than we did.

*  My body paid the price for my overzealousness in wanting to hit it hard this week.  Just as I calorie cycle, I need to uh, exercycle?  I can't go full throttle workouts every day and do one lesser one thinking that'll give my body enough time to recover.

*  I MUST ice my thumb after every workout.  I will never heal up the sprain if I don't do this and while it's not throbbing today, one set of push ups could put me back at square one.

So there it is.

In better news, the Mr lost 2 and he slayed his number dragon. I'm going to hope with persistence, I can lose 2 next week and slay mine.

What did you do right last week that you're going to carry into next week?  Where could you improve?

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  1. Every little piece to the puzzle . . . .

    And thanks for reminding me about the water!! I do so well when I'm at work but when I'm at home, it's a different story. So before I even finished reading this, I went and filled up my water bottles for the day.

    Have a fun weekend!!

  2. I am proud of you especially with your improvement on water intake. I know.that is tough to get used to. We need to keep the new changes in place for now and see how we do for the 3 week adjustment period and go from there. I know we are so close to cracking the code now baby!

  3. Your water was up - mine was down. I'm not sure why, usually water is the easiest thing in the world for me but then I'll have these weird phases where I get up the next day and realize I only drank a tiny bit (or rarely none at all). Part of it was being back at work. I work in a different town and the water there is terrible so I have to take my water (3 32 oz bottles) with me and it's a pain and it's heavy. So this week I have to plan better, fill all 3 my bottles the night before, and actually drink it once I'm there.

    What I did well - even though my time is totally not my own any more I got in 5 workouts. Today is my rest day, and tomorrow I'm taking the little guy to the pool which may not sound like a workout but if it's not, then it's the most strenuous "non workout" I've got.

    I also need to meal plan better. We eat better when we have a plan, but for some reason the planning just defeats me.

    Congrats to the Mr. for his dragon slaying prowess, and I know that you'll get yours soon. It's just a sneaky little bugger.

  4. You are doing u take measurements? coz I wasnt losing pounds and my trainer measured and there was a substantial inch loss..

    take care

  5. From where I sit, I see victories all over the place. Well played!

    I not only "exercyle", I vary my intensity within the workout itself. I speed up, slow down, lift heavier, lift lighter, and so on. I mostly do that for fun, but I can't help but think it confuses my body a little too.

  6. Yay one pound! That's what I try to tell myself on 1 pound weeks and I try to do it sans sarcasm-lol. 1 should be the indicator that your new plans are going well. Fingers crossed that bod catches on and next week your work really pays off!! Ice, ice baby. Ear worm to help you remember to ice that thumb!! Here's to a great new week!!

  7. YAY!!! I totally see your point in being 'okay' with down 1 but "it could have been more". I say you get a A+++ for NOT peeking at the scale.... And congrats to the Mr. on his loss!!! I'm thrilled to see the 2 of you working together and supporting each other.

  8. Better down"only" a pound than up one. And hey, maybe you were retaining water or putting on muscle. The point is you're living healthfully.

  9. I like your excellent attitude! You laid out some positives and gave account for areas of improvement (and didn't call them negatives). Congrats on losing 1 lb!! It ALL counts! For me, I had a very good week of exercise and topped it off with helping a friend move this morning so it was two hours of hauling furniture, boxes, etc in 90+ degree heat, then took the pooches to the dog park for some serious play time, then went to the opening of the apple orchard and walked and walked. My legs currently feel like wet noodles, but I feel so good about it--it's like my body is telling me I was active and it's rewarding me with that contented feeling of muscle fatigue. I know I'll be paying the price for moving boxes though come tomorrow.... =o)

  10. Random thought - not related to today's post at all. I'm almost out of veggie spray and I don't want to buy more because it's way expensive. Do you make your own? and if so would you share your recipe?

    1. I found this link for one that sounds like a winner to me.

      I'm going to give it a try when mine runs out!

    2. That one sounds pretty similar to the ones I've seen online. I'll probably give it a shot when I run out of the store bought kind. I was just hoping to find one without fresh lemon juice so I don't have to store it in the refrigerator.

    3. Some say you can just use water and vinegar but I'm not willing to risk the stench sticking to the fruit/veggies. If you don't mind it, give it a try.

  11. OK, going to fill water bottles now. I swear it's easier to cut out 200 calories from my meager calorie budget than to remember to drink even 6 glasses.

    Just swooping by to catch up and say hi.

  12. What a great blog. Lots of useful info. I need to hit the gym hard and focus more on diet. Thanks for your inspiration!
    Stopping by from Thee Networking Blog Hop! Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can. I am hosting Mom's Monday Mingle tonight. Love for you to stop by and link up!


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