Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Postal shenanigans and shredding machine

Did I tell you guys about the sneaky business going on with our mail carrier?

Okay first a mini rant...when did it become okay for your postal worker in the field to dress like a hobo?  I swear the people that have been on our route look like the type of people you'd report for stealing cash out of birthday cards or something.  I don't know if it's like this everywhere but I can tell you that I have a respect for mailmen/women when they've got their official uniform with their little bag strapped to their side.  When someone pulls up in the truck but steps out with ripped jeans, flip flops, a tank top with a camo jacket that looks 3x too big and hair out of a Whitesnake video, I don't exactly brim with respect for the position.  Nor do I do it when you flat out lie to me.

See we were expecting a new printer .  (affiliate link)  We ordered a printer with an ink package and the ink arrived, the printer said it was delivered but it wasn't.  We know because we have a camera pointed at our porch.  We freaked thinking she delivered it to the wrong address (it's happened a few times but not often) but we tend to have honest neighbors and they have brought those items to us just as we've done for them.  So I get in contact with Amazon and of course they rock and immediately send out another one and say if it shows up to print out a label and send it back, no charge.  So the next day, it's past the time she comes and nothing, no mystery package on the porch or anything.  I ask the Mr to call the post office to see if they have it or to at least make them aware of the situation.  He talks to a manager and she asks if the property manager's office accepts packages.  I lip to him they don't because of liability which I was told several times.  He relays this to her and she puts him on hold to call the carrier.  She gets back on and says she left it up at the manager's office.  LIE!  The Mr, in his Mr-y way (aka-nice), says that's odd because he's pretty sure they do not accept them.  She said the carrier said she was going to go "retrieve it from the property managers office for us" and deliver it.  Mmm hmmm.

We call the property manager and he said under no circumstances are they allowed to accept packages and there is nothing there, certainly nothing large enough to be a printer.  He said it sounded fishy.  So less than 10 minutes later, she's on our doorstep with our printer which by the way is not in a brown box but its original box so you can very plainly see it was a printer.  She said she got it from the office for us and the Mr said "you did?  Because I just talked to him and he said they're not allowed to accept packages and there was nothing up there."  She's like "well, I got it for you."  He's like "from where because they don't accept packages up there" and she said "I don't know, I just got it for you, okay...bye!"  I told him to call her manager back because I don't know what is going on but that is not okay.  He called the manager back and told her the situation and said he doesn't want to get her in trouble but he knows she was lying about it and isn't accusing her of anything but basically like ... WTF dude!?  She said she could've scanned it delivered, realized her mistake at the end of the shift and hid it so she didn't get in trouble with her manager since they check the trucks at the end of the day because that's happened with a few of them.  She said she is definitely talking to her though.

Well, that would be a nice theory if she hadn't already been here for the day.  If you did that and were going to deliver it the next day, you'd just deliver it, not sit on it.  Or here's another theory, since she wrote our last name really big in marker on it, I'm thinking she thought "hey, I could use a new printer and if these people don't call about it, free one for me and I'm sure they'll get a replacement for free and we all win!"  Here's the problem...that's called stealing.  I also don't want to see Amazon get gypped out of a $100 printer just because they should've put it into a brown box so everyone couldn't see what we ordered.  They have always taken care of us when stuff has gotten lost or not met expectations and I am glad we pressed about it because I printed out the return label on our new printer and sent it back to them.   I don't want to believe that was the woman's intention but there aren't many other conclusions I can draw on this one.

Anyhoo, I told you that to tell you this...she will now just drop our stuff and run if she has big items to leave on the porch like the new shredder (affiliate link)  that arrived yesterday.  I don't know if the manager told her we have a camera or what but if it means she makes sure she gets our stuff delivered then whatever, though I'm sure it's after playing a little hockey with it first.

But I can tell you that despite it being like most shredders that can only handle half the amount of pages it claims it can shred and overheats much quicker than I'd like, I'm still impressed with the micro cut.

When it overheated, it shut off.  So to cool it down quicker, I took the top off and kind of put it across the top the opposite way.  It seemed to help.  So I'd say once we get the amount of shredding we need done, if we keep up on it the way we should (weekly) then I think it should (better!) last us a long while.

It's so funny all of the things I've come across going through nooks and crannies of places.  I must say its kind of freeing shredding some things from people who are thankfully no longer part of my life.  I'm a huge sentimental nerd (obviously...for those who have followed me for any period of time) and I keep pretty much every card people get me.  But some people are no longer allowed to take up head space so their cards no longer get to camp out in my filing cabinets.  Pffft.

Ever have problems with packages?  Do you shred documents regularly or let them pile up?

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  1. I do miss the days when we had a uniformed mail carrier just because it's always a little weird seeing someone coming up to your home with a box when they look just a bit questionable. At least with UPS and FedEx you still have uniformed people and it keeps it classy.

    1. Yes, it is. It's not even a casual Friday look, it's an "I don't give a crap what I look like" look. Yes, I have much more respect for the UPS/FedEx people.

  2. Many postal routes are contract jobs now and they can dress however they want. I agree that many of them don't look like they should be delivering mail. Too bad they can't require them all to wear a specific shirt so they can be identified.

    My sister had a mail carrier who never delivered her People magazine, to the point that People sent it wrapped in brown paper and she still never got it. I think she ended up having to go get it at the post office and didn't renew her subscription.

    We have a wonderful new shredder but I've been letting the shredding stack up rather than do it regularly. Shredding and filing - two tasks that you know take less than a minute but wait until you have hours worth before taking care of it.

    1. Ahh, that explains it but doesn't make it right. You're still representing the federal government and should have a dress code even if it's just one particular color shirt and bottoms. Oh man that would stink because magazines are crazy expensive now and I'd be seriously ticked!

      Exactly! Our old one kind of chugged and was on its last leg so instead of shredding, it got piled on until we got a new one. LOL

  3. Here our mail carriers still wear a uniform, I didn't realize they contracted that job out other places. My carrier kind of irritates me though, she refuses to get out of her truck. If someone visiting a neighbor parks in front of my mailbox (public street, I have no control over that) I just don't get mail that day. When we had a huge blizzard a few years back and she couldn't just pull up to the mailbox we didn't get mail for several days. She said she's "not allowed" to get out of the jeep, and yet in other neighborhoods carriers leave the truck at the end of the street and deliver on foot up and down the street. Hmmmm. I've never had trouble with packages or magazines though, so I'm grateful that she's honest.

    I keep up on my shredding pretty regularly now, but I didn't have a shredder for a long time so I still have old (like over 10 years old) bills and stuff in the basement in my desk that I don't use any more so this summer I'll be having a bit of a shredder party once I get to clearing out the basement.

    1. I'd say it sounds like your mail carrier *prefers* not to get out of her truck and is lazy. :-\ Good on ya for keeping up the shredding for the most part. It can so easily get out of control!

  4. Yep my hubby orders things that are out of print (war games) and the postman will cram the envelope into our little 4x4 box (ok maybe its 6x6, still small). Two problems with that: first its crammed in and second he may be able to get it in the box, but there's a lip on the mail box so when he closes it up we can't get it out. And... our office accepts packages! he's just to friggin lazy to walk the extra 5 yards to the office or to drop it at our apt door. Pffft. I'm with you Anele.

  5. I shred just about all my documents, but I'm not the greatest at doing it weekly like I tell myself I will. I'm such a dork I have a stamp that blots out identifying info, then I shred it! LOL I have my "shred pile" that gives me the evil eye every time I walk into the office.


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