Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Better Late Than Never Thanksgiving Weekend Recap


Happy December everyone!  I already had my rad butt posts scheduled so I couldn't do a proper weekend recap until today.  The Mr and I had a good Thanksgiving.  We started the day with a slice of light pumpkin pie and then walked at the park until we hit enough to burn it and a little more off.  
It was a nice way to start the day.  Despite having many things pre-made, it still took an hour before we could start enjoying the eats at 1pm.  I have given up on being able to do Grandma's noodles properly.  I think I'm going to have to learn to work the pasta machine I bought a year ago and run it through the fettuccini setting because they always look like an octopus trying to escape a pot.  I under seasoned the stuffing too which I just kind of threw up my hands and said 'oh well.' We had a goodly amount of leftovers for some college ball on Saturday.  

The Mr was kind enough to get the local paper with ads both Wednesday and Thursday but sadly, our lifelong tradition (which was already being abandoned by the fam) of looking at tons of ads for Black Friday is probably over with.  No ads from Best Buy or Target or any of the bigger stores.  I know they have online ads but that's not the same.  Just like some people still like the feel of a real book, some of us want real ads to thumb through.  So we enjoyed what will likely be our last pawing of the Black Friday ads.

Friday my friend was in town so we masked up and gabbed for two hours just us girls.  Not that I don't like her husband but it was nice to have it be us with such limited time.  We lucked out and there were flurries and now that she lives in a warm climate, it was a treat for her to see and you know it's always a treat for me!  I made up a little 'mini bar' bag for them to raid at the hotel which I'm told they both loved.  Our original plans (that I thought we had with her and her hubby) of going to a park and doing s'mores wasn't going to go to waste.  

After the Mr got off work, we headed to the park to go on a hike...

...and when we were done we found an available shelter with a fireplace and broke out the s'mores and diet hot cocoa.  

I grabbed some cushions and a blanket and we were there about 2 1/2 hours until there was nothing but ashes left.  I was quite the happy girl.  

To continue my happiness, the new old blow mold candles I bought on Ebay were lit up when we arrived home and we love them!

We were chilled to the bone though and had the fireplace on until it got to be about 82 degrees and some hot tea to thaw our niblets.

Saturday we both had some congestion that we are pretty certain was breathing in campfire smoke for 2+ hours.  I also need to deep clean the bedroom because it's dusty in there (guess who has a dust allergy) with zero motivation to do it.  So I feel like my turbinate's are constantly swollen and I'm anxiously awaiting this purchase to help.  We already use the regular version for preventatives but sometimes you have to break out the big guns when your usual suspects aren't helping.  We dug into leftovers and the Mr watched his football.  

We began Sunday with our new tradition, Dexter New Blood.  Anyone else watching?  Anyone else kind of unimpressed with the first three episodes?  Sigh.  I know they need to establish characters but it's hard to care about anyone more than those from the old series.  Thankfully, the fourth episode stepped it up a little so hang in there.  I think it's pretty obvious where it's going to go but it'll be interesting to see how they get there.  Just an FYI, they post it up for viewing at 12:01am Sundays.

I made brunch of eggs, kielbasa, toast and root veggie latkes.  I ordered flowers for Grandma's grave from Michaels and of course two of the ones I ordered were out of stock (which were on a short list of the few things they DID have in stock) so I wasn't super happy about that.  Grandma just has a sad looking poinsettia bush with no greenery but everyone is out of stock everywhere.  I apologized for it and told her I missed her noodles because mine sucked (insert what you know I said here.)   Then we walked the cemetery for 2 1/2 miles in the whipping wind and 40 degrees which felt more like 30.  So began the whole warm up process when we got home and I had stuff to do in the kitchen.  That evening, it was time to truly kick off the Christmas season by watching our favorite version of A Christmas Carol with some hot cocoa, the fireplace on and the tree plugged in.

That about wraps up our Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a great one with equal amounts of chilling and productivity and being properly carbo loaded in case I had to run a marathon on the fly.

How was your holiday weekend?  

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  1. It was an awesome holiday and weekend and I'm glad we got out and enjoyed nature too! The food was awesome as always too and I thank you for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. It was pretty ho-hum, but in a good way for me. Usual routine sprinkled with a nice drive to the country apple orchard with the hubs and watched some shows together before the work week began again.


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