Friday, September 7, 2012

Let's crush on some stuff

It's Friday which means it's dork off day at work...err...I mean time to see what I'm crushin' on while taking a legally mandated break!  ;-)

I LOVE this juicer from Anthropologie.  It makes me want to grow citrus trees in our yard that we don't have and proceed to juice the whole neighborhood a fresh glass of OJ.

Also at Anthro is this super cute batter bowl.  I can only imagine the sugar coma inducing goodness I could whip up in that bowl this baking season.  Le sigh.  (Because even sighing is likely done in French at Anthro)

This Urban Dawn shower curtain from CB2 makes me long for the days I was sure I would be Susan's friend meeting Jim in Battery Park and getting into trouble at the Bleecker Street Cinema.  (Extra points if you got the movie reference!)

I want about 40 strands of these Cafe Lights from Pottery Barn.  I think life in general would be better if these were just strung up and every room of our home felt like an outdoor garden party.

After assessing the state of the food rack in the basement, I've come to the conclusion I need these bamboo shelves from the Container Store to maximize the space on the rack.  I'm crushing on 'em even more because they're on sale right now and with any luck, they'll be mine.  Miiine. MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!  Sorry.

I don't know why but I must have these vintage smoke plates from Sur La Table.  It's not a question of want.  It's a moral imperative.

We are busting at the seams right now so I have to do some fancy arranging and storage options for the Mr to not twitch when he looks at every corner of the house.  Either that or we just buy a bigger house.

On a totally random note, we're watching the first Final Destination on TV and the FBI agent's name is Shrek which came out a year after this but I still can't help but think that an ogre should be wearing a badge.

What are you crushing on this fine Friday?  If you're crushless, any plans for the weekend?

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  1. Ha, anthropology is a dark hole of obsession that is TOO easy to fall down for me, I can't even look at the website anymore. I've been crushing on a new pair of running shoes for about a month and a half...maybe this is the weekend I'll finally treat myself :)

  2. Right now I'm crushing on breakfast. And thanks to the movie ref, Aidan Quinn.

    Beyond that, the list is long.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. I like the juicer and the plates you're crushing on. I have absolutely no space though so unless something goes out, nothing comes in. We went through this summer and got rid of a bunch of stuff and I really should get rid of even more (won't, but should) so I'll just have to admire new items from afar.

    We have a town celebration thing with a parade tomorrow and a B-Day party for little guy's friend on Sunday. Not my favorite things, but little guy is about to have the time of his life.

  4. Currently i am obsessed with vases of any kind..big ones small ones, ceramic ones...waiting to buy a house then I will fill it with some of the stuff I want for sure:)

  5. Ugh...I'm crushing on not having to do anything this weekend, but alas, that's not the case! We are having a yard sale this weekend, and I'm not looking forward to it!

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Anthropologie stuff. That is the most beautiful juicer I have ever seen!!! You have great taste. We are headed to the state fair, our annual trek with the girlies. Tonight they have wristbands to ride as many rides as many times as they wish so I will be racking up walking miles trying not to hurl by merely watching them on those crazy, spinn-y rides. Have a great weekend!!

  7. Not crushing on much but my hubby. Our baby went off to college two weeks ago so we've been spending alone time with each other and I love it. But we are very exciting to be picking her up for the weekend, we have a baby shower and a baseball game to attend.

  8. september is my birthday month. i have my 15% off birthday gift from anthro and i headed there today! woohoo! did you get the cute little me time watch?


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