Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beat up

Good God man, I am off my game this week!  I thought I did a post for today but last night about 12:30am I realized I hadn't.  Oops!

I am feeling like a mac truck hit me this morning.  We did Tae Bo last night, yes that Tae Bo.  We went old school, yo.  We both were completely floored by how much effort it took, how much it kicked our butts and how completely beat we felt the rest of the night

Luckily I got some yummy sustenance prepared for us afterward in the form of whole wheat spaghetti/zucchini hybrid with a slice of lowfat bread with roasted garlic.

I added a 1/4 cup of fat free ricotta to the sauce for a little more protein to help our muscles recover but it didn't do much according to how I feel this morning.  I guess we're going to have to go a little easier tonight.  Maybe yoga or something so we can let our bodies heal a little bit.  It's been a harder exercise week on the joints for some reason.

There is so much to get done and just no motivation to do it.  I'm surrounded by a house that needs decluttered and no idea where to start.  I guess it's time to tackle the closets soon.  We have stuff on the main floor that needs a home and nowhere to put it without having it out for all to see.  I need to go through my basket in the armoire and throw out the zillion cans of mousse that are various stages of disappointing.  I've found the thing (affiliate link)  that works for my naturally curly hair and don't need the graveyard of hair products in there anymore.  I might just sell a few in a garage sale we claim we're having since they're higher end and almost full.  Sigh.

Welp, hope everyone has a great day!  Happy Almost Friday!

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  1. Yeah I am a lot more beat up than I even realized. Yoga sounds like a good option today. It is hard to get motivated to clean up the house and it's probably because the house is so cluttered. One of those vicious circle type of problems.

  2. If your garage sale falls through, I wonder if there's a place you could donate your hair products? We have a food bank in town that also takes random hygiene products for distribution when people are displaced from their homes.

    I have to get to decluttering here too. It's crazy how much junk I have, and this summer I've got to pare it down. I keep saying I'm going to start in the kitchen tomorrow, and then not doing it. It's just so overwhelming, but I have limited time so I need to get to it.


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