Wednesday, June 10, 2015


That would be six movies in 24 hours.

Let's get to what we thought of our time in a cinematic stupor.

Spy- Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law - Not normally a fan of her movies but the trailer was so funny, we had to see it.  Melissa plays a Garcia from Criminal Minds type character, helping her spy (Law) out of sticky situations.  When he gets killed in the field, she wants to avenge his death by going after the person responsible.  The cover stories she is given are hilarious and we laughed from beginning to end.  But the surprise comedic scene stealer is Jason Statham.  We could not stop laughing at his ridiculous lines.  This one is an owner for us.  If you see it in theaters, stay until after the credits.

Poltergeist- Sam Rothwell- We are not fans of Hollywood's recycle machine and only saw this because it was free to us.  There are a few nods to the original such as the clown, the tree, "they're here" (not said nearly as well as Heather O'Rourke) and such.  Other things were changed to make it feel more original.  The problem is, other than Rothwell, the casting was off.  Griffin (the middle child) was good but not great.  Everyone's acting was mediocre at best and this has no chance of competing with the original.  If you like the original, watch that one, this one is just "meh" at best.

Kingsman: The Secret Service(affiliate link) Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Taron Egerton- I remember seeing the trailer for this at the theaters and couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD.  In addition to being an awesome action movie, Colin Firth kicking 12 kinds of ass, there are unexpected bouts of comedy and quirkiness that catch you off guard.  Taron Egerton is a real superstar in the making as "Eggsy", the Kingsman in training.  From troubled youth to being groomed for the secret service, you see a really great transformation in it.

Project Almanac(affiliate link) Jonny Weston- In an attempt to get into MIT on a scholarship, David (Weston) explores the attic where his late father has various science projects in storage.  When he comes upon a video of his 7th birthday with an appearance by his future self in a mirror's reflection, he digs in his dad's basement.  He finds the makings of a time machine and he and his friends go on a time hopping adventure.  As you can guess, this has consequences.  The concept is good and most of the movie is good but the middle lags a bit and lost our interest for about 20 minutes.  (Have to get those teens partying in, ya know)  Overall, its a decent rent.

The Duff(affiliate link) Mae Whitman, Ken Jeong, Robbie Amell- While you may think this is the "She's All That" or "10 Things I Hate About You" for this generation, it goes a little deeper.  When a girl (Whitman) finds out she's the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) among her friends by her neighbor, she decides to cut them loose to be her own person.  When she overhears the neighbor is getting booted off of the team for poor academic performance, she offers to tutor him if he'll help her change her appearance and land a date with her crush.  Very cute movie with a good message.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb(affiliate link) Ben Stiller, Robin Williams- The third in the NATM installment and was hoping it would live up to the others since it was Robin's last.  It was cute but lacked that magic the original had.  If you liked the others, I'd say it's worth the rent to finish out the trilogy.  Fun cameo by Hugh Jackman and sweet final performance by Robin.  Of course then they hit you with this at the end...

Cue misty eyes.

Rented/seen any movies lately?

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  1. That was quite a run of movies. All were overall pretty good too with probably the weakest being Poltergeist. I did like parts of it though, but it could never live up to the original. It was sad seeing the Robin Williams tribute. Still cannot believe we're without him.

    1. Yes it was. It looks like a movie going summer for us too. Poltergeist was about as bad as I thought it'd be. There were a few cool effects but other than that...bleh.

  2. Appreciate you taking the time to review these movies and share them with us. Helps me in deciding what I HAVE to see. I may have actually been the DUFF in my very "in" group of friends in high school, but at least they never made me feel that way.

    1. That was a really cute movie. I'm sure you weren't a DUFF but it sounds like you had good friends. I wasn't in a clique that needed social attention. I wonder if it's possible to have a Duff group because we were all the 'approachable' ones.

  3. I haven't rented anything for a while. I did see Night at the Museum 3 when it was in the theatre and I agree with your assessment. Good, but not as good as the first two. Still, there were good moments and it was worth the watch. The tribute struck me pretty hard too.

    1. Yeah, I was hoping for something a little different but it was basically just the same movie but across the pond.


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