Friday, December 31, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #52

The last day of 2021.  I can't help but think about where we were a year ago today...Woodstock, VT.  We were in a nice little cabin on the outskirts of town and that evening when a drive to look at Christmas lights showed no one was on the streets, we decided to walk the deserted sidewalks.  It was quite possibly the best night of the year.  Sadly, the next day the Mr had a migraine so bad we had to cut some things short and he rested most of the day while we had a fire going, I read cozied under a blanket and we started watching The Affair for a mindless binge.  Not quite the kick off to 2021 we hoped for but it was a decent predictor of how the year would go for us.  😕

Remember when people (including myself) thought the cute meme to share was "what if 2020 was just a trailer for 2021?"  Laughter ensued because surely it wouldn't be worse than the year before.  


Now it seems 2022 is rolling up it's sleeves about to say 'hold my beer' so the Mr and I will just keep doing what we've been doing all along precaution wise and finding new ways to safely not lose our marbles.  😆

Enough of the introspection, let's get to...

How to Start Losing Weight When You Feel Completely Overwhelmed (Really good starter tips or 'getting back on track' tips!)

How Exercise Makes You Better at Life  (Pretty interesting study!)

13 Scientific (and Not So Scientific) Ways to Beat the Winter Blues  (For those who aren't winter lovers like me)

Just Say Yes  (Be like the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey which was pretty hilarious and some interesting stories to tell.)

We're spending tonight as we do every New Years Eve, which is re-reading December of our One Happy Year journals and some of the highlight reels from previous months in the year.  I think that project is especially important the past two years when every day seems the same and you can see there was joy even if it was small.  The Mr found some 1980's Dick Clark's so we'll watch that and celebrate ringing in 1981 or whatever year.  I am more than happy to be done with this year and I can only pray that personally it will be leaps and bounds better even if collectively it doesn't look much different.  Tomorrow we'll welcome the year Hawaiian style with kalua pork and cabbage (Brussels) and who knows what.

I thank you for sticking around when there isn't much to report about and I understand if you're starting a new year with knocking me off your to read list if you're doing a digital detox.  I've had to do it myself here and there and I understand its important to surround yourself with things that inspire you.  I've felt like I don't have much to offer the last few years with adventures a little more on hold and weight being fairly stable- which I hope to change this year.  I feel worse because I've had to switch from one ad company that put small potato bloggers like me at the bottom of their priority list and the very crappy income of $20/mo I could once rely on when first signing with them became $20 a year if I was lucky for several years now.  (That's what happens when you get bought out, apparently.)  So I apologize for the annoying ads that are more invasive now.  I CRINGE when I see them but I'm in the red and am hoping to be able to at least break even for costs.  I try to review the ads so that the skeeviest of them aren't here.   I won't know how it's going to pan out for a few months.  Should you choose to stick around, I hope we're able to do some things that'll be worth writing about and know that I appreciate it more than I could ever convey!  

The Mr and I wish all of you a safe, healthy, happy new year!

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Are you doing anything for NYE?  Any plans for the weekend?

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  1. LOL Don't Touch a Thing indeed! I really do have hope that this year can be so much better and we can see a new and improved reality on so many levels. Happy New Year everybody. Welcome 2022!

  2. We don't do anything for NYE and we pretty much keep to our regular routine. The hubs is so consistent with his sleep schedule that I enjoy the heck out of, which is probably why he gets solid sleep almost every night. I have no intention of staying up late and hopefully will get equally as good of sleep. I've had a cold the past week or so, but it's finally waning, so that should help. Our 2022 starts out with a winter storm, so we'll be in the house (in between taking the dogs before I go into work and we both work on Sunday. I have no expectations for 2022 because I can't wrap my mind around much past every 24 hours (bit of a time warp feeling), but I am very thankful and happy with how the last four months of this year have been for me personally. On a global front...not so much.
    Happiest of New Years to you and the Mr! May 2022 look nothing like 2021, but only in the very best ways!


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