Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No excuse

Sorry for my absence and tardiness.  I thought of all kinds of excuses I could make up but I'll be honest, I was having motivation problems.

Movin' on.

The weekend was busy.  We drove all over town a few times.  I got my tea savior from Amazon.

I have a bazillion different teas and the boxes were getting ridiculous so I thought I'd get them organized.  Don't worry the ones that are loose are in a baggie so they don't get that nice bamboo infusion in the taste.

I was quite shocked to see this stuff out at Hobby Lobby.

I get having picks, floral stuff and ribbons out for crafters to get a head start on but decor??  I don't know anyone particularly chomping at the bit to buy a "Happy Harvest" wall art 5 months ahead of time but to each their own.

I did my first attempt at shrimp and grits Sunday for brunch.  They turned out pretty good.

I also tried my hand at fried chicken that night and that did not go as well.  It seriously depressed me.  I know that sounds silly but I'm not used to failing in the kitchen on something that is supposed to be so easy so I took the depression into the next day with me.  I have read online some things I can improve and will try again before the end of the summer.

If you followed me on Instagram, you may remember this tea light that was in our Savannah bedroom.

Every morning at 7:15am, the sun would hit it just right and it would sparkle against the wall.  Well I decided to see if someone was randomly selling one on Ebay because Pottery Barn doesn't make it anymore.  Low and behold they were and for about 55% less than PB sold it for.  I got it yesterday and because I'm me, it arrived with one of the danglies broken.  It was through no fault of the woman selling it because she wrapped it really well, the thin metal holding them just couldn't seem to hold up to transport.  Luckily the Mr was able to solder it and we'll just have to hope it holds up.  I know the sun will never hit mine the way it did in Savannah but it makes it feel like we have a little piece of that beautiful home in ours now.

I suggested the Mr take yesterday off so we could go to the zoo for our workout.  It was supposed to be 70 and sunny when I made the suggestion.  Fast forward to yesterday and it was 56 and sprinkled the whole time.  I was still in my fried chicken depression so I wasn't good company initially.  I told him he should've just gone to work.  We packed our lunches to eat so we wouldn't be tempted to eat crap while we were there.  Too bad I didn't have that mindset later in the day.

I suppose I feel like a failure too because I'm having trouble making good decisions.  We split Twizzlers at a movie last night (at my suggestion) and my water was like 16 oz.  Didn't hit a single water goal over the weekend either.  I'm just having a hard time getting back into the pre-vacation groove.

So, I'm sorry for flaking out the past two days.  No excuse for it.  Sigh.  I'd say bear with me but understand if you don't really care to.

You ever feel like a dark cloud of crap (big or small) just hangs over you sometimes?

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  1. I've got a couple big old clouds hanging over me. I could blame it for my regain but I won't. I know whose fault that is--just me. Everyday is a chance to start again.

  2. I still enjoyed my day off despite the cold rain. I need to get my water up again too. Need to kick it into a gear here and get that weight train rolling again.

  3. That cloud rolls over all of us sometimes. Any day at the zoo, no matter the temperature or precipitation, is better than a day at work. I'm sure your Mr. would agree that the day spent there with you was well worth taking a day off from work. I'm used to being a disaster in the kitchen, so if you want to blame your fried chicken fiasco on me, go ahead. I'll be having fiascos of my own soon enough. I'll be trying home-made tortillas and green chile for the first time soon. I'm craving both, but I've never made either myself before.

  4. No apologies necessary!! I cannot make fried chicken either. My mom makes it and it's delicious and her recipe is so easy. I try it and the coating falls off and it doesn't taste right. I ate shrimp and grits for the first time on vacation a couple of weeks ago. They were so good!!

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with tea issues! Dang "Republic of Tea" catalog is so tempting! I always want to order from them but have to rein myself in. I hope you're having a better day today....sending you sunshiney thoughts. :)

  5. Black clouds have been my life lately, so I understand where you are coming from. It's very difficult to "start again" even if it's only been a few days. My commitment to self-care is terrible when I'm in a funk. We know the feelings will pass and feelings aren't facts, but it still sucks when you're caught in the middle of it. I keep telling myself to give time, time.

  6. I'm from New Orleans where shrimp is kind of a staple and I had not had shrimp and grits until about a year ago. I'm not nuts about the texture duo but it was tasty. This is exactly the place to tell you but I'm not sure how else to get this news to you. My mother-in-law's struggle with the monster called Alzheimer's ended Sunday morning. It was a merciful death and while we miss her terribly, we are so thankful she did not tarry longer in her suffering. --Missy


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