Thursday, March 1, 2012

3/1/12- Food Journal

 What's up homies?  Last night we did DDR (Dance Dance Revolution).  I'm always amazed how much better I feel when I get to boogie down.  Since there are different levels, I got to do my mild version and the Mr looked like he was having seizures on his dance pad on levels 2 and 3.  I need to get more fish in.  We were eating it at least twice a week and somehow that has gone by the wayside.  Do what works, Mrs.

Let's eat!

Breakfast was my usual oatmeal in a different "bowl" so I could get the last bit of almond butter off the sides.  I swore I'd never do this.  I sold out.  Usual oatmeal bowl in a jar topped with a little graham cracker lovin'

Lunch was that damn Chinese food again.  I'm going through tuna withdraw.  I know what I'm having tomorrow.  Brown basmati rice, veggies and 4 oz of chicken with Trader Ming's sauce.  Raw veggies with 1/2 tbsp dip, honey crisp apple with apple dip, fruit salad with honeydew, cantaloupe and a clementine and TJ's apple bar.  Iced tea to wash it all down.

Dinner was 8 oz of heart healthy salmon with garlic powder, black pepper, ginger and clementine juice on a bed of TJ's quinoa duo and a side of grilled brussels sprouts.  The Mr proclaimed it one of my best meals ever.  It tasted like it was grilled outside.  Please don't get me in the mood for summer foods yet!  I'm not ready to give up chili and grilled cheese.

In the interest of keeping calories higher than I'm used to there are 2 snacks tonight.  TJ's Lite Kettle Corn and sugar free chocolate puddin' with lite cool whip.  Cool WH... never mind.

Calories for the day, 2139.  Calories burned, 860 between a walk around da 'hood and an at home circuit.

Tomorrow is Friday!  Woot!  The Mr is teleworking!  Woot!  I'll be able to taste high cal day on Saturday!  Woot!  Do people still say "woot?"  *shrug*

Now I'm going to continue shakin' my big azz to Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees and then we're going to watch The Brady Bunch movie to honor poor ol Davy Jones then watching the premiere of Awake, which looks soooo good!

Feel free to share your eats or favorite disco song in the comments.

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  1. I had some frozen yogurt today with a little WHipped cream. :) I also do the oatmeal in a jar when the jar is almost empty. When I was a kid and we had an almost empty jar of peanut butter, I'd put different stuff in there and eat it out..I'd crush up cookies, add in some chocolate syrup. Seeing your post makes me really want some salmon and a chocolate pudding cup!

  2. OMG..THAT DINNER..I WILL KILL FOR! I want!!! :( :( :( soon... I tell myself...soon.

  3. Hello!
    I've been stalking for awhile and finally commenting.
    You are truly truly inspiring! Congratulations on your accomplishments and I love your photos. I'm curious how your home projects are going, I was enjoying the DIY updates =]
    Your salmon looks yummy!! I need to eat more fish too.

  4. Elizabeth- I hope you enjoyed your WHipped cream! HA! Aww dang man, your jar concoction sounds awesome! YUM!

    Czesia- ROFL...don't worry, you'll be on solids soon!

    AJ- Hey there! So glad you commented! With the pneumonia, doc has me on strict lockdown for a few weeks. Nothing that can re-inflame my airways like dust, fumes, particles, etc. :( I'll have some projects coming up before the studio is finished and hope to have them posted by the end of the month when I've got the all clear! Thanks for stickin' with me while my DIY gene has been disabled!

  5. How are you determining calories burned? I am working out but not sure when to continue or stop (wouldn't wish to do too much, hehehe). I have been looking at the Bodybugg???

  6. Hi Evelyn! I have a heart rate monitor. I like that because it's a one time buy and you don't have to pay monthly pmts to use it. I have a Timex and I just replaced it after about 2 years of heavy use and it was starting to go a little wonky on me. But I love it. If you want to look at it, you can go to MY FAVORITES tab and it's under EQUIPMENT WE USE. $53 if I'm not mistaken.

    It's not a perfect science with any device but a lot more accurate than the guesstimates that canned websites give you. Hope that helps!

  7. Weird question, but can you blog one day on your opinion of eating your exercise calories back? part of me feels like its counterproductive, but then mathematically it makes sense, so im kind of at a stand still.
    ie: my calorie suggestions say 1350 or so, so i generally stick in that range, but if I go to the gym i typically burn 700-800 calories on my Polar HRM. So at the end of the day, I've only net 550-700 calories for the day - which is way under the minimum to run your body.... which may be why some of us are seeing a stand still on the scale?

    I just dont know if that really makes sense or not, or if its really the right thing to do.

  8. Kerry- I'm so glad you mentioned that. I read an article about something similar that I was going to share next week. I think that it will be a big help to you. Look for it Monday and I think you'll also be pleased to know if the calculations are correct, you *may* need to eat more! :)

  9. Do you have a Wii? JEALOUS. I really want that for Wii Fit. My exercise bike broke this week & I'm debating whether I should replace that or maybe try something else... something like the Wii?

    Love your oatmeal bowl. HA! See, I just stick my fingers in the jar to get the last bit out--I'm classy like that.

    I made a new food discovery today: sauteed apples. DO THIS NOW! It's like apple pie. But not! Just heat half a tablespoon of butter in a skillet, add a thinly sliced apple & sprinkle with cinnamon. I added a tablespoon of maple syrup too, but you really don't need it. I'm on WW, so that's only 2 points for me (with the syrup) and it felt like such a treat. So now I know my next food to fixate on for several weeks and then get tired of. ;)

  10. Ohkeeka- We have the Playstation 2 and 2 metal DDR pads. We're hardcore yo! :) Finger in jar= my kinda people.

    I shall do the sauteed apples. I've got a granny smith hanging out getting no love.


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