Friday, June 19, 2015

Weather weirdness and what I'm reading this week

It's Friday all!  *virtual high five*

It's been a hot, rainy week.  Does anyone else have meteorologists that can't seem to find their butts with both hands?  Our forecasts seem to change every four hours.  I swear I think they say 50% chance of rain just to cover their asses.  

But enough about our incompetent weathermen, let's get to...

The Right and Wrong Way to Eat Chia Seeds  (I now make sure I gel up the seeds with water before I eat them.  I used to do chia shots dry with a water chaser.  No more)

5 ways to kill your oven  (Good to know and a reminder that my oven looks like hell and I should do something about that)

8 Things That Happen When You Finally Stop Drinking Diet Soda  (WOW!)

17 Stores That Let You Return Used Items for a Full Refund  (Excellent!  I can vouch that Trader Joe's will actually take back an empty box if you didn't like something.  Done it and was encouraged to by their employees!)

8 Common House Cleaning Myths  (Well, I'll be a monkey's aunt!)

10 Tips That Will Extend the Life of Your Appliances  (They're investments...keep 'em hummin'!)

This Is Why You Wake Up Completely Exhausted   (1 and 2 right here)

Smash Mouth Singer Freaks Out When Food Fest Crowd Won’t Stop Throwing Bread At Him   (Throwing anything at a performer is just plain disrespectful.  People...bread is delicious.  Free bread is downright catnip to the tastebuds.  Keep it to yourselves)

Goodbye to Trans Fats: The FDA Sets New Ban on Partially Hydrogenated Oils   (Every little bit helps!)

Extremely Drunk Groom Attempts to Remove New Wife's Garter and It Does Not Go Well  (I hope she gave that a-hole the beat down of his life.  This is NOT the way to start out a marriage and while I know my Mr wouldn't have done this, it just proves we made the right choice not having alcohol at our wedding)

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) updates his condition   (As if I needed another reason to love that man anymore)

Airport staff take kid's lost stuffed animal on a cute adventure  (This kid will have this for the rest of his life.  A reminder there are still awesome, thoughtful people out there)

The Rock Shows How To Hit Someone’s Car, Nicely  (He can side swipe me anytime)

9 Outdated Items We Wish Would Make a Comeback  (I want the rotary phone back.  Not only does it force you to slow down but there is something zen about listening to the sound as you dial.  The longer the number, the better)

The 10 Features You Won't Find in a New Home  (I'm sorry but I still want a sunroom)

Start Dropping Pounds Today With These 100 Quick Weight-Loss Tips  (Good tweak suggestions!)

8 Bad Habits That Could Burn Your House Down  (Follow these tips please!  It still amazes me that people do not clean the lint trap after every load)

Arnold Scares Fans...for charity  (This is great!)

Help save this woman's life   (Even if you are unable to give, please share the link and help give Diane a second chance at a fully mobile life)

19 Things You Didn't Know About Chip and Joanna Gaines  (I love these two.  I love seeing a married couple interact this way and show people that you really can be married to your best friend like I am)

I'm going to get my black beans cooking today.  I've been hankering for some chili.  I know...chili in 90 degree heat but it is just so good, I cannot help myself!  I also want bean and cheese burritos and sweet corn, bean salad.  I must need either protein or fiber or both.

Do you have plans for the weekend?  What's your weather been like this week?

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  1. The weather has been ridiculously crazy so far and I wouldn't want to be a weatherman because they have no ability whatsoever to predict anything when you have these strange patterns. Just gotta try to get out and do what you can and hope you don't get caught out in some bad stuff.


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