Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Hump Day Poll: Santa Paws

Do you buy gifts for your pet at the holidays?

We always did.  We put our girl's toys in her stocking that hung on the mantle.  Every year she got a new hoggie and would be so excited.  She also loved these treats and she would stick her head in the box and grab one of these which was hilarious.  We would buy my mom's dog treats for Christmas too.  She liked to "bury" her bones in a corner by nudging fake dirt over it.  It only took her twice to realize our dog could still see it and wait for her attention to be averted to go in for the sneak snatch. 

Man, I miss those two.

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  1. Dogs are the best. I do miss them both too but sure glad we had them around especially at the holidays.

  2. Yes. We will even wrap them. Usually it is some type of special treat, like homemade jerky, and a new toy.

  3. There have been many a year when the dog/dogs had more gifts to open than we did -- true story! LOL We wrap everything either in tissue or wrapping paper (no tape) and each dog always had their own way of "unwrapping", which was a hoot to watch. They all would tear at the paper and turn their head to spit it out and did that over and over until the toy and or treat was revealed. And then they'd go on to the next one! ROFL Our first dog would go find his gifts at Grandma's house and ours towards the back of the tree. So funny.


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