Monday, June 29, 2015

Scouting new places and a last minute calorie burner

I'm sitting here totally crapped out from my workout last night and I can't even recall what we did Saturday.  Let me ask the Mr.  We grabbed lunch and came back to the house.  The Mr wanted to go to look at a camera we're considering at Best Buy but of course they didn't have it in stock there.  I hate going there.  If they supposedly don't work off of commission then why do they feel like the equivalent of a car lot?  They stalk you at every turn.  LET ME LOOK AT MY LEISURE!

Then off to World Market.  They're having a pretty good sale on the Hawaiian stuff for the summer and if I hadn't already stocked up on the Hawaiian Sun juice, I would've bought more.  Then over to Trader Joe's and Target for groceries.  We had dinner and binge watched Celebrity Mole - Hawaii(affiliate link)  What can I say, I miss the place.  

Woke up Sunday and made a nice brunch of an omelet, homemade hash browns, bacon, toast and a side of fruit.  I knew we'd be skipping lunch so I wanted to fuel up.  When we were out, we stopped for a small cone at DQ and you never know what you'll see in your side view mirror...

We decided to scout out some places to launch the yak/board around town.  We came across this river.

But something tells me launching from this particular spot would be gross.

We had more grocery shopping to finish up so off to a store in the city where I like to buy my cage free/no antibiotic eggs for a decent price.  I'm amazed at how clear the whites are and how much more yellow the yolks are.  That wasn't all I picked up though.  I was seduced by apricot fig chicken sausage, $4.99 ground chicken breast meat, fresh made mozzarella and maple turkey lunch meat.  I'll be using those all very soon.  I saw a sale on my Andalou Naturals night cream I've been wanting so I snatched that, put it back, snatched it, put it back and the Mr grabbed it.  

Ooh!  New Sensation by INXS is on!  "Live baby live now that the day is oh-vah!"  Oops, sorry.

So when we were done, the Mr asked what I wanted to do for a workout and I said let's go paddling.  I'd checked the radar, no rain, it was 72 degrees and 6mph winds.  So he went to work on a new video while I got dinner together.  Afterward, it was time for a sunset paddle.

We were packing up the car at 9pm!

Now I can barely lift my arms 1535 calories later.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. What a great paddle last night. I am feeling it but so worth it! That was the perfect temp and the perfect evening for it. Thanks for a great workout!

    1. It was. No one on the water but a few fisherman dotting some coves but they didn't bother me any. It was quite relaxing, until it was time to race the sun. Holy chit I haven't been this sore in a while. I hope this headache goes away and isn't a regular part of paddling. That pain goes straight up my neck. Oy!

  2. Sounds like a very busy, productive, tiring, but fun weekend for you! Mine was very low-key as I was recovering from the previous weekend's festivities. I had more energy yesterday and did more cleaning than I had planned and managed to strip the bed and take care of all the linens and laundry all except one load which I'll do tonight. I finished up a wonderful book and went to bed early because I had to work from 6am-4pm today, so up and at 'em at 4:30am. Tonight it's American Ninja Warrior, a simple dinner (I'll have to grocery shop --didn't have it in me to brave the public this weekend), and bed early again. Tomorrow is a shorter day for me a little bit, so I'll have more oomph. But I'm still tackling that load of laundry tonight no matter what. =o)

    1. Low key is good especially after all you did last weekend! Enjoy (in the announcer voice)...American Ninja WARRIORRRRR

  3. I wish we had a World Market near us. So many neat things!!! Your weekend sounds just like mine & my Mr.! :)

    1. Aww man, I wish you did too! I love that place. Great minds have the same great weekends! ;-)

  4. My folks brought the boy home from a visit on Friday, and then stayed and helped scrub and paint the walls in the kitchen. Then Saturday was the boy's birthday party and Sunday was as many chores as I could manage with the house torn up. A pretty good and productive weekend.


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