Friday, March 2, 2012

3/2/12- Food Journal

This morning I woke up with THE most massive craving for pancakes.  It was like "if you don't have pancakes, you will die.  Eat them."  I have never felt something so strong so I gave in.  But it gave me an excuse to try the TJ's Pumpkin Pancake mix I've been hoarding since Fall!  HA!  I didn't use the 2 tbsp of butter the batter called for and used skim milk so it ended up coming in lower than the breakfast I had planned.  Today was full of yummy stuff.

Let's eat...

Breakfast, as I eluded to, was 2 pumpkin pancakes with light maple syrup.  (To be clear that's Mrs. Butterworth light, not that all natural crap.  We've tried it, we hated it, we wasted money.  What can I say, we both love the sugar bomb)  A banana and 9 oz of skim milk.  Craving satisfied!

For a late morning snack after the Mr and I went on a walk, I had a peanut oat bar but forgot to take a pic.  Refer to other food journals this week if you must see a pic.  ;-)

Lunch was the return to my beloved tuna "tacos."  Damn have I missed you!  Along with all of the usual characters...raw veggies with 1/2 tbsp dip, honeycrisp apple with apple dip, fruit salad (cantaloupe, honeydew and clementine), TJ's apple bar and iced tea.

BLAM!  I wanted to dive into this when I plated it so I thought I'd go for the extreme close up.  TJ's lemon pepper pasta with 1/4 cup of Classico light alfredo, 7 brussels sprouts caramelized in leftover bacon grease from 1 strip of bacon but split between the two of us for 1/2 a slice of bacon.  It was SO good!

I'm out shopping for an appropriate maxi dress so no pics of the snack I'll have when we get back (unless it goes poorly and I end up home sooner than I think!).  But it's gonna be a sugar free chocolate puddin' with 1 graham cracker used as a spoon and then I'm gonna eat it and because I forgot to eat my tortilla chips and hummus earlier with lunch, I'm going to fix a mug of Ghirardelli hazelnut hot chocolate with one of these mofo's in the bottom:

I learned that trick from the Ghirardelli shop in Chicago when we got a caramel sea salt hot chocolate.  There's no caramel in this version but you can bet I'm going to pick up 2 squares for us in the near future!

Calories for the day, 1962.  Calories burned, 310.  (It was a rest day but we still got out and walked)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Pray for a standstill on the scale for me tomorrow.  I just want to maintain last week's 7 lb loss!

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  1. Everything looks so good! I really miss World Market :( It was my favorite store!!!

  2. I had pumpkin pancakes for the first time on my anniversary, when DH surprised me by taking me to the restaurant in downtown Denver rated 'best breakfast'. I had never had them before and thought they'd be heavy, but they were delish! They came topped with walnuts and ginger butter. I didn't even try to log the food that day, as I had no idea. I found a recipe on SP for oatmeal pancakes that you make in the blender with cottage cheese, egg white and of course oatmeal. Surprisingly good, and something like 50 calories each. Probably not as good as PUMPKIN pancakes, but they satisfy my cravings.

  3. It all looks so delicious, especially the tuna tacos!

  4. Do you buy your fruit salad fixins frozen or are they all fresh? They always look so yummy!


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