Monday, June 22, 2015

A little road trippin' and kebobs

Good Monday morning all.

There was all kinds of madness going on this weekend in town so I decided the best way to avoid it was to get out of town.  I have this folder of bookmarked roadside attractions that I keep adding to and rarely execute.  I decided to check the weather and see what looked dry and hop in the family truckster early in the morn.

Here's where our GPS took us.

That would be Dave Grohl Alley in his hometown of Warren, Ohio!  Those are the world's largest drumsticks.

When they dedicated the alley, he showed up!

They decorate with drums like this planter and they made one into an ashtray.

Talented people will come and make art like this to put on the side of the building or on the asphalt.  Apparently on occasion you can bump into him there when he's back visiting family and comes to see what's been added.  There were a LOT of art pieces there but I don't want to give them away because you should add it as a stop on your road trip to or fro.

It was a really neat place to see.  Of course the weather was completely wrong and it rained the whole time, pretty hard at some spots.  The Mr was not pleased to be going on a wild goose chase where the destination was not revealed to him until we got there.  If the weather people had been right 8 hours prior, it should've been a completely clear day.  We had lunch and did a little shopping and headed home.

I made some huli huli chicken kebobs on the grill.  First kebobs of the season.  They were pretty dang good.  We did a circuit workout last night.  I burned almost 600 calories so that's not bad for a strength oriented workout.  I wish I could say I hit my water goal over the weekend but I don't drink water like usual when we're road tripping.  I don't want to be stopping every few miles to void da bladdah.

What did you guys get into this weekend?

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  1. Weekend went by way too fast as usual but we made the most of a rainy day and I like that. It's pretty cool that they put this all together for their hometown hero. Glad he gets to stop by from time to time too. He is a class act.

    1. Yeah it seemed it got sucked down the tubes pretty quickly. I really loved seeing the alley and I wish I could draw because I would totally add the screenshot shown at the concert where he broke his leg and came back to finish the show. Beat that Chuck Norris!

  2. What a cool road trip!! It speaks volumes for his character that he still comes home and appreciates his community after becoming famous. He deserves those big ass drumsticks!! Have a great Monday.... I personally am having some trouble getting motivated this morning....just not feelin' it!

    1. It is really cool! Definitely worth a side trip if you're within a few hours and a fan!

      When you're not feeling it is when you need to do it most. Tell yourself you'll do 10 minutes and if you keep on going after 10 minutes then all the better. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Now, get off yer butt! ;-)

  3. This weekend mom came over for her birthday celebration and she had a wonderful time. She LOVED the memo boards I put together for her with all her friends thoughts about her--I have to say it turned out so cute! She got the ribs she wanted from Portillo's and we had lemon meringue pie for her birthday dessert. I sent her home with marinated strawberries (her favorite) so she was set for dessert for the week. I took her and the dogs out for a drive in the country in the rain which was beautiful. We got to see a momma horse and her youngin' trotting together as the momma was teaching him/her. That was awesome to just sit and watch. The hubs took care of getting the food which he waited 30 minutes in line for, and the timing was good because we got home at the same time. Sunday I was a slug and barely moved. I managed to do one load of laundry (luckily that's all I had left for the week) and read and slept. I was soooooo tired from getting over the strep thing, and the last minute rush with mom's gift Thursday and Friday. I finished it on Friday at 9:30pm. So I allowed myself a day to do absolutely nothing and not feel bad about it. I didn't even venture outside--the hubs said it was so humid, so I took his word for it and stayed in the a/c. I'm dragging today just because I go into work so early on Mondays, but did manage to grocery shop after work, so I feel good about that. I'm watching American Ninja Warrior tonight and going straight to bed.

  4. Not a lot here. Chores on Saturday, and then Sunday afternoon I took the boy up to my folks' so he can spend the week with his grandparents. I came back Monday so that made for a short trip. I need to spend this week tackling some pretty major projects around the house, and I just can't get motivated to start. One more cup of coffee and I'm on the move, ready or not.


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