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Friday, March 2, 2012

To the Maxi

Nope, I'm not talking about pads.

I tried to hold out but I needed something for a couple of nice dinners out in the islands in a few months and since these legs are not ready for prime time, I decided to go for a maxi dress.  I'm not sure how I feel about those.  It's like on one hand they look cute, free and easy.  On the other, I've seen chicks look super sloppy in them... almost like a step above a hobo.  A dressy-ish hobo.  Of course these are probably the same chicks I see in the grocery store in their pajama bottoms that look like they've just rolled out of bed and hopped in the car.

The two dresses I ordered came yesterday.  So I tried on the first one from Old Navy.  Here it is...

I actually liked it and it fit well and the Mr said it looked nice.  I'll probably sling my fuschia scarf over my batwings if I don't wear the waterfall cardigan I have over it.

The other one was from Jessica London.  I did my measurements so I could order accurately and I'll be damned if that thing wasn't like 2 sizes too big, didn't come with the sweater they advertised it with and didn't say "sold separately" on it and it was the most unflattering thing I've ever seen.  I had it on and the Mr looked like he smelled limburger but was trying to hide it.  I said it was ugly and he said it was okay.  I said, well I'm not going to say what I said but I said it looked stupid and he was hem hauling.  I yelled "if I order this in the right size, what would it look like!?"  He said "UGLY!  It's not flattering."  Cripes man, just tell me the thing is butt ugly!  So it's going back.  Sigh.  Now I need to find another one that isn't like $70.

Any suggestions for where I can find a plus sized maxi dress (size 22) that won't break the bank?  

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  1. HAve you tried ebay? I know it can be tricky, but I love clothes-shopping online, especially when I am inbetween sizes and don't want to spend too much money. I swear, none of my office pants has cost more than five bucks, including shipping.

  2. I like the *look* of a maxi dress, but I feel like I'm wearing a nightgown. No idea where to find them, though, since I've been avoiding the better stores for a couple of years now. (stupid budget)

  3. That's really cute! Old Navy is the only place I've seen them. I'm only 5 feet tall, so when I try them on I look like I'm 4yrs old playing dress up, sorry I can't help.

  4. I did a quick google and SEARS and JCPENNY were advertising "plus size maxi dress" (my search terms) for around $40. I didn't analyze them super close (or know what kinds of things are deal breakers for you) but from the quick preview they looked like basic maxi dresses.

    OH, check out Kohls, too. They run sales all the dang time so you might be able to score.

  5. Diandra- I haven't tried Ebay but I'll give it a gander! Great deal on the pants!

    Cammy- I felt the same way! I tried it on and felt like I shouldn't be out in public in them! LOL But I don't do traditional skirts yet (uber cankles) so unfortunately this is my only solution until then. Boo.

    Hmpetras- HA! Yeah even at 5' 10" it does sweep the ground which surprised me. But you know, on vacay you don't mind feelin' free and easy!

    HeyButt- I'll have to look at Sears. I checked JCP and ran the other way. It's like they save the ugly patterns just for fat girls! (Like most places. *rolling eyes*) I don't know why I didn't think of Kohls, I'll check them too! Thanks!

  6. I don't know if you have a DOTS near you , but I just got an email from them, they have the maxi dresses, really cheap too!

  7. Sears has some very cute ones for 18.99, my SIL was just looking at them this past weekend and she is the same size. They had solid colored ones, and then they had ones with zigzag (i dunno i cant describe well). The zigzag ones were eh, but i liked that they had thicker straps as opposed to the thin tiny ones.

  8. I know in the past Target has had some attractive ones - but I don't know about this time of year. I did see some at Ross last year, but that's always somewhat of a crap shoot.

    I'm with all of you so far - I love the look of a Maxi dress, but I don't wear them because I feel... unfinished? when I wear one.

    I wear long skirts to work - like ankle length. Maybe you could find a couple of those and pair them with a cut top if you can't find another maxi you like?

  9. Love the Old Navy maxi--really cute. I am no help at all--have the short person doesn't do well in maxi dress syndrome. Sounds like others have given good suggestions though. Good luck!

  10. Have you tried Dress Barn or JC Penney?

  11. Huh. I'm short, and I love maxi dresses. Maybe I don't look as good in them as I think? Ross would be my suggestion...they have a dress event going on right now that should help in the $$$ department. But thanks to Diandra for the eBay daughter needs some 'business casual' clothes to wear after having her baby and doesn't have the $$ to shop. Classic Catch-22, need clothes to interview for work, need job to buy clothes.

  12. PS, love, love love that Old Navy dress in the picture. Bet you look spectacular in it!

  13. You must look awesome in that dress!

    I know you want to be financially prudent, but perhaps you might consider you deserve a treat to wear on your beloved islands - something you might love wearing now and a good number of pounds from now (maxis can be belted to look great even when they're getting big, and they are easy to alter... once you've lost sufficient weight, if you love the fabric, the fabric can be sewn into a wrap skirt, or blouse)

    Check this one out (and note the flattering cut for the arms:

    I think you would look marvelous, Dahlink!

    {{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}}}

  14. Okay y'all, I've looked at every single website every created. It's either not my style, WAY too expensive (we've had to tighten the reins recently) or online only and I risk the Jess London situation and have to pay to send it back. Thanks so much for all of the suggestions though, I do really appreciate it.

    How I wish half of Old Navy's maxi's weren't tube top style. Can you freakin' imagine!? Walking along and blooop...hello boobies! I'm going to go out to stores this weekend and see if I can find something. Otherwise, trash bag with a belt, here I come.

  15. (look at me I'm commenting over here!) I know Lane Bryant is expensive but this one is really cute...or maybe not depending on your opinion ($50)

  16. Ooh Erno, so excited!

    I like that AND I happened to see it's 40% off. After the Mr puts in his time, we're heading up to the local LB to try it and others on!


  17. I'm now voting for Lane Bryant as my *second* favourite, LOL!

    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

  18. LOVE that dress from Old Navy. I struggle with dresses--they are almost all sleeveless or short sleeved. I don't do sleeveless or even short sleeved. You wouldn't either if your upper arms looked like mine. So much hanging skin--so ugly! I guess if I wore a shrug (long-sleeved of course) over it, it might be okay. I do that a lot and it's fine for winter, but when it gets warm.... it doesn't work very well. I can get away with 3/4 sleeves, but any shorter than that and I'm tugging them down all day. I noticed a co-worker staring at my arm flab one day when I was about halfway into my weight loss journey, that was the last day I wore that blouse or anything with less than 3/4 sleeves. Sure limits what you can buy. I think that is the first place I would have excess skin removed, if I could afford it. My stomach also bugs me, but the upper arms are definitely the worst problem spot for me. Good Luck on your dress search. I know you'll find something pretty!

  19. Dupster- I am with ya on the hanging skin. I was in Old Navy's dressing room tonight and between the flappy arms and the heinous thighs in the fluorescent lighting, I almost cried. Still couldn't pay me to have the skin surgery though. I'll stick with shrugs and cardigans for now.

    As far as the co-worker, I would've slapped them upside the face with the skin and said "batwing doesn't like being ogled at!" I might be a little abrasive. :)

  20. I really like the LB one - I like the teal-ish one one their website even better. I Like the wider straps and the fact that it's a little bit fitted.

    The paisley one says "get your beauty sleep in..." Kind of reinforces the nightgown feeling a little bit. Pictures of what you choose later?

  21. We went to LB last night and they OF COURSE didn't carry that in stock. All of the ones they DID carry were $90. NINETY DOLLARS!!! Are you friggin' serious!?

    I bought on at a big box store and now after the paisley comment, I'm gonna keep my receipt and see if I find something better for the same price. It's not my favorite pattern at all but the Mr said it makes my boobages look awesome! LOL

  22. I literally had to LOL at the comment about slapping the co-worker upside the face with the skin. I'm still laughing. I bought an expensive maxi dress online for when I went on a cruise to the Bahamas. I felt like I looked hideous. That thing was so unforgiving, but I did the best I could with what I had. I definitely have not worn that again. Good luck on your search. The one you got from Old Navy looks beautiful.

  23. Love the Old Navy dress! Do you have Cato's there? They have some very nice things here. I know you will find it. You are the best shopper I've ever known.

  24. Oh yeah--the co-worker is extremely judgmental, in all her 200+ lb. glory! One of my weight loss goals was to get to the point where I could physically TELL I weighed less than her, because I have put up with her judgmental and superior attitude for over 20 years here at work. I DID IT! I want to get a picture of the two of us side by side--FOR PROOF! So, I probabloy shoulda slapped her up the side of the face after all the staring, but I took the high road.

    I am seriously thinking about ordering that cute blue maxi from Old Navy. I'm thinking a little white shrug over it or something to cover my hideous arms. I too, am never gonna have any surgery to get rid of the excess skin--it's my badge of honor--plus I've heard too many bad things about complications from surgery. That being said, I AM trying to screw up my courage for both a colonoscopy (my mom had colon cancer) and knee replacement surgery on BOTH knees! One of these days.....


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