Monday, December 6, 2021

Oopsie Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone!  Did you get into some holiday mischief this weekend?  I had a rough start to my Friday afternoon but as usual, I am always thankful for my two rocks to lean on.  Sadly, Saturday I was still in my head and I admit I was not full of the Christmas spirit.  That night I baked up some cookies for my friend that is his present.  

Sunday was time to make the cookie drop.  It was just going to be a pick up from our trunk while he made the swap of them for the Dee Gee's vinyl he got me back on Record Store Day.  He is super high risk so no hugs for us yet but you can bet when it's safe, I'm crackin' a rib on my homeboy!

Since we were about halfway there, we decided to go to my grandpa's cemetery and I put a little tree I got from Target in his vase.

It certainly wasn't worth $5 since it looked nothing like the picture but it'll work.  If I had it to do over again, I'd probably get this 3 pack that would come out to about the same price.  It looks like the base would fit in a grave vase. 

We got in almost 3 miles at the cemetery while I visited other family members.

It was certainly busier than usual but I assume others were doing what I did and getting their loved ones all gussied up for the holidays.  

We went for a drive in the country and enjoyed being out of the house for a little bit.  Then it was time to watch some Christmas movies like Scrooged and Home Alone.

I was obviously out of my head because I baked some of our Christmas cookies for Saturday (which happened to be National Cookie Day) and I was positive I sat out some snickerdoodle balls.  Nope, looked like only peanut butter balls that I still had to dip.  I decided to wait on those until Sunday with the movies.  I took a bite of the peanut butter ball and was like "why the hell does this taste like cinnamon??"  Yep...I dipped the unlabeled snickerdoodles in chocolate!  Oopsie!!  Oh well.  We grew up sneaking cookie dough and we're still alive to tell the tale.  

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Pretty good weekend overall. I love that shot of Scrooged playing and your popcorn in front - that pretty much sums up what I was glad we got to do this weekend. Christmas movies in full swing and bring on the cookies!

  2. I finally watched Scrooged for the first time either last year or the year before and thought it was hysterical. As you can see, I'm not exactly on top of things like this. ROFL Weekend was good -- busy and productive which lead to some calmness and glee for getting things done.


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