Thursday, December 30, 2021

Impromptu Date Night

Workshop Wednesday is a weekly thing we do to work on our marriage.  We typically stick to questions, worksheets, YouTube videos, etc but sometimes you forget you just need to have a date.  So I planned to whisk the Mr away after our workout for a snuggly dinner at the state park up the road.

At home, I broke out the Boudin bread bowls I had frozen earlier in the day to thaw then after our workout, I browned them up in the oven.  I warmed up the clam chowder and put it in my bedside double insulated thermos after nuking it in the microwave.  I boiled up some water in the kettle and filled the big thermos with hot chocolate.  

I grabbed our ready made s'more bag in the basement and it was time to put our new extra long roasters to the test.

We also put my new little foldable grill through its paces.  Whenever we do s'mores we always have rock hard Hershey bars which is okay but we want it a little on the melty side and this was perfect to get a little gooey without being too messy while roasting our mallows.

Then it was time to kick back and warm our tootsies.

You might notice what looks like log tongs and that's because it is!  The best $14 I've ever spent!  As a granddaughter of a firefighter, I was taught all about how to tend a fire when I was 4 years old and using this is much easier than trying to find a strong enough stick.  It folds away small to be stored and I LOVE it because I'm a total nerd.

We had such a nice relaxing time out warming up with our activities while blowing breath smoke as the temps dropped a little.  

It was a wonderful way to spend a random Wednesday night!

What was your last impromptu date?

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  1. What a great way to spend the evening! So glad we were able to get out and get some fresh air while eating one of our favorite meals - and smores for dessert is always a treat!


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