Friday, December 24, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #51

Happy Christmas Eve!  It's my favorite day of the year.  I'm sure many of you aren't swinging by here but in case you are, wishing you a very Merry Christmas regardless of how and who you're spending it with!  Yesterday was our 30 year "I love you" anniversary.  (He said it first...yeah, girl!)  Funny how that feels like a different life.  We've often discussed after 20, it's like every 10 years is a new life or at least feels like it.  

Let's hop right into...

How Tea & Coffee Affect Iron Absorption, From A Nutritionist  (Very interesting stuff for those of us who need a little liquid octane!)

4 Growing Pains All Men Should Know About (A little disappointed it didn't mention at what age should I expect the yelp when the Mr's berries hit the toilet water?)

5 Sweet Gestures That Make Your Partner Feel Exceptionally Loved  (Great suggestions!  I'm especially wooed by the picnic)

25 Things You Need to Do When You Move Into Your New Home  (Uhh, change the locks should be the first thing.  Like you should have a locksmith doing that while you're closing and hand you your new new keys when you show up!)

The Dark Side of Nostalgia (Sorry but especially right now, I'll live in my rose colored past of days that brought me joy than this sh*tshow we're living through right now.  Bring on the nostalgia.  The TRULY sad part is when this time will be looked at as 'the good ol' days' from some people.)

How A Christmas Carol Became a Classic  (Glad to see they included Scrooged)

Tonight we'll make some appetizers and open presents from my mom.  We plan on trying to stretch out Christmas Day as long as possible and I'm hoping we can do that.  I also hope the tradition of cinnamon rolls for breakfast isn't ruined by getting them from a new bakery.  Fingers crossed!  We'll have Grandma's beef and noodles for dinner...I hope I remember to make the noodles!  One last go before I throw in the towel.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy time with those you choose to be around and keep each other safe.  Big hugs to you all and hoping Santa brings you all you want and more even if that's just a day in your PJ's with a cup of cocoa and a good book or binging a mindless series.

How are you celebrating this weekend?

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  1. Merry Christmas Anele and the Mr!
    I have my kids here for a week so I'm excited. It will be movies and boardgames and snacking and escape rooms and gifts and Euchre and pupper walks.
    Happy ily anniversary! Enjoy your Christmas 🎄

    1. Merry Christmas Dawn! It sounds like you have a wonderful time with family planned and I couldn't help but smile at the mention of euchre as it was my grandma's favorite and she took it very seriously. 😆 Give those puppers a belly rub for me!

  2. Well I certainly didn't expect to tear up this morning but that did it! 😂 Thank you so much for the kind words especially when I doubt anyone reads and what do I have to offer? I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for the uplifting sentiment! ❤️

  3. Yes I said "I Love You" first 30 years ago and am reminded all the time that my feelings were right! I couldn't have chosen a better person to spend my life with 30 years ago and I am in it for however many more we are lucky to have together from here on out too! Merry Christmas everyone!!

    1. Thanks hon! I am so happy we have made it this far despite some thinking we'd never last 6 months back in the day! Here's to 30+ more! I love you more every day!

  4. We did grocery shopping early so I could visit someone in a nursing home and that was a very nice visit. Drove to a friend's house to drop off presents in her mailbox, and now I'm home for the day -yay! Dinner is ready to go and all I have left is one load of laundry. We'll enjoy a relaxing day tomorrow before I nap and go to work tomorrow night. It was nice to leave the Christmas tree on that past two nights as we slept so I'll be spending my time late tonight praying for some people going through terrible stuff right now and will have those lights to soothe some of the angst.
    Have a wonderful holiday celebration and I hope the cinnamon rolls and noodles turn out great!

    1. There's nothing like napping by the light of the tree. It sounds like you're ready to have a relaxing Christmas with your sweetie and I'm sure those people appreciate your prayers. Let me know if you need to talk. Merry Christmas 🎄


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