Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Hump Day Poll: The Last of 2021

What were your best and worst times of 2021?

My best was our 25th wedding anniversary in May.  While it wasn't what I always envisioned because of Covid, it still turned out to be an amazing day and celebration of love which is all we could ask for anyway.  The worst being all of the health issues I had all year, some of them with no definitive answer.  I didn't think this year had the capacity to make 2020 look like a cakewalk yet it did.  In the end, I am grateful and happy to still be standing and looking forward to focusing inward as we try to make this year as good as we can given the state of everything else.


Second question after you answer the other, do you even like/pay attention to hump day polls?  I don't mind doing them but not if people are going to scroll past them in annoyance.

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  1. Best - Definitely 25th anniversary in May. We made the most with what we could do in a pandemic and it turned out great. Worst - no doubt the health issue roller coaster. I am not going to put pressure on 2022 to be great. Not making that mistake again. All 2022 has to do is be a bit better and that will be fine with me.
    Lastly, I like seeing the hump day polls so I say keep them coming!

  2. Probably the biggest worst (old job) and best (new job), but for the slow burn I would say the best has been the improvements in our relationship. We've put A LOT of work into our marriage this year and I am so proud of us.

  3. Boy, there was lots of good and too much bad, but I'd say the best was turning 50 and how special the hubs made that with writings and very special gifts that touched me deeply. Along with that are some solid changes I've incorporated since turning half a century old. The bad would have to be all the deaths of friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, either from Covid, cancers, or horrific tragedies.
    As for the hump day polls, I like 'em! I always enjoy seeing what each week will bring.

  4. Not gonna lie, have a hard time coming up with the best day or time this year. Can't wait for it to be over. I have to start Journaling again to capture the good things. I like the polls. Alot of times I tap out a long response and then it errors out and I cuss lol.
    Wishing you an awesome 2022!


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