Tuesday, December 14, 2021

How I Get My Day Off on the Right Foot


The new year is coming and that's when you're going to get bombarded with all of the turning over a new leaf kind of crap that gets overwhelming.  You could pick up a new habit or two now to go into the new year with and wouldn't that be nice to feel like you have a jump on things?  I get on and off the habit train more than I should.  I have my periods of doing really well with something and then life gets in the way and a few days off becomes a few weeks.  I remember one year, I thought I had the whole water thing nailed finally...I didn't.  I wish I were one of those people who leaps out of bed ready to tackle the day and be productive but I haven't leapt out of bed in probably 10 years.  However, there are habits that I do now or have done in the past that always ensure I start my day off in a better mindset.  This list is somewhat to serve as a reminder to myself but since you're here, you might as well read along too.  😉


Apparently you lose about a pound of water every night through sweat, breathing, etc and you've likely gone 6-8 hours without drinking anything.  The first thing on your list should be hydrating and you can do that before you even get out of bed.  I have this water bottle on the nightstand that I refill every night so I can take my morning pill.  But if I chug 10x I can have a third of it down, wait 10 minutes and do it again then be done after a few chugs the third time.  It wakes up the digestive tract and gets you rehydrated for the day.  I always feel better when I do it and I have a head start on my water intake for the day.

Dry brushing

Something about whipping off some old cells and stimulating the lymph system says 'get up, fool!'  You should always use a natural bristle brush and there are a bazillion YouTube videos but this one is for medical and not vanity's sake and has the most information.

File dem feets!

I don't know about y'all but with all of the walking we've been doing and just exercise in general, my feet look like caveman feet.  Like I swear I look like I've crossed lava fields in Hawaii and sometimes they feel that way too.  A quick foot file on the bottom followed up by some urea cream will keep your feet feeling like a human being again.  (Plus using the cream every morning or night will mean you have to file less!  Bonus!)

(I hope you have a vacuum handy after dry brushing off and filing off your dead skin!)


Whether it's cold weather season when your skin is naturally drier or warmer months, moisturizing your skin is important.   If I want a light scent that isn't too overwhelming, this is my go to or if I need to keep it fragrance free, you can't go wrong here.  For those times when hand washing is making your knuckles red and cracked, I've always counted on Eucerin to help bring me back from the brink though it does take a bit to soak in so don't go typing or trying to use your phone anytime soon after applying.  (It's also a good one to apply to your feet before bed too and put on a pair of socks.)  Don't forget to apply a good moisturizer to your face after you splash some water on it.  This is one of my faves.

Listen to a fun, dancey song

I always forget just how much of a good mood this puts me in and I'll usually listen while doing the above.  Cloudspotter or You Should Be Dancin' by Foo Fighters?  Don't mind if I do!  If I'm feeling particularly crappy about myself, this cheesefest does the trick.  If I want something that'll make me move like I'm 20 years younger and regret it in several hours, this number makes me want to jump around.  Make a playlist of 31 of your favorites then you won't repeat for a month.

Get the blood pumping

I don't mean do your workout if morning workouts aren't your thing (raising hand) but do a compound movement for at least a minute.  For example, do speedbags or overhead reaches while marching in place or front kicks.  When your minute is up, do a few twists side to side so you can loosen up your back and hips for 30 seconds then spend 30 seconds touching your toes.  Don't force the move just let your body hang and you'll feel your muscles elongating under their own weight.  If you prefer, break out the yoga mat and get your sun salutations on.

Eat breakfast without screens

I try to make a point to eat breakfast without computer screens on and maybe put on some kind of jazz or soft music to just keep myself on an even keel.  Everything is so rushed and breakfast seems to be that one meal that I don't have much pressure on and I like to enjoy it with a nice cup of tea.  I know everything after that point will be more frazzled so I try to give myself that time before the day gets underway.   (I admit, if a new episode of House Hunters International (which should just be renamed to House Hunters Australia) is on, I might have it on in the background once or twice a week.  But I tend to find 83% of the people too annoying to listen to and fast forward to the recap at the end.)

How do you make sure your day gets off on the right foot?  Any morning rituals?

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  1. I must have needed this today because I did not get up on the right foot - waking up around 4:30 and then being restless enough to not get anymore sleep when I know the alarm is coming. I think I will do a couple of these things now just so I can try to turn things around. Have a great day everyone!

    1. Nothing like counting down to the alarm. *sigh* I'm assuming a nap will be in your future.

  2. I am NOT a morning person. So my morning routine consists mostly of me groaning and shuffling around like a zombie until it's time to leave for work. I do as much set up as I can the night before (shower, choose clothes, pack lunch, fill water bottles, etc) so I can do my morning with next to no effort. I check my email in case anything time sensitive has rolled in overnight and check in here most mornings. I listen to the news on the radio while I get ready so I at least know the headlines.

    1. Me either. Good on ya for getting yourself all ready to roll the night before so you make it easier on future you! Hope you're having a great school year so far!

  3. A House Hunters-type show I love is called Escape to the Country (if the English countryside appeals to you). It's not anywhere near as scripted and people are reasonable for the most part. There are lots of free episodes on YouTube!

    1. Annnnd now I'm hooked! (Had to find it on YouTube) I want a snug! Thanks so much for the tip!

    2. You're very welcome! If I ever get to travel to England again I have no idea how I will pack in aaaaalllll the counties I want to visit now thanks to this show.

  4. I'm not much of a morning person, so my weekday routine is fairly standard. Wake up, check the weather, grab a shower, get dressed for the day, walk the dog for a 1/2 hr, make breakfast, and go to work. If I am working from home then I will sit in a comfy chair, eat my breakfast, and enjoy a cup of tea while listening to a podcast. If I'm working in the office or on a construction site I'll eat my breakfast while driving and listening to the radio. By the time I'm finished my breakfast I am awake enough to start work. My weekends are a lot slower and less structured.

  5. With my goofy schedule my routine really depends on the day, so I'll stick to my days off when I have a normal schedule of being up early. I'm up between 6:30 - 7:30am those days (not always, but mostly) and do my stretches before I get out of bed, then it's brush my teeth read two 12-step daily books, and the Bible (either from a study I'm doing, or random versus from Scripture from looking it up in the back, such as "stress" or "anxiety", etc. Then take care of the pooches and get the day rolling. If I'm home by myself I like to get out the door early to get all my errands done before the rest of the world goes out there. My record to date is from about 4 years ago when I went to 10 different places and was home by 10:05am on a Saturday. =o) Nothing makes me happier when I can walk through the door knowing I'm done with humanity and still have the entire day ahead of me. Such a people-person, aren't it? LOL


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