Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random brain swirlies

I can't gather one topic to post about so this is gonna be a wee sporadic.

Yesterday was goodie experimentation day.  I made 2 recipes to post later on in the season that the Mr's co-workers are enjoying today.  We fit some of each into our calories.  I can't wait to share them with you guys!

The Mr has a big birthday coming up next month and we're doing a little family picnic.  Usually we drag my family to a non-chain restaurant because if I go to Red Lobster or Outback one more time we're going to implode.  They aren't much for expanding their culinary horizons unless forced but they seemed to have liked all of the places we've gone.  There's this food truck the Mr. just fell in love with and he wants that to be where we eat with the family but they only have 2 picnic tables so we can't guarantee seating there.  Knowing it would be more aggravation than it's worth to have my family meet there, grimace at the thought of eating at a food truck (they're all from the era of food truck = roach coach) it's just better we pick up the orders and bring it to a park.  Well I want it to be nice for him so I'm of course going batchit on details now.  We're going to be busy the week before the get together so I need to take care of a lot of the details now and I've got some cool stuff coming!  That means there will be some fun tutorials coming too along with pics of it all together.  He thinks I'm going overboard but you know how it is in a Pinterest world, expectations are a little more than streamers and tissue paper centerpieces these days.  I'm still trying to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  I suppose I'll say it keeps me on my creative game so we'll lean toward good thing.

For those of you who saw my chicken and waffles pic on Facebook, it should come as no surprise I bought a cheap waffle iron with birthday money.

I already have recipes swirling in my head.  I think the Mr is going to mention cravings more often now since as soon as he says he craves something I immediately see if I can make it.  "I'm craving beef wellington with brown butter escargots and an apple caramel crumble.  Get to it woman!"

We did Powerstrike for our "recovery" workout.  If you'd told me 2 years ago we would consider that a light workout, I would have said you were a nut job.  I remember when we could barely get through it.  It does help you remember how far you've come endurance wise.

It's Thursday!  In case you weren't aware.

You ever think you've found this awesome new song that you absolutely fell in love with and you want to tell everyone you know what you've found only to find out it's like 7 years old?  This is the case with Jem's song "Wish I."  We heard this song incessantly in various stores and every time I heard it, I loved the way it was all floaty and upbeat and I scoured the internet because it sounded like she was saying "wishing...oh wishing" but I couldn't make out what else she was saying.  We even went to this website that supplies stores with their soundtracks because one of the cashiers told us when the song was on they could see the name and artist but they couldn't go back a few songs.  It never came on when we were listening, of course.  I was obsessed with finding it for a good month or so then gave up.  Then last month whilst publicly kissing my husband for finding thai lime rice at World Market, I heard it.  I screamed to run up to the cashier and ask what the song was.  The girl said she didn't have access to it (I think she was just lazy) so amidst screaming kids and the end of the song approaching I asked the Mr to try to hear what she was saying after "wishing."  The last time she said it, I heard it..."wish I was going too."  I repeated it to him and he said "is she saying "wish I" instead of wishing?"  It all came together, he looked it up online and we watched the video and danced in World Market.  Then we got home and saw it was released in like 2004 or 2005.  Wah waaah.  Tragically unhip.

Okay, I think I'm done now.

Got anything random to share?

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  1. I also am tragically unhip. But I'm ok with that.

  2. hahaha..i didnt know about it till I heard it from u:)

    it reminds me of that time when I went to a dance lounge with a couple of my single friends in DC and everytime a song came, people were screaming and I was like "huh" and when Billy jean came on, I screamed to realize I was the only one.. :d

    Hope Mr. has an amazing truck sounds awesome...

    1. Bwaaahahaha!! It's like when you're talking in a loud bar or something and the song switches and you're still talking loud during the lull in sound. D'oh!!

  3. Loved the song. There used to be one they played on a Shopko commercial on TV around these parts and I fell in love with it. I believe it was called "Take me the Way I am." Same kind of haunting melody....but a very short song. Ingrid Michaelson sang it and I caught her a while later on one of the morning shows. It's a great song!
    They used the line about needing a sweater in the Shopko commercial. I guess the fact that she loves him because "he takes her the way she is," struck a chord with me, because us fat and formerly fat gals are always thankful that our Misters didn't walk out on us at some point. They just accepted us the way we were and are....fat and all!

    1. LOVE that song! If it's cold and one of us says something about it being chilly, the other will say "here take my sweater." You also might like a song by Brooke Fraser called Without You. Give it a listen!

  4. I'm jealous of your waffle iron! Mine broke and I've yet to replace it--everytime I see waffles somewhere, I remember, "Hey, I need a waffle iron!" Oh, and my family only eats at chains too. ;)

    1. I think the Mr might be getting irritated with my random foodie purchases. I should probably either rein it in or um, have a garage sale! :)

  5. The Mr. saves the day once more! You just knew that song had a video with an island setting!! I've never heard that song. I always tune out the store tunes so that's probably why. I get to serve lunch today at the girls' school--woohooo!!

    1. But of course! That's why it'll be on our Kauai playlist for the next vacay!

  6. I'll have to find my grandmother's waffle recipe and send to you to see if you can slim it down without sacrificing the taste.

    Random: In Australia, 'proud of' might mean 'higher than' (depending on context). Who knew?

    1. Bring it on! I'd love to see if I could do it. If nothing else research would be fun!

      Fun random fact!

    2. OK, here you go. This makes two waffles on a big old-fashioned round waffle maker--maybe 8 inches? Looking at the recipe, it's very simple. I think what made the taste memorable for me was the wheat germ. It's been years since I've had a waffle maker and tasted these.

      Grandmother's Waffles
      2 eggs
      3/4 C milk or buttermilk
      2 T melted [margarine] (I never use it--would substitute butter)
      3/4 C flour
      1 T wheat germ
      1 T baking powder
      1 t sugar
      If using buttermilk, add 3/8 tsp soda

      Separate eggs, whip whites until stiff.
      Combine rest of ingredients, adding egg yolks to mix. When combined, fold in whites and bake in hot waffle iron.

      Can't wait to see what you do with it! Of course, you might have to try it as-is to know that you've duplicated the flavor. Good luck!

  7. I love seeing the random thoughts that you share. Puts a smile on my face. While I can wait to turn 40, I can't wait to see how great everything looks once you have it all done. You rock!

  8. YOU make me smile! :) (You didn't have to tell them your age ya know! LOL)


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