Friday, December 10, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #49a

Y'all...somewhere in here, I messed up the numbers and despite having poured back through them, I don't see where the mistake was made.  So you get an addendum version of WIRTW and I'm just chalking it up to the joy that has been 2021. 

The weather here has been less than holiday-ish which seems to be par for the course the past 10 years.  We longingly look at the bursts of snow that Stowe VT gets and our hearts ache a little.  Unfortunately, they're going through a rough time on the Covid trail despite high vax rates so it wouldn't be super fun if we went there right now anyway.  *kicks pebble*  (Though I admit, Tuesday night we did get an expected dusting which warmed the cockles but that was a short lived treat.)

I got all of my gift baking done.  Cookies sent to my bestie last week.  Baked up cookies last Saturday and drop off on Sunday to my second boo then Monday I baked MIL's shortbread and snowballs and wrapped her turtles from the old hometown candy shop and mailed them out.  I also placed the order for my grandpa's wife's sugar free chocolates since so much has been getting screwed up with USPS on things I'm waiting for so I'm done.

Fun update:  In addition to the road construction that we still have 18 months of directly in front of our home, now in the back of it, the final field has been sold and bulldozing has begun for a multiuse retail building which we DON'T need and I don't see how they're going to fit four stores there. So a minimum of 18 months of just building the shell.  The incessant beeping, low level hum and now all of the trees they tore down leaving us completely exposed has wiped me out and it's only been four days at this point.  I can't even have peace in my own home.  So now I'm starting to look for long term rentals because I won't be able to take this continuously and I'm pretty sure the Mr can't either.  As a visual solution, we ordered a slider length custom cellular blind so that we can pull it down halfway to block out visions of dozers in my peripheral.  I considered fence extenders but we'd have to go through a big thing with the HOA and no thanks.  I was glad to grab the sale while it was going on.  I will hopefully help what's left of my sanity.


 But enough of our rapid descent into insanity, let's get to...

8 Toxic Patterns in Mother-Daughter Relationships  (Can definitely relate to some of these.  If you can too, I highly suggest this book which can be a wealth of great information in helping to get some answers.)

“I feel like a survivor”: Inside the funeral industry’s 2021 national convention  (I swear I expected to see pics of David, Nate and Bobo in this.  Six Feet Under fans might get a kick out of this but there's actually some insane stuff in the funeral industry coming!)

55 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas Anyone Can Pull Off  (I WANT to wrap like this but I know I never will.  I might save this for next year though because I've been wrapped for over 2 months.) 

“No, I Have Not Been Fired From ‘The Goldbergs’”: Jeff Garlin Responds to Talk of Misbehavior on Set (I was struck by this being the first REAL interview I've read in a long time.  The interviewer has a specific agenda and a celebrity is FINALLY standing up to say the parts they do and don't agree with and not going on some big apology tour.  It was nice to see for once regardless of my feelings on the subject. I hope what he said about this being the last season is true.  That show has been in the crapper more years than it's been good.  Sadly, it stopped being relevant after about 3 seasons.)

Holy crap, two weeks until Christmas Eve.  That's...sobering.  I suppose we've got some movies to watch, more lights to peep on a neighborhood run eventually when it's not 65 AND RAINING in December.  Not sure what else we might get into but I'm sure we'll think of something.  I guess we should start planning any kind of celebration for our 30 years together anniversary and if we want to do the same old for Christmas Eve or not food wise.  Not much time to put it off now.

Any merriment on tap for you this weekend?  

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  1. Wow, hard to believe we're actually 49a weeks into this year! Just kidding. But really, the year has been another doozie for sure and I really hope 2022 turns things around for all of us. But let's start with a great weekend and go from there!

  2. It was an extremely difficult week, but has gotten better by the day. I have some house stuff to do but I'm not knocking myself out like I did last weekend. Just doing a load of laundry to finish that chore up, making the hub's lunch for tomorrow, and getting in some napping this afternoon. The winds here are blowing at 50mph and it snowed this morning but is gone already. Southern IL had a tornado and part of an Amazon center building got destroyed. Wacky weather all over the place.
    Enjoy your weekend and get away from that noise and dust if you can!


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