Thursday, March 15, 2012

Workouts on the go

Yesterday was a nice day.  The kind where you want to play hooky.  Luckily the Mr took the day off!  But it wasn't a hooky day, I had an appointment and he scheduled it off a few weeks ago to go with me.  It just so happened the weather was cooperating and I asked if he wanted to workout in the morning at a park we go to on occasion.  You only go there for one reason...

 Those are 14 flights of stairs.  I go up them once because it does this to my heart rate...

Commence lung burn.

I know this is what people strive for but my puny little lungs just got over pneumonia and did not appreciate the joke.  We walked a few paths both paved and then went to a bird sanctuary in the woods.

It was kind of depressing how dead everything still looks.  With the mild winter (BOO by the way, we didn't get to use our ski's or snowshoes ONCE!  We were robbed!), where was I?  Oh yeah, with the mild winter and now the nicer weather you just expect to go out and see a sea of green.  Not yet.  But it's coming...

I couldn't resist taking a picture of us by the water when I found a sign that was about the right height to sit the camera on.

As I looked at it, I couldn't help but be reminded of a similar picture that we took 2 years ago on Kauai...

I remember that trip well.  It was the first time I started to feel "normal."  Like maybe I wasn't quite so big anymore or at least not circus show freak big, ya know?  I was 375 lbs when we took that pic.  Now 80 lbs lighter, I am amazed at the changes when you see them side by side.  It encourages me to move forward and take more pics like this in the future.

We walked around the beach for a little while since we had it to ourselves.

We stayed for awhile then noticing the time, knew we had to get back to make it to the appointment in time.  I did some step ups on the way back so I could get my heart rate back up and kick it over 900 calories for the whole workout.

Now that's what I'm talkin' about!  Yeah baby!

Then it was off to my appointment.  You know, that appointment.  Don't make me show the picture of the awaiting speculum because I so will.  I wore my "I Love Elvis" socks so she'd have something to read down there.

For the most part, it was a good day and we really enjoyed taking our workout on the go for a change of pace since we're indoor exercisers.

Are you an indoor exerciser?  Outdoor?  Both?

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  1. There is a huge difference in those pictures, that must be so amazing to see! :D

    And those stairs.... oh my ..

  2. Oh, and I'm going to post about calories / muscles / weight right now (like in a few seconds), and I was hoping that I could ask your take on it. I feel like you have a lot of knowledge about calorie levels and exercise that I really would like to learn from.

  3. I loved all the photos! We can learn a lot from the seasons: our bodies go into a slower time so that we can blossom down the road. I think your time is here! Your side-by-side photos are proof!! Great job!!

  4. Those pictures are absolutely amazing! You have come such a long way.

  5. wow, all I kept looking at was that skinny little arm with the hrm on it! I LOVE the socks idear and am stealing it for my appt next week(I will give you props if asked:)

  6. I much prefers outdoors when I have that chance.

  7. I'm sure doc appreciates the reading material!! LOL!! Gotta love those stairs! Way to get your workout and enjoy some beautiful nature!

  8. I love taking "redo" pictures at my newer, lower weights. I think it's a great way to really knock the negativity right out of the picture. And you both look amazing! (But I'm sure you recognize that.) Great job on the workout. Those stairs scare me. *runs away* (Okay... *limps away*) ;)

  9. The difference in the pictures is amazing. It really makes you realize how far you both have come. Well done! I love that you wore funny socks to the gyn! LOL

  10. I definitely prefer outdoor exercise--course all I do is walk, and I don't have a treadmill, so when I walk inside, it's with Leslie Sansone DVDs--BORING!
    LOVED the comparision shots from yesterday and two years ago in Hawaii. And you had already lost a lot of weight two years ago! I have a picture like that of Halloween 2010, when I had already lost over 100 lbs.(I weighed around 200) and Halloween 2011, where I was at my lowest (139--I would really like to get back down there, I'm currently hovering in the high 140's), but that was only about 60 pounds lower than 2010. I wore the same blouse however, and the difference is incredible. Once I got below 200 I thought I looked great, but when I see the pictures of myself at that weight I realize I should NOT gain anymore weight back. This stops NOW!

  11. It was a great day and I'm glad we have made it a tradition of sorts. Certain years it has been snowy and dreary but God gave us a great day to enjoy yesterday and I cherish it!

  12. I was looking at the skinny, little arm with the HRM, too!! HA!
    Well, until another very impressive, very real comparison collage. I like when your compositions keep the background apples-to-apples, so that you two stand out as the only things that are different - and BOY, ARE THEY DIFFERENT!?
    You've done all this so far on YOUR TERMS, YOUR WAY! (Frankie, sing it, baby!) It's working. I guess the only thing not on your terms is the time-table, but faced with the concrete evidence that your journey to health is absolutely on track and moving forward week to week, no excuses - well, I guess we can't control every little thing. (Rats.)
    Hugs to you, this is going to be the BEST second home vacation YET! Aloha, baby! The Best Yet! Try to toss out the "yeah, but..."s that are beyond your control and bask in your positives, friend!!

    The Elvis socks? RIOT! I love your spirit and I will be on the look-out for my very own pair of THE SOCKS.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful day! What an incredible difference in your silhouettes! Lookin GOOD! *wolfwhistle* Love, love, love the socks. lol

  14. What a beautiful place to take a walk! I would be working out outside all the time if something like that was close by. :) How does your watch figure out how many calories you burned--is it by the steps you take? I want one!

  15. Thanks so much everyone for the encouragement on the side by sides. I was a little taken aback on how different they look and looking forward to how different they'll look 2 years from know, when I'd better at GOAL weight or pretty friggin' close? LOL

    Ohkeeka- If you click on SATW Favorites on the left sidebar, under Equipment We Use there's a link to the HRM we use. It's super affordable and it uses a chest strap to track your heart rate. My cousin just got his and he loves it. It's a little more accurate than doing those generic "enter weight and length of activity" websites which don't take into account hills, changes in terrain and such that could get your heart rate higher than their across the board calculations.

  16. Great progress pics!

    I prefer outdoor exercise, but I'm in the gym 2-3 times a week at least.

  17. That is such a difference in you guys between the two pictures. You all are definitely an inspiration.

    I am down south and everything is in full bloom. It is like 84 degrees. It has been in the 80s all week and just downright warm.

  18. You are bemoaning the mild winter there, and here we had snow in the Seattle area just this week--not funny, send us some springtime, okay? Great comparison pics; you really have come a long way. Love the Elvis socks, too; might have to look for something like that before I go in to see my doc, she'd get a kick out of them!

  19. i love that heart rate monitor. i am looking for one! it looks like you guys had a great time!

  20. Love it. God definitely has blessed both of you with this day and with a new outlook.

    As for working out, I love outside, but time constraints keep me in right now. But soon, it'll be all hiking! Right now I have to get through tax season:(

  21. I love being outdoors!!! I always burn more calories if I move my workout outdoors. I love the comparison photos, what an accomplishment (and encouragement) for both of you!!

  22. Looks like a gorgeous day! I'm glad you got to get out and enjoy. I go up four floors at work once or twice a day, and I'm glad it's over when I'm up there. That huge staircase is scary.

    To Ohkeeka, I bought one of those HRMs the Mrs uses, and I love it. I feel much better knowing how many calories I really burn, instead of relying on an estimate. Very good investment.

  23. I LOVED YOUR PICTURES! My husband and I took a picture like this for our wedding!


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