Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dreary Saturday - Weigh in

Good mornin' y'all!  Why is it impossible for me to sleep in?  I guarantee I will hit a wall by 3pm and be asleep on the couch.  You would think the dreary morning would encourage me to stay in bed where the Mr. is peacefully slumbering.  Oh my Lord, I'm watching Sleepaway Camp 2 on Chiller.  This is pretty bad.  I just recognized this guy from my old General Hospital watching days in the 80's.  Nice mullet.  But you didn't stop by to hear about my poor choice in morning TV.

I hopped on the scale.  Down another 2 lbs.

I'm officially in "new territory" from any other adult weight loss attempts.  Isn't that funny how you remember what you got down to at other weight  loss attempts in your life?  For lifetime "dieters"  (not what we are now but you know what I mean) its the easiest way to track progress and celebrate mini-milestones along the way.  (Do you know how hard it was to not type "along the weigh??")  :-)

I am ecstatic!!  I was just hoping to maintain this week with all of the cupcake carnage that went on last week and the extra birthday celebration happening on Sunday.  I was only about 300 over my calories Sunday but still, you never know what the fickle scale o' death will throw your way.  But I am cautiously optimistic and that's a good place to be!

Tonight we get to go to a fancy pants restaurant because they sent me my free birthday dinner coupon and for $25 off, mama is jumpin' all over that.  I'll get my usual 4 oz filet and shrimp with asparagus.  Heaven!  Nothing much planned except watching a little college ball (and apparently B horror movies) and cleaning this sty.  It's gotten way out of control.  Why does it seem like all I do is dishes lately!?

What's on your weekend to do list?

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  1. Congrats on the new territory. Sometimes our bodies co-operate. Enjoy that fab dinner and time spent with the Mr.

  2. Woo hoo!! Congratulations on another milestone.

  3. Awesome!!!! So happy for your huge success! You're rockin and Rollin now!

  4. Good for you on the 2 lbs.! Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like a little bit of everything!

  5. Way To Go!!! You are an inspiration. I really need inspiration right now since I fell off the weight loss wagon (and fell on the eat everything in sight so you can gain your hard won losses back wagon) this week and had a poor, poor pitiful me time for 3 days. I'm back to fighting my demons now and hope to stop the self pity and work on the better me around the corner. Thanks for inspiring me (and others) your dedication is wonderful!
    Sorry for being the queen of the "run on and on" sentence!

  6. Congratulations on a huge achievement and milestone. It is nice to finally be moving in the right direction again isn't it? Been a long time since we had a nice quiet Saturday at home too, B movies or not!

  7. I envy your B movies. I love B horror movies but with the little guy around anything on tv has to be 6 year old appropriate and Sleepaway Camp is definitely not.

    Congratulations on your loss! Your dragon is slain and is apparently not the resurrecting kind so that is awesome!

    We're off to a parade pretty soon, to be followed by a kids' fishing derby. Let me just tell you how not excited I am, but little dude is way excited so that will make it fun.

  8. wow B movies early morning. Didn't watch them then, probably wont start now LOL I already cleaned the shower and toilet this morning so I know how you feel about the sty thing. I took a mr clean scrubber in the shower with me, much easier than standing outside the tub bending in. Then its off to the mall to pick up my pretty shiny ring and then off to a bridal shower. And I might throw in the 3pm nap too, I am all about the naps now that I am just barely over 40 LOL

  9. Yaaaaayyyy!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Seriously, I'm sort of bouncing in my chair.

    I know what you mean about career dieting. Some of my mini-goals are based on weights I'd achieved previously. They say things like "lowest since 2008", "lowest since 2004", and "the last time I could go to Cedar Point". I find myself looking at pictures of myself at past weights as motivation too. It's nice to know what I'll look like at 275, 225, 175, etc.

  10. WOO HOO!! New Territory--That does not fit with that blog title at all! You should be ecstatic, it's lower than you've ever hit in all weight loss attempts in the past and that is BIG!

    Occasionally (re: all the time) I get frustrated, because I simply cannot lose these 10 lbs. to get back to the mid 140's, and a healthy BMI, which I hit for a little while last fall. But then I think about the day I got on the scale in the spring of 1980, and it read 151! That was my lowest weight in that attempt, and remained my lowest weight for over 30 years, and it wasn't even official. I was in WW back then, and the lowest I ever got "officially" (on THEIR scale) was 160. So when I see my scale saying 154, I should be elated, and I know I've got at least 10 lbs. of excess skin hanging on me, so sometimes I like to take that into account, but I also know that over T-giving and Christmas last year I gained those 10 lbs. which I can't lose now, and if it happens again this year, I will be OVER my 160 lb. goal. That CANNOT happen! So I'll just keep working on it. We are all works in progress, right? Perfection is never to be achieved, and I am a shining example of that!

    Way to go Anele! I'm so happy for you--that scale reflects all your work, but beware sometimes those little cupcake sprees can show up a week later, so don't be surprised if next Saturday....

    1. Nah, my sins are pretty immediate on the scale. Don't be trying to get in my head and doubt myself girl!

  11. Ya know, some days just BEG for B movies :). Congrats!! Sounds like the recent tweaks are paying off. Nice!! Hope your day is awesome and your team/s win/s. :)

  12. Don't be knockin' no B rated horror movies!!! I live for them! Congrats on the weight loss too!!! That's exciting :)

  13. congrats on the weight loss!! 2 pounds is awesome!

  14. I'm a long-time reader, but first time commenter. Just wanted to say that I'm so happy for you. Your complete dedication and perseverance are so inspiring to me as I go along my own weight-loss/healthy-living journey. Thanks for sharing. :)

  15. Congrats Mrs. We're huddling in tonight too- steaks on the grill and a movie rental. Love those nights.

  16. Woo-hoo for another milestone passed! (I'd happy dance for you but I kind of wasted my legs at the gym. :))

    No big plans for the weekend. Catching up from last week's travels and getting ready for the next trip.

  17. Fabulous!! Congrats to you. We did the state fair thing and got to see twin calves born which the vet said is a pretty rare thing. It was pretty cool. Have a wonderful week!

  18. WOOHOO!!!! So happy for you! I'd be dancing in the street if I ever lost 2 lbs. in a week again. In fact, I'd settle for one at this point. I've found more than I've lost this year. Maybe I should start eating cupcakes? JK...

    DH and I are in serious house-hunting mode, would like to have one under contract when we head for Cancun and be moving in on November 1. We'll see. Found one I liked from the outside today, so I've emailed my agent to set up an appointment to see this week. But that will be our weekend entertainment for a while, unless this is actually THE ONE.


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